Problems With Stuffing a Rotary in our Ultimate Pit Vehicle: 13b Test Fit

Problems With Stuffing a Rotary in our Ultimate Pit Vehicle: 13b Test Fit

(car engine roaring) (rock music) (laughing manically) (tires squealing) – Good morning. Welcome back to Garage Garage! Last time, we did a few little upgrades. We fixed the tailgate, we added a hitch, put a roof rack on, we also 3D scanned it
with the help of Rob, and Rob has sent that off, so we can get a body kit for it. So that leads us to now, our list for the ultimate pit truck today. We gotta pull off the
shocks, that’s number one. We’re gonna send those out
to BC Coils to get rebuilt. Actually, they’re gonna
build us a whole new set. And then, number two we’re gonna have to take out the engine and trans. We need to see how much space we have. Which leads me to the next, we gotta measure up the engine bay and see how much space there actually is, and then we’re gonna mock up the rotary. It’ll be the last thing we do today. So, I’ve gotta get this on the lift. Kinda figure out a way to do it because it’s not like a normal motor where you can just pull
it out from the top. We’re gonna have to drop
both subframes down, and we’ll probably end up needing Vargas to come bring us a few extra parts so we can see how long everything is and we’re gonna talk different
transmission gearbox options because we don’t know yet. The FD transmission’s really long, it can make a huge problem for us so we’re just gonna have to get into it and get started right now. (phone rings) Kyle, ‘sup bud? – Sup dog? – [Dan] You got some random calls? Got the Kove speaker hooked up. – Yo!
– Yah, boo! – Jordan? – [Jordan] What up, dude? – Hey, you’re gonna be on
an episode of Garage Garage. – [Jordan] Yeah dude, let’s do it. (both laughing) – Yo, I’ll hit you up later. – [Jordan] All right, man. – Luckily, we’ve got the Kove speaker. They sponsored this episode. hoon65 if you want one. 65% off. Kove. (laughing) – [Dan] Flip it over. Show ’em. Man, label’s out, bud. It was left in the rain. We don’t know who left it in the rain. – One of us left it in the rain. – [Dan] One of us left it in the rain. – Still works. Big shout out to Kove for
sponsoring this episode. They’re huge fans of the show. And all you guys watching at home, thank you guys for watching. Let’s get to work, dude. (hiphop music) – So you pull out that center console, you can kinda see everything
exposed, which is cool. The four wheel drive
stuff here, hand brake, and then the shifter. The shifter linkage is kind of cool. You can see how that moves back and forth. It’s pretty slick. I wanna take all this stuff off, and then see what we can do from the top. (hip hop music) (hammer banging) (drill rumbles) All right, so a little update. We pulled off the front end. Drained some of the coolant, because we’re gonna pull out the motor but took out the shocks more importantly because we gotta ship those out to BC for them to remake ’em. Got these little guys. One front shock, one rear shock. That should give ’em enough information What I’m gonna go onto now is, What I’m gonna go onto now is probably take off the other side and then I’ll get the front diff out just to clear up some space and then maybe I’ll
have to prop the bed up, but I’m gonna have to
get something over here. Probably gonna drop the motor and trans, everything together. See if it’s connected to both
subframes or not, we’ll see. (techno music) Cool ’cause all this
can be taken off here. If you have to do any maintenance on it, the motor probably has to come out. So, they made it really easy to take out. It’s kinda awesome. All we gotta do is cut the exhaust off, undo the mount, drop it straight down. (smooth techno music) – [Kyle] Do you guys recommend this? – In case anything happens, you can still run out of the way. (laughs) (smooth techno music) Look at this little guy. – [Jose] It looks a lot smaller from here than when it’s actually on.
– Lit, lit. Yeah. We should forklift. (car engine revs) – [Hert] You guys should just
retrofit this trans on the– (laughs) – [Man] Make it a four wheel drive. – [Brad] It’s a 12 valve
on three cylinders. That’s four valves per cylinder. Wow. – [Dan] That’s math. – [Brad] Wow! 660!
– You want it? – No guys.
– I don’t need anymore junk at my house. – Brad, take it. – [Brad] No. – [Dan] Give it to
Zack, make a motorcycle. (soft laughs) Oh yo, tran pulley will
come right through here. – [Jose] Right on top of it? – No problem.
– Sick. – [Dan] Like, crank pulley. – [Jose] So what about,
where does the cover end up? – [Dan] If anything, I’ll
notch this, right, and tube it. It’s funny how much that little bitty wire held me back on this. – The top one?
– We just need to top chop that tube out. – [Kyle] Which tube? – [Dan] That oil filler. – [Jose] It’s just to fill
the oil so that’s fine. – You know the intake manifold? Did you see those? – [Jose] Yeah I know, it’s freaking tall. – They’re like this big. So what we’re gonna do is
probably like an ITB setup. – That’ll work.
– So you do ITBs to the side. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – We’ll just have to be fairly short. And then the exhaust they can make her. – [Jose] Yeah, sounds sick. – I know Vargas wants to make it too, but. Thanks, Jose. – Yeah. – We got that out pretty fast,
it was pretty awesome, bud. Yeah, we mocked up this a little bit, but need to get some spare parts. So I’m gonna go talk to Vargas. We’re gonna get an alternator. Get some bolts to put the pan on. Stuff like that, build the motor up so we know exactly how much room we have but it looks pretty promising
even if we have some issues. I have no problem rebuilding
this front cross member here. So, we could push that
even further forward and we actually have quite a bit of room so I’m pretty excited. Little motor’s out. We’ll pick this back up tomorrow after we get some parts from Vargas. (smooth electronic music) All right, so new day. Got a lot to do. Hopefully we can get this
thing kind of assembled. We don’t have every part we need. Vargas will hopefully
bring us an alternator, but we know some things. We know we’re gonna have to trim this down ’cause that doesn’t fit
but that should be fine. Then we have to put this on
probably in a reverse mount so the sump can be changed at any time. So, it’s kind of cool but
we’re gonna get that up there and mocked up as much as we can, so we can figure out a gearbox situation. That’s the main problem with this build is trying to find a gear box so we’ll get that up as
far forward as you can and then figure out how much room we have before the differential
and the drive shaft. But, we’re gonna be doing
everything on Twitch today. So if you wanna catch this stuff live, you can catch it on Twitch. (hip=hop music) So Drew, explain what’s going on here. – So we’re Twitching,
as the office calls it. Basically, every Wednesday,
we’re trying to do like Garage Garage or project cars, all the stuff that takes a lot longer than you see in our videos, we’re doing here for like four hours. – Four hours, so you’ll
cover a quarter of my day. (everyone laughs) (hip-hop music) All right, a little update. We tried to fit, pretty much assembled 13B inside here but it does not fit very well. So what I think we have to
do is pull the subframe down and this cross member here is just in the way of the oil pan and it won’t allow it
to go up a little bit. So what I want to do is take this out because this can be modified. So we’ll take this out, we’ll put the motor where it has to go, we’ll take some more measurements and figure out where it has to be. And hopefully from there we’ll have a least somewhat
of a plan of the gearbox. (hip hop music) Excuse the talking in the background. That would just be Brian live on Twitch. But, back to where our build is. I just took a measurement
from here about to here which is where the other plate is at. And then I measured
the front of the motor, fully assembled with the oil pan on it. What we’re gonna have
to do is cut this out but what I’m gonna do
for now is drop it down. So I’m just gonna drop it down
and fit the motor up in there and see what we can do to get around that. So from there, we will try
and get some measurements for the transmission, see
what is actually an option. (hip hop music) All right, so, we had
the subframe taken out. We put the motor in, roughly in place. From what I remember measuring, the crank pulley was about five inches. So that gives us just barely room here. So that’s where this would lie. And that’s about as high
as the motor can get. From here to here, on the
diff, is about 48 inches. We brought over the
other Miata transmission. I measured that. That’s 35 inches long from
the bell housing to there. We would need an adaptor to make that so it’s gonna be a little bit long. So 35 inches is literally to here. That leaves us this much
room for a drive shaft. That’s about 10 to 12 inches. This is really long. There’s other options as
far as 256 is smaller. The Muncy, that kind of
stuff, or the Sequential. So what we’re looking at is probably something that’s gonna
be from a big old V8 car. And they do make plates for that so it would be fairly simple. We just tried to see if we
could get away with anything we had in-house, but it
looks like that’s too long. And the FD transmission’s
even longer than that. It’s eight inches longer
than, or actually, almost 10 inches longer than
that transmission there. So, we’re waiting on a few parts. We’re gonna ship out the
the suspension today, I’m gonna clean some of this stuff up, do a little bit of math, try
to figure some stuff out, order some new parts,
and we’ll be back at it. We have to get this
thing in on the next one. So, we gotta start mocking this
up and making some headway. Also, comment on YouTube. Help me figure out what we can do. Just put some suggestions out there. Kinda don’t know where
we’re going with this. So, we want as many
suggestions as we can get. We’ll pick from a few. I have a direction I think we’re gonna go. It doesn’t hurt to help. I’m pretty happy with
where we’re at right now. It’s gonna happen. We’re gonna make this thing happen. It’s gonna be exciting, so
we’re moving right along. Hope you enjoyed it. (smooth techno music) Hope you guys are liking the show. We don’t have a name for the truck yet. So comment below, help us out. We got stuff like Lord
Brapington, or Little Brappy, or Scary Carey, something like Brad Pitt, things like that, that’s
what we’re coming up with? We need better names. So, help us out, comment below. Click, subscribe. Watch the next episode. Hopefully we’ll have a name picked out. As long as you help us. Thank you, in advance.

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  1. It's a Suzuki Carry, so call it 'Carrie,' you know, like the Stephen King story, because people make fun of it, but it has been gifted with a mysterious power.

  2. She needs a platform in back to stand on for the pit crew to be shuttled around, it can double as a wheelie bar as well

  3. The name should be The Icarus, why because when I hear the word pit I think of the main character from the Kid Icarus videogames, his name is pit, so it being a pit truck I think it fits perfectly.

  4. I like the vids with Dan in them…no offence meant to the other guys..but Dan seems genuine whereas the other guys seem to try way too hard to be cool.

  5. The SM465 4 speed standard out of an old Chev would be a sick choice. They are really short, bomb proof, super easy to find/cheap and the 1st gear (L-Gear) would turn that little Turd Hauler into a sick tow rig

  6. @Hoonigan Project Cars, from what I see, the 4WD is going away. So youre converting it to 2WD? I know it's more for convenience, and the fact that the drivetrain measurements won't allow to keep the current tranny/transfer combo. And with the power of that rotary, it might blow up. Keeping it 4WD with old Mazda pickup truck drivetrain might work with some mods.

    But that's just a suggestion. This will be a cool project, no matter what you end up doing.

  7. Please please please please please please please ! !Stop sayin "GARrrrAGE GARRrrrrAGE" The way you guy's all say it, is just sooooo ANNOYING .. . .
    Thank you in advance. I'm 96 years old & possibly your oldest fan whom nearly has a heart attack every time you guys say "GARRRRRRAGE GARRRRAGE" LM(old)AO😉

  8. Just an tip… if you are going to drift that thing at any point.. make sure that your roll gage all so covers the footwell. Those things are notorious for maiming legs even on slow impacts… there was an guy who lost both of his legs from knee down after aqua plaining at 40kph / sub 25 mph speed . He hit guardrail of bridge and the whole car was fine apart from foot well of drivers side . There is just nothing to take the impact and to prevent the pedals to shoot up n crush your legs. If i remember correctly ( been 15 ish years ago ) there is less than 2 inch of space between the outside of car to where foot well begins inside .

  9. Hey Danger Dan, love your work brother!
    I'm in Australia, and we have a long history of engine conversions, even our manufacturers used to play a big part in this once upon a time.
    Anyway, what I was thinking…
    I was impressed watching that little truck sliding in stock form, but then I just noticed (3rd time watching this current build) that the little beast was 4WD too!
    Personally, I'd use that little 660cc Kei engine in a "Shart-kart 2.0" build.
    Full tube frame, drop the engine and front and rear differentials in, strap a little T25 turbo to it, beef up the driveshafts.
    Instant track monster to compliment the miata Shart-Kart.
    Set one up for sliding, and the other one for racing…

    Just an idea, cause I'd have a crack at it if I could.
    Instead, I'm building a Ford ute (the Holden ute's long time rival), and the 1JZ-GTE in my 91 Soarer might be finding a home in it next…

  10. Shouldve 3D scanned and printed a dummy motor so you could work on fitting the itb's, exhaust, intake and more while waiting on the real built motor. Itd be faster than trying to jack up a whole motor in every time you mock parts.

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