Premium gas vs. regular: What’s really better for your car? (CBC Marketplace)

Premium gas vs. regular: What’s really better for your car? (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Lmfaoo wait the best gas at these pomp is 91 octane, meanwhile in western Europe the BASE stuff is 95, then we got the 98 (a bit more pricy but still not "premium" and then premium which is 98 + additives n better fuel overall

  2. PREMIUM FUEL IS A Petroleum Industry Ripoff!!… …Your better off getting a
    99 cent bottle of gas treatment and adding it to regular unleaded!!

  3. The oil companies representative is a liar here. A persons who has no dignity by lying through his teeth. Unfortunately, all the big companies in the U. S. forced their employees to lie. There are no exception, the only thing is who can tell a bigger lie. It’s a sad country.

  4. My Mustang does have better performance with the higher-end gas. I can tell because there's a slant where I turn around, with the lower-end gas my car will reverse downhill even when it's in drive, with the higher-end gas my car will not reverse downhill when the car is in drive. It also has more power. It's a noticeable difference.

  5. I once put regular in a rented Benz, and it sounded like somebody put rocks in a blender. Some cars are tuned for it, but there's absolutely no reason to use it in a car that isn't.

  6. um…. something doesn't seem right. If the computer is able to compensate for a higher octane fuel to achieve the same power it should be using less!

    In my personal experience I got marginally better mileage in winter months…. when it was -35 degrees C.

  7. The higher octane doesn't actually clean your engine or make your car better. The higher octane gas is for high performance cars such as chargers or challengers. They need the higher octane for their engine because of the high performance

  8. You should have done a 1995 or even the 81 model car and test it that's where the difference comes in at.

  9. This is so misleading. Not every car has a knock sensor. They wanted you to believe what they were trying to market. You need to know your car and simply follow your car's engineer's recommendation for the performance of your vehicle. Forget all these misleading videos that try to have you look at things the way they want you to.

  10. My 2.5 altima runs smoother on 91 octane and up..the 87 makes it vibrate on idle and pings when i step on it hard

  11. it depends what car you own actually. check what gas your car needs, my 2008 bmw 328i runs premium cause of the compression it need to detonate its important you research what fuel your car needs, it will save lots of money in the long run. trust me i hate spending more than 20 bucks for half a tank but i need to take care of my car.

  12. Use premium fuel in lawnmower and other smaller engines less ethanol so less likely to cause issues with starting come spring. Yogawoman is not doing yoga she is not wearing lulu pants.

    Higher grade gas won’t give you higher mpg it depends on weather plus driving conditions how well the car is maintained weight in the car etc etc

  13. Brings in a N/A Corvette owner to cover the preformance car aspect… But it's so wrong about high quality fuel on built motors, especially boosted motors…

  14. My 04 Cavalier gets better performance with 89 and 93. 87 octane fuel in my car causes poor performance on hills on which I am surrounded by. The extra money per gallon is worth it for my car so it's up to how your car performs on what fuel.

  15. When you get a car the manual tells you the kind of gas you get. It depends on the engine. If you put wrong type of gas it can damage it.

  16. So he's kind of contradicting what he's saying. First he says there is no point filling up with premium unleaded, but track days he will? what's the logic behind that?

  17. The gas industry is screwing the American public why not only for the high-octane but because every one of the gas stations have different prices if you go to Florida and go through state Route 40 in Ocalla every gas station have different prices that one is the same they’re all up high or low who do you trust maybe you ought to look at that price gal Ching all over the state of Florida

  18. Now I’m confused, I have an Acura, the manufacturer says it is requirable to use Premium Fuel, I’ve been putting Premium since I got it and I never put Regular on it, am I just wasting like a couple of bucks more for no reason or do I really need to believe what i just watch. It all seemed strange since they’re testing this things on a pretty base model car.

  19. My 1991 Audi required at least 91. I use Chevron 94. Because I don’t want corn alcohol in it. Over three hundred thousand kilometres and still runs good.

    Edit: This video is very misleading, premium is needed for sports cars and supercars, the only reason the Chevrolet Cruze didn’t work was because the car wasn’t recommended for the gas

  21. I would like to see this test redone on a engine that actually requires premium fuel. No sense running that on a chev cruze..87 is all you need. Another test I woulds love to see is on a engine that is premium recommended. I have a 2017 with a 6.2l which is premium recommended. I usually just run regular and had 0 problems.. no engine knock or anything like that. But the seeds of doubt are there in the long term. Gas is expensive and I do run a few tanks of the good stuff through when i can find it under $1.30. But..I always wonder long term..with the higher compression ratio of the 6.2 will I cause damage or build up long term. Any opinions?

  22. I remember a few months ago thinking, while pumping gas, I bet it’s all the same. Best way to boost octane is to do it yourself.

  23. 87 in My 2017 Nissan Maxima SL! It still Performs well! The Oil Companies like the fact.that most Consumers are dum to this facts.

  24. The fuel does not differ in quality etc. Premium is only useful if your car recommends or requires it otherwise there are no benefits to premium

  25. Try putting 87 octane in your Japanese (Yamaha, Suzuki) motorcycle instead of 91 or higher and tell me it doesn't matter. Higher octane is for higher compression motors. I purposely carry several 2oz octane boost bottles on my bike in case I come across a gas station that doesn't have 91 or higher

  26. of course its gunna be the same figures in the first test what is important is throttle posistion with higher octane fuels you dont have to press the throttle as far open as with regular fuel hence the fuel economy

  27. I work for a major oil company and I did the testing on gasoline octanes for 5 years. Unless you have a car that requires it you’re throwing your money away. Don’t need it. I run 87 in all of mine which is the base octane fuel where I live.

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