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  1. Good job Cali! Try to fix so called "global warming" & kill people in the process with pos modified golf carts 😂

  2. A great article from the LA Times with some more info


  3. I'm having a hard time getting the Toyota service department of a Bill Buckle Toyota Dealership (at Brookvale) to acknowledge my howling 2016 Prius V is an issue they need to address.

    They usually give me a bit of BS about surface rust forming on the rotors.

    This is a short compilation of my howling Prius:


    Several months ago I contacted Toyota Australia about this howling issue and they told me to contact a dealership.

    To date, the dealership seems to be in denial there is even an issue. I have been aware of the problem probably six months into ownership of my 2016 Prius V.


  4. I own 2012 Prius currently has 324.600KM never had a single problem with it so there is nothing wrong with a Toyota the problem is with the American junk that are collecting dust and no one buys them and you want to drive customers away from the most reliable brand in the world and convince them to buy your junk

  5. So is it safe to get 2015 Prius from Japan ? Please answer .I mean this problem was related to the 2014 model, So are there any issues with 2015 model??

  6. The Prius has been around for 20 years. I thought it was a flash in the pan but they have sold 10 million to date. This is just typical anti Japanese pro American rhetoric. So run out there and get yourself a Dodge Ram then…see what happens when gas hits $5 a gallon. America and its gas guzzling beasts have been living on borrowed time.

  7. I have a one .
    A 2010 to be exact
    .and mine just broke down.
    It felt as though the brake is stuck.
    I bought it from a private. Party
    .what can I do about this

  8. The problem is that Toyota became the #1 automaker and then became complacent with their product lineup. They didn't feel the need to keep striving to do better simply because they thought they had established their brand identity as reliable, consistent, and well-made. This was their downfall…soon they let quality slip….and slip and then all of a sudden they find themselves in a rut that they're going to have a difficult time digging out of. Meanwhile GM and Ford are really getting their act together and coming out with vehicles BETTER than anything Toyota makes and customers are starting to see that Toyota isn't the company it used to be and many are going back to American manufacturers (especially GM).

  9. My Toyota was a piece of junk, underpowered, gas guzzler, tin can feeing. I hated it and was happy as hell the day I sold it. Toyota is a con, it's not a good vehicle as everyone things. And, Toyota hides their warranty and recall issues. Makes them look good when they're not.

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