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  1. 1300 – 2000 bucks for the seats alone just buy the $200 ebay shits unless youre building a 1000hp monster no reason to buy seats worth more than the car

  2. Hey chris i just know that that car that brand the SrS is on Fast and Furious 2

  3. Ford seat quality is trash. Out of all the Toyotas ive owned I have never had anything close to a tear like that.

  4. Hey, Chris. How do I know which hub bearing specifically to purchase for my car? My 1996 Toyota Corolla is 4 lug and would like to make it 5 lug like this. Do I order the 5 lug hub bearing for a newer model Corolla that is 5 lug?

  5. Thanks. You actually stopped me from getting one of these. It's not a on and off option so doesn't work for me

  6. The left seat is too loose…
    The right seat is too tight…
    The middle seat is just right!

    -Chrisfix And The Three Chairs

  7. Question, is I replace my seat, does it mess with the abs computer?….. I know some car if you remove the seat, it trick an ABS code

  8. I need to do this in my VW Bug. I don't drift it, but on mountain roads (which I like to take in a "spirited" manner) I often find I'm hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life, and if I didn't I'd be driving from the passenger seat on left turns. They're way worse even than the Mustang's seats seen here. Also many springs poking me in the back. I'd like seats with more adjustability than this, that's a fixed bucket, I'd prefer something that can slide for different people, recline, and flip forward for access to the back seat – once these are in he'll never be able to get to such. I'm not as performance-oriented, this is my daily instead of a racing-oriented car. Also, how much did these cost? He never did say. Surely more than I'm worth! If possible, I'd also like heated seats – this is an old Bug afterall, it's heater works great while going but does nothing while idling in traffic. Guinea pig makes an effective heater, but if I use him for too long he poops on me! Given all these factors, I'd think instead to find some somewhat sporty junkyard seats, maybe something lightly used out of a higher-end small performance coupe, like a Beemer or something. Has anyone done anything like that? Are the concerns similar to what's discussed here, or are there other things to note when going that route?

  9. Gaming companies marketing the racing seats but with extra pillows and some adjustments with colorful gaming plastic skin for price range (100-500)$ !!

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