Pulsar 220 vs Honda Jazz – Car vs Bike: Episode 1 | MotorBeam

Pulsar 220 vs Honda Jazz – Car vs Bike: Episode 1 | MotorBeam

Dude, What the F **K man. What the F**K! Dude give me some space na, you are
not giving me any space to go. This isn’t the way you drive bro,
stop ahead, and come ahead. You come ahead, you’re not giving
me any space to go You want space, come ahead Let’s go ahead Do you have any sense how do you
ride? You are not giving me any space to
go You that space in traffic? Yes you have to You are riding a bike you should
ride from left. Where are you going to go when there
is no traffic you have to give me space so that I can filter through lanes no Why do you want to filter through
lanes? Because I want to reach faster. Dude you have to accept the fact that I can
reach faster than you can. Oh come dude, give me a break. This is the fastest car from Honda. Oh really, I am the fastest Indian. Are you? You want to get it on? Let’s do a quarter mile. Let’s go Stop here, Stop! Stop! I won baby, I won. This car is faster than your bike. I am quicker So what I am still faster, I was
ahead of you. You’re faster na Yes Now let’s see Hahahaha, It’s not gonna make any
difference. Even I can do that. It’s gonna be the same so just let it cool

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  1. Consider Ford Figo 1.5TDCi. 0-100 in 9.8 & top speed of 195. No Jazz can come near even.. Anyway ride safe & hv fun ..

  2. बहनचोदो अंग्रेज के बीजो ….गांडुओ तुमको हिंदी बोलने में शर्म आती है।।।।अंग्रेजों का चूस लो।।।

  3. Pulsar 220 maximum speed is 145 and honda jazz max speed is 200+ then how does is makes sense of racing. If you want to race then race till the speed goes to 145 I think you know the answer!

  4. I’ll tell you this, Bajaj is far from reliable or refined. But back in 2010 when I picked up my all black 220, it was a revolution in the Indian sport biking segment. Of course the rich guys always had the Ninjas and other motorcycles but this was a pocket rocket for the middle class Indian! Mine costed 84k on-road, and it had first in the segment features like dual discs, projector headlights, analog digital instrument cluster and 21ps of power with a kickass topspeed.
    I still own mine and while it’s very outdated today, sales show (as posted by motor beam) pulsar 220 still holds its own! Tried and tested machine, this.

  5. Motobeam does Not like 220 bikes and bajaj bikes
    There is no fan boys in that so know one supports it
    Here Danil is a honda guy so he support more honda cars And bike but here is no bajaj lovers in there group

  6. In city and town down backstreets I prefer bikes but for all other reason I'll take a car anyday anytime. The bike will wins in a shorter format in the longer formats the car will win, both are cool to me.

  7. Pulsar 220, is has more pickup, faster 0-60, and 0-100 so in the city it's much faster! On the highway it may lose.

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