Project Grabber Boost: STAGE 1- 2006 Mustang GT

Hey everybody, I’m Dave with
and I’m here today with stage 1 of our project car Grabber Boost, it’s a 2006 Mustang GT.
As you may or may not have heard, we’re switching things up a bit, we’re going to bring not
one, but two builds at the same time, we’re bringing you two awesome street machines,
I’m here with the 06 GT, Justin’s sneaking around with our 14 GT, Project Coyote. At
the end we’re going to bring these two cars together and battle it out at the drag strip
at the completion of each build. We’re going to do something we’ve never done before, we’re
going to assemble two teams of Mustang experts, actual employees, to help
Justin and I choose what parts go on the car, and help us install them. We already got our
baseline dyno run, and stock quarter mile time, power wise, our 06 put down 278 horsepower,
and 291 ft/lbs of torque. At the drag strip we got a best run of 14 seconds at 103 mph.
Obviously we’re in for a bit of a challenge here, we know this, our 06 GT stock for stock
does not come anywhere near the power of the 14, but with all the aftermarket parts available
for the 4.6, me and my team are confident we’re going to make project Grabber Boost
a contender. Like you’ve seen on the other project builds, we like to go ahead and get
the exterior stuff and some performance parts done in stage 1, before we move on with some
more heavy mods, and trust me they’re coming. At this stage when we wrap it up we’re going
to put the car back on the rollers one more time and see what kind of horsepower we’ve
picked up. Then we’re going to go to the quarter mile track and see how our time has gone down,
and more importantly, see how this car stacks up against our 14. Are you guys ready? Team:
Yeah! Alright, let’s get this started. To get things started we’re going to go for an
appearance overhaul on our 06 GT, first thing we did was get rid of those stock, ugly wheels
now, the team decided to go with the silver AMR’s, wrapped in Mickey Thompson street comp
tires. Mike, you’re one of the guys that picked this, right? What was your thought behind
it? Mike: We thought it would be a great fit for the car, we went with a 19×10 in the rear
with a 285, and a 19×9.5 in the front with a 255. The AMR’s have been a really popular
wheel since their launch, they look great on the S197 so we thought they’d be a good
look. Dave: I agree. I think it offsets the calliper cover nicely as well. Mike: Absolutely,
throw in the calliper covers from MGP, adds a little touch just to finish off the wheel
look. More importantly we went with the Mickey Thompson tires to give us the traction on
the track we needed to get us out of a hole, and also a really good street tire which is
going to help us in the corners as well. Dave: I completely agree, great package, great choice.
Alright, the next part on this has us really, really excited and I think it’s going to have
a lot of you 05-09 owners excited as well, it’s Raxiom’s Gen5 tail lights fitting all
05-09 Mustangs. Steph, I really think they look great on here, what do you think? Steph:
These tail lights look awesome, they have a very aggressive look. Dave: They really
do, they’ve got the modern styling, they have the full LED lights, they even have the built
in sequential turn signals. Steph: Very sleek look, these are great. Dave: To finish off
the back of the car, we’re going to take off the stock spoiler, in favour of an American
Muscle pre painted GT500 one. The guys at MMD have come up with some new and interesting
parts for this build, of course we have our classics, like our pre painted side scoops,
and our quarter window covers, but it’s what’s going on up front that I really want to show
you. These functional matte black hood scoops are the latest creation from MMD, they draw
heavy inspiration from the 13-14 hoods, but they’re made specifically to fit in your 06
project car. They do require a little bit of cutting but they are well worth it, especially
when you see how they like up with our smoked headlights and fog lights, along with our
new aggressive chin spoiler. It completely changes the front end of our project car.
Alright, we know if we’re going to have any shot at beating the 14, we’re going to have
to pull out all the stops. But before we get onto the bigger mods, we’ve got to get the
basic bolt ons on the car to pave the way for those other modifications. Up front we
have Mike and Andy wrapping up the SR Performance 62mm throttle body and cold air intake kit
combo, and in Andy’s hand there is the SR Performance oil separator. Why do we want
that on the car Andy? Andy: Well this is going to catch all the oil vapors and residue that
try to travel into the intake manifold, this is going to help with the bolt on set we have
right now, and it’s going to help with the bolt on set we have coming up for Grabber
Boost. Dave: Alright aside from the mods under the hood, we’re going to go ahead and give
this car some of the Magnaflow chambered muffler to give it a little more grunt around town.
Once we get working our 4.6L stages though these are really going to make our car scream.
With the mufflers already on the car and the guys all wrapped up under the hood, we’ve
got Steph inside loading up a custom tune. Steph: The custom tune we have from Bama is
really going to wake up our 3 valve, it’s also really going to help us make the most
out of all the modifications we’ve done here today. What the tune is going to do is it’s
going to adjust our air/fuel ratio, it’s going to change our variable cam timing, and our
spark timing, the results on the dyno are going to be awesome. Dave: Oh, they definitely
will be. Steph: A tune really is one of the best modifications any Mustang owner can do
for their car. Dave: I completely agree with Steph it really is. Is ours all loaded up?
Steph: Yeah we’re ready to go. Dave: Ok, we’re going to pull the car onto the lift and make
some dyno runs, see what horsepower numbers we picked up. So again, our baseline run on
Grabber Boost gave us 278 horsepower and 291 ft/lbs of torque. With our stage 1 parts installed,
we put down 292 horsepower and 307 ft/lbs of torque, giving us a peak horsepower gain
of 14, and curve gains of 19 horsepower and 17 ft/lbs of torque. With the GT now looking
good, and sporting a much needed power increase, my team are now going to head to the track
and meet up with Project Coyote team, to see where we stand against their 14, and try and
get our car out of the 14s. Justin: Alright so we’re down here at Cecil county raceway
at the end of stage 1 to see how Project Coyote and Project Grabber Boost, are going to make
out and Dave I have to say the car looks awesome. Dave: Thank you and as does yours, I really
like everything you’ve done, what’s your plan for your car? Justin: Well at the end of this
stage we’re hoping mid to low 12s after stage 1 but we’ll see, how about you guys? Dave:
Oh we’re hoping to knock a few tenths off as well, we’re hoping to get down out of the
14s as well, same thing, good clean passes. Justin: Right, so obviously no surprises here
we were expecting Project Coyote to do a little better than you guys for now, but with your
name Grabber Boost we know what’s coming. If anything, I like the color. Nice choice.
Dave: Ok well let’s get to it, I want to see how these things run. Justin: Let’s get to
the line. Dave: Hey we finished our runs here tonight, got some real good track time in,
the 06, Project Grabber Boost, we started out at a 14.0 and tonight knocked off a full
half second, got us a 13.5. Hey and you guys did pretty well tonight too. Justin: We did
Dave, not quite as good as you guys, we started off with a 12.9 bone stock, dropped that down
4 tenths tonight to a 12.5, so car is feeling good, I think we’re going to get ready for
the big showdown now. Dave: Stay tuned as we continue with Project Grabber Boost, as
we move on to stage 2. Justin: and stay tuned for stage 2 of Project Coyote coming at you
very soon.

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