Project Retro Rally: Behind the Build (E1) | Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Restoration with Car Throttle

Project Retro Rally: Behind the Build (E1) | Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Restoration with Car Throttle

Welcome to Behind The Build, a series where we go in-depth on the restoration that will be happening to our lovely Mercedes-Benz 280 S, aka Heinrich, that we’ll be taking on my first winter rally. Over on the Car Throttle channel, we revealed Heinrich for the very first time and I showed you what he was like to drive on some lovely roads around Stuttgart, before bringing him to the garage we’ll be using to carry out some vital pre-rally work. Right, so what we’re going to do now is the 160-point check, but it is important to remember that Heinrich is going to be my awesome rally car, so we’re not going to worry too much about paint defects and little bits of rust here and there. Remember, I love a bit of rust! So we’ve got a bit of a paint defect there underneath the chrome. We look at everything. Door rubbers, windows, chrome pieces. A little bit of rubber is sticking out here. That would need attention, however, rally car – we don’t need to worry too much about that. So, we’ve got a bit of corrosion there and the paint has come away, we’ve got some rust here underneath, I say a bit of rust, it’s a fair amount, isn’t it? But for me actually that’s nothing, I would gloss over that. Heinrich is 50 years old, Swen is also 50 years old. He can’t understand a thing I’m saying, can you? You can’t understand me? Nein. Perfect! Swen is also 50 years old and I have to say that Heinrich looks a lot better than Swen! Isn’t that right? I hope! So nothing to worry about here and then this side looks glorious… So the chrome is a bit deformed here, you can see the rubber has come away again. Then at the bottom here, we’ve got a bit of rust. Again, nothing to worry about, because rally car. Apart from that, I think it looks pretty good. It’s good! It’s in good condition. That means “it’s very good, I like this!” Right, so now we’re gonna have a look at Heinrich’s beautiful booty, what are we seeing here? It looks good to me… So, it’s not a fuel injected car, it’s carburetted. Right, so Swen, what are we looking at inside? First we’ll make sure all the lights work inside, on the dashboard and with the clock. They all seem to work… And then we can test the hazard lights. They’re all working on the inside and on the outside, too. Well done, Heinrich! Then we’ll test the sunroof. That’s glorious! Nice and big, right? Exactly. Hello! Yeah, so that’s all good. And electric! – Yeah, and electric. Then the radio… It works – radio works. Ashtray, cigarette lighter… That’s not clicking in, we need to look at that… And then we look at the glovebox light. So lights all work, the only thing that doesn’t work is the doobry to light your cigarettes, but who needs that? We need to look at the engine bay to check that the right battery is fitted, for example: Are there any technical modifications? But the most important thing, Alex, is for you to read out the engine number for me. So we have: 130… 920…10… And then: 820883… I think… Sure? Now, let’s raise the car. I need to get on my tippy-toes a little bit, I don’t know where Swen is. Alex, I brought something for you. Is this a joke? No, this is a wheel! Swen has very kindly brought me a wheel to stand on. Thanks, I think? – You’re welcome. Now we need to have a look at the gearbox number to make sure that it corresponds with the documentation that Swen has got. Swen, where would you find the number? It should be etched here. Here? Really? There’s no number… There’s no number on this gearbox. Then this isn’t the original gearbox. Then it was swapped at some point. So what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna have a look at the suspension components and then step underneath Heinrich’s heart and have a look if there’s any oil spillage, of which… I can see quite a bit… The first thing that I’ve noticed is that the guys have already taken the anti-roll bar out and they’ve sent it to H&R, who are gonna give us a more sporty anti-roll bar. The seal at the front of the crankshaft is leaking oil, you can see that very clearly. That needs to be pulled out and a new ring put in place. Check the axles… And everything looks pretty good. So yeah, just having a check for play and checking the bushes as well. Feels good, tight. No play. Yeah no play in there at all. Then I’ve seen that the underbody protection has opened up and that rust is coming through, which means that we need to ice-blast the entire underside. It wouldn’t be my car without some rust! On the gearbox we’ve noticed that there’s an oil leak, that means it needs to come out and we have to seal the gearbox housing. It’s not getting better over here. So these bushes, you can see they’re completely deformed. They’re too old, they’re buggered, so they need to come out. In the middle of the differential, we’ve got an oil leak and we can’t leave it like that for the rally. Which means that the whole rear axle needs to come out. So as a reminder: gearbox needs to come out, rear axle needs to come out. Heinrich needs a lot of work, but we have got a rally to compete in, so we’re going to not worry too much about blemishes, we’re gonna get all the mechanicals sorted. But if we did have time, we could make Heinrich look as good as that car over there… With the 280’s good and bad points established, the next step is to dry-ice the underside to get rid of years’ worth of muck, in preparation for thorough rust-proofing to ensure that this classic Mercedes-Benz is protected for its new owner when it goes up for sale at the end of the series. So Alex, it’s time for the ice-blasting! It’s very important that you have: ear protection, mouth protection, eye protection. Never point it at people, keep a good distance. And better to go slower than too fast. Understood. Just point and shoot! Good luck! I’m going to stand over there. Okay, Swen’s going to bring himself to safety. I don’t think he’s got much trust in me… Let us start, dry-icing!! So you might be wondering: Why am I using ice-blasting and not something like sand-blasting? Well, Heinrich has actually got a whole bunch of underseal on, so ice-blasting actually means you can get rid of the really thick stuff and then inspect underneath a lot more closely without damaging too much of the metal, or punching through rust, or anything like that. So ice-blasting is good for getting rid of gunk and dirt and a lot of wax-oil, for example. So as you guys can see, this is a very laborious and time-intensive job. Swen actually tells me it’s gonna take around three days to do it, so… Swen… Can you come here? Here you go. I have to go now. Good luck to you and your team! Good luck! Bye! – Bye. So with work on the Mercedes-Benz 280 S well underway, join us next time on Project Retro Rally, where we’ll be taking the transmission out and fixing those pesky leaks. To subscribe, click here, and to watch another video, click here!

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  2. I was originally thinking this was going to be a normal video fairly tame but then this mother of a gun goes and speaks fluent German…

  3. Hallo! hoffentlich crtl mühelos C + V und tippte in translator in google ein ODER du kennst nur deutsch und das ist ein schlechter Übersetzer. gut, wenn Sie beide beweisen, indem Sie in der Antwort in meinem Kommentar "flüssig" eingeben. Ich weiß, das Wort ist etwas zufällig, aber das ist der Zweck. haben Sie einen guten Tag!

  4. personally given it'll be a rally car id run anti roll bar less and use a spring with a nice stiff helper spring and use a small rebound spring inside the damper would have made for a nice compliant ride in the wet and any other conditions you might face

  5. Bloody hell Alex, ich wusste nicht dass du Deutsch spricht! Dass klingt aber geil, und gutes Uebersetzungs zwischen Spraechern :D!

  6. The amount of work this Mercedes needs is literally nothing comparing to how old it is. This generation vehicles are rubbish quality and need maintenance like every couple months or years if lucky, otherwise it will break down. back in the 20 century, look how well vehicles performed. This Mercedes is a great example of what I'm explaining. Vehicles were made to last back then and now its quite the opposite, designed to break.
    I understand every individual treats cars differently which either makes their vehicle last or don't but my whole point is if you were to treat a car respectfully with an old car and this generation car, I guarantee something like this Mercedes will last much longer than something from this day an age.

  7. Excellent start to the new build series. I'm with you for another series and looking forward to this one. I want a 50 year old Mercedes now.

  8. why you guys dont use a Spinning holder for the work on the Bottom of the car as seen for example on various Garage 54 Videos (they are in russian though), this should be way better for the neck?!

  9. Alex speaks fluent German? I am impressed! Almost as impressed that Mercedes are partnering with CT for this… and Swen is a fantastic character, too. I hope he's along for the whole project!!

  10. Gotta say, post-war German build quality is stellar. Not sure about modern stuff, but the condition of this car is pretty damn amazing.

  11. Swen: Ah the cigarette lighter doesn'y work, we'll have to look into that
    Alex: eh..rally car don't worry about it

  12. A overpriced Recaro booster cushion for the wee chunky one and it'll be good to go…plus a few inches of the legs and rolls up on the arms the romp….sorry driving suit .

  13. Ich werde meine Ersatzteile künftig nicht mehr in diesem AH kaufen. Wie kann man sich nur an so einem Proll-Projekt beteiligen?  Von wegen "Tradition treibt an"…??

  14. Native speaker of german hier.
    I am absolutely amazed how well alex is pronouncing german. Absolute Spitzenklasse.

  15. My grandfather had one these back in Iran, ride was so smooth I would never forget the car…sadly its collecting dust back home and I cant rescue it :(. Tried so hard not to cry by reviewing all the childhood memories with this masterpiece.However, Im also happy to see one has been saved, so…Thank you for making my day!

  16. Who wants to see this car go against Gingium's Rally Miata?

    Once the build is completely done

    And after he's competed at the A-D-H-M rally

  17. Well done, mate!

    I don’t actually buy that you don’t understand German…it seems that you can get on in German quite well!

    I own and drive a 1961 220SEb ‘Heckflosse’ which is the predecessor to the W108…

    The ‘Heckflosse’ was a powerful and very victorious rally car from 1960-1964… and if I’m not mistaken took at least three World Rally Champion trophies in that period with the Mercedes Team cars…an astonishing win for such a large car.

    The W108 was not actively campaigned before the AMG ‘Red Pig’ in rallying or road-racing; the W111 ‘Fintail’ was…and gained trophies at it. 🇩🇪

  18. The thumbnail looks fake to me it says everything wrong but there is nothing wrong with a old Mercedes it just doesn't exist ;p

  19. Please explain to me why are you removing the weather proofing… surely its helped the car not rust…. yes its not standard but still is a good idea to keep it…

  20. Wow amazed with the quality check by Mercedes.Heinrich will be awsome at the end.I wish it will be an epic project.

  21. Didn't know you could speag German this good. Tell me if you are in the near of cologne, then I would love to show you around.

  22. while checking the cars interior, Swen: "…the radio" Switch on radio. Radio moderater: "…which is almost useless"

  23. At 5:28, you can see Vanco FourSeason on the sidewall of the tire as well as a letter C after the tire size. Does that little car really have 10 ply tires on it?

  24. is das ein witz? nein das is ne felge! – HAHAHAHA

    Is this a joke? No it is a Rim/Wheel! – hahaha

    I am impresed by your German pronounciation!

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