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  1. Superb! just fitted a new 13.560mhz crystal to my remote and it lost sync. This video got me back in sync! Thank you for taking the time to make and share this tutorial 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the video!!! Worked perfectly on my 2007 Peugeot 107. That was the only way that really worked.

  3. Hi The Car Key Man , I have reprogrammed a remote and transponder before from a used key but I used exact duplicates of mine. I would really like a flip key for my Celica but the kits that a I have purchased online are all really cheap and nasty and I haven't found one I have decided to use. Can I attach an aftermarket (or genuine) toy43 blade to the Aygo key and are the remotes and transponders compatible? I know the Aygo remote is 433mhz so it should work with mine (same as Celica) but I'm not sure. Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Hi, would this work on my 2006 Citroen Picasso ? I have the original fob that will unlock my doors but not lock them, I also have exactly the same Peugeot fob that is identical. Many thanks

  5. hi car key man,
    i have an aygo 2007, i lost the key so i went to a garage where they replaced all the locks and a new key , this key doesnt have remote control to open the doors. i saw that remote keys are cheap . can this work?

  6. Bought a 2012 C1 for a customer. It has a standard key. She wants remote central locking so bought new fob with chip etc. Had key cut and will have to get immo programmed but will this method enable the buttons on the fob if the master has none? Thanks

  7. Hi, does it work with second hand circuit? I bought an used one but doesn't, wondering if the circuit is faulty or just second hand doesnt work at all

  8. i have peugeot 107 i dont have the remote control and i will like to put one the car has central lock i order remote control i hope its fit did you have some tips … thanks

  9. Hi… I have recently had a 2015 108 wrote off and bought another, the newest one came with only 1 key but I kept one from other that was wrote off, could I reprogram the old key to the new car (proximity keys BTW)

  10. Hi changed battery on my C3 2006 remote now car starts ok but remote will not operate the door locks will this method fix the problem, Thanks

  11. I am in Spain waiting for keys to arrive from Citroen Madrid to Denia But three weeks later they are not here. I am now told by a key expert that the garage in Denia, although I’ve paid for the keys to be programmed, will be unable to program them. Communication is impossible as they speak only Spanish. I got my car towed up to the garage to make it quicker.
    I’m leaving in four days time but I haven’t got a car. If they are unable to program the keys would I be able to do what you just showed in this video myself? Or will they need to be first programmed with a computer?

  12. Thanks for the video. However I can’t get it to work.. I’ve ordered a new remote with chip, am I able to pair this to my Citroen C1, or does there need to be some other linking element??

  13. Can I use this method on a Toyota Aygo MK2 2017, I only have the standard key, where can I get the remote locking Control to program

  14. Hi ive got a aygo 08 plate on the key fob only one button works would i still be qble to programme a new key? Thanks

  15. Hello! I already have got a central system and one of my buttons broke and my friend changed the inner board for me and a new battery and I have tried the key and the key doesn’t work.

    I have tried programming my key by doing what you suggested and car responds but after it’s completed the remote does not respond.

    I have one key and yes we changed the chip over as the cover as the black cover also was split.

    Please help! Xxx

  16. Hello! I have a 2008 Toyota aygo and I believe the key has lost sync with the car due to replacing the battery, I have tried to re sync by using the mothod in the video and turning the ignition on and holding both buttons for ten seconds however it doesn't seem to cync up… When I use the method in the video the lock cycles twice but once I press the buttons nothing happens? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  17. I did not want to use the expensive key with the brand new car and this made it my spare so if lost i dont spend massive amounts thanks do you know if other Toyota key fobs can be used and how many

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