Project Retro Rally: Behind the Build (E5) | Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Restoration with Car Throttle

Project Retro Rally: Behind the Build (E5) | Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Restoration with Car Throttle

Previously on Project Retro Rally: I will be driving this car in the AvD-Histo-Monte. We are going to be turning this into a classic rally car. And then you can see how much work there is left to do! And then we are going to be installing this rally computer. Oh, please, please, please. – Lean over! Lean over! Here we go! We better stop! Welcome back to Behind The Build, where you find me not in the garage, but out in the wild, because today is test day. You can see how I got on behind the wheel of Heinrich over on the Car Throttle channel. But what we’re going to do today is to find out more about the rally. And to do that, I need to speak to the man in charge, Peter. So Peter, tell me about the history of the rally. How did it first come about? The first Histo-Monte started in 1993 and it was part of the Rally Monte-Carlo, the modern Rally Monte-Carlo. The reason was very easy: During the start of Rally Monte-Carlo in Bad Homburg, there were only 50 competitors with modern cars. And the Automobil Club was thinking about having more fun, more spectators, and about inviting some historic cars. So, they invited them, 50 cars came. And the first leg was 10 km and that was it. And the competitors said: “Hey, we want to go more! With our historic cars, it was big fun.” The second step was to make a loop to Germany, but they stopped in front of the border. But the competitors said: “We want to go more! We want to have the fun of Monte-Carlo!” And in 1998, the first AvD-Histo-Monte goes straight, in the footsteps of the modern rally, to Monte-Carlo. And this year, there are 90 competitors, aren’t there? Yeah, this is the first time that we are 90 cars going to Monte-Carlo. The biggest group ever in its history. I’m very happy and we have some very interesting cars. We have Lancia Stratos, we have some Porsches, for sure, we have the Trabant, the German Trabant, we have Lancia Fulvia, we have Volkswagen, we have Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta… So, we have many, many interesting cars. And we have the most important one! The most important one, for sure! Its first Histo-Monte, so we will see! And Peter, you’ve been out in Heinrich, you know his nuances. What do you think are our chances of actually finishing the rally? The question is what do you mean by “finishing”? Finishing first, or finishing in Monte-Carlo, in the harbour? I think the second is possible, the first one difficult. I’ll take second but overall you think the car’s good, the car’s strong and you’re confident that I’ll be able to make it? – I’m sure, yes. And Monte-Carlo is waiting for you. Tell me also about the route. It’s quite a big one this year, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s a big one, nearly 1,900 km. In the first two days we go to Germany and then we cross the border to Switzerland, then we go to France. Most of the time, we drive more kilometres in France. Then we go to Italy, and to the fifth country, and the last stop is Monte-Carlo. It’s a long day, the longest day, I think, is 580 km, so you are driving a lot. You have one hour lunch and then you are driving again until it’s getting dark. Ah no! – So, not so easy, but this is the Rally Monte-Carlo and the people during the rally want to have exactly this. What’s the highlight going to be for us as drivers, as competitors? I think the highlight is for sure the Col de Turini, the biggest mountains and, most importantly, the best stage ever in rally sport. And we’ll be using physical navigation maps. What happens if we get lost? I think this is not a problem because we have GPS connection now in every car. So, if you are getting lost and you have no connection with your mobile phone, we will find you by GPS. The last skill you have to master to compete in a historic rally is understanding the roadbook, which consists of pages of detailed maps that we’ll have to follow without error. Because if we do make a mistake, sat nav won’t know which route we need. Anyway, it’s time that Peter explains it to me. So Alex, this is one page of the big roadbook of AvD-Histo-Monte, one page of 203 pages. – Yeah, when you say big roadbook… It’s a big one, but it’s the roadbook of 2017, so not the actual one. But this is an example of a stage, the most important stage of rally sport in the world, the Col de Turini, where we drive as well with the historic cars. And you see many, many hairpins on the road of 8.74 km and you can imagine driving an average speed of 46 kph. It sounds slow but it’s really fast, especially if you have snow and ice on the road. That’s about 25 miles an hour, which when you’re on hairpins is very difficult. I know that from experience. Anyway, what are all these signs, what am I looking at here? These signs: “IN” means that this is the way you come into this map – this page. The first kilometre is the start of the stage, which means that you have to drive 97.96 km to the start of the stage. You set your trip meter to zero and then you start the stage. The first sign is at 1.07 km. The second sign is at 3.60 km. And the finish of the stage is at 8.74 km at the edge of the “Haus”. And there’s obviously signs for cameras here, does that mean that I can just stop and take some pics? This is not for you, this is for the photographers, for the film team to take the big shots of you… – Got it! …when you climb the hill. – Excellent. And these bits here as well? This is a good view from there. If you have the time to look outside, not on the road, to the scenery, you can do it there. And how likely is it that I’ll have the time? You have no time. – Okay. Let’s ignore that then! But the roadbook looks more perfect. Excellent! So Alex, I’ve explained a lot in the big roadbook to you. Many, many pages to the finish in the harbour of Monaco to have champagne. I hope I’ve explained enough. Now, it’s your turn. Good luck in the Histo-Monte! Thanks! I’ll see you there. Champagne… And what I have to do now is explain all of this to Karl-Heinz. So, there we have it, I’m finally prepared and ready to race. Join us next week in the final Behind The Build, where we’ll be knee-deep in snow and hopefully no flames. Make sure you subscribe to the Mercedes-Benz channel for the epic finale!

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  1. If only it wasn't a nightmare to find W123 and earlier MBs with manual transmissions here in the states …

  2. Where could I watch Alex and Heinrich in the Histo-Monte? Will it be live streamed somewhere or will it be uploaded in this channel?

  3. Mercedes can you make your own rally event and let this guy go to hell with is boring slow driving event? Asking for a friend

  4. Being a local of the Col de Turini, you don't have time to enjoy the scenery when (really) driving! The road is the scenery! 😍

  5. You guys should drive the Mercedes Benz S class on the same road where Mrs Bertha Benz drove the first car…..that would be an epic video….

  6. Wow also das Englisch ist wirklich gut vom Dialekt und zum verstehen Perfekt. Ich hoffe ihr bringt mehr von so klassische Mercedes videos raus. Was mich auch interesieren würde wäre mal ein Mercedes Maybach. Cooles Video freue mich schon auf das nächste 😅👌

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