RACIST RANT on New York Bus: “Get The F**k Out Of My Country!”

RACIST RANT on New York Bus: “Get The F**k Out Of My Country!”

A woman was arrested after a racist rant
on a New York bus. Welcome back to What’s Trending I’m Martine Beerman. Make sure
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with humanity?” 57 year old Anne Marie Messiano of Pearl River unleashed an
expletive-laden rant of people of color on the public bus and was filmed from
multiple angles. She continually said that the buses
other passengers should have their papers checked, and that she had every
right to behave this way. Vladimir Philidore who recorded the video
said that nobody on the bus did anything to provoke her. Philidore said she yelled
at the bus driver before then taking aim at other passengers.
The bus driver dialed 9-1-1 after Messiano approached Philidore and tried to
grab the phone out of his hand. At this point, another
passenger can be heard saying “grab your mother.” Though it’s unclear if anyone
else on the bus was related to Messiano. Of course before this, she knew that
Philidore was taping her because she looked at his camera and started
taunting him. On all of his post, Philidore included the
hashtags “black lives matter,” “all lives matter,” “all immigrants matter,” and “end
racism.” And she was calling him an immigrant during her rant despite the
fact that he was born in Brooklyn. And even when the police arrived, oh no no
Messiano was not done. She insisted on continuing on her tirade.
She was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct given a court summons,
and then released. After further investigation by the Rockland County
Sheriff’s Department, more charges were filed against Messiano of criminal
obstruction of breathing and aggravated harassment. I was a little confused with
that whole criminal obstruction of breathing thing, but it’s just a nice way
of saying “choked someone out.” We don’t know much about Messiano outside of
this incident. Her public Facebook page only has a little information, and some
photos of her with a bird at a street fair and receiving a certificate of
completion for some unknown program. The town supervisor of Orange Town, Chris Day
wrote on Facebook “Her behavior is forever enshrined on the
internet among the great idiots of our time and I hope she learns a lesson
in appropriate behavior and tolerance from the experience as she is recognized on
the street as crazy racist lady from the bus for the next several years of her
life.” I kind of feel like all these people, like crazy Target lady or that
Walmart lady who went on this racist rant each have badges that they are
forced to wear. You’re so proud of the things you have to say you should then
be proud of wearing a badge that shows how racist you are. On a scale of 1-to-10 how crazy is this racist rant? Let us know in the comments and for more trends
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  1. Maybe she should get the fuck out of the little debbie box. Just say no! The human race does not claim this nasty thing!

  2. I don't know this for a fact but I know is true: This woman is a Conservative, RepubliKKKan, Orange Hitler Zombie…

  3. I swear italians have the most fucking nerve to be racist & arrogant. America wasnt so welcoming to these folks either but they like to conveniently skip over that part SMH.

  4. what have we done to deserve this as black people , from India, America, Australia,Europe we are hated and yet we have Chinese,Indians,whites in mother afrika and we respect and live with them peacefully, mighty God where ever you are please bring fire and brimstone on human race and this time there should never be a single survivor good or bad like in Noah's time

  5. I blame trump for all this racist ranting across our country. He condones it with his racist rhetoric so ignorant White people think they have a license to open their fat racist,Republican,mouths.its so sad to see what our country has turned into.

  6. I’m a trump supporter who you support don’t make you racist. I’m with a half white half Puerto Rican have been for 9 years and I’m pregnant with his child. He was born here and is a US army veteran and I would fuck her ass up my pregnant ass would be beating her ass!!!!!!

  7. So the Sicilian immigrant is intolerant of other immigrants.. It's a good thing there weren't any Irish immigrants on the bus!

  8. Why is it that 98% of these racist look like welfare crack heads 🤔 they sure don’t represent Americans at all. We don’t look like this lol

  9. Italians are insecure caucasians, more insecure than the blond hair, blued eyed nordic caucasians. They are brown caucasians. most italians have brown hair, brown eyes and a darker skin color. They were fucked by arabs. Thus the insecurity. They want to be white so badly compared to the Scandinavians and Germans. Ever wonder why these shitskin caucasians are the most racist people in the world? A standard white caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes and lighter skin tone doesn't need to spew out racism as much as these dagos. Put portugal spain and the other southern europeans into the shitskin caucasian category too. and stop dieing your hair blond, you dagos.

  10. Like I said. Say what you want. But you put your hands on me. Then tell you family to dig your grave. Cause I’m going to kill you.


  12. SHE should have HER papers checked! How was she was released and from what Institution? And did she fail history? Just unbelievable rudeness, ignorance, and showmanship senility!

  13. another white privilege place or continent is Europe. in eastern Europe , you can be thrown out of a place or unwelcomed if your skin is dark
    . dark skin colour comes with evil intention, so they are shown the door " get out of my country "
    . what is so special this time?

  14. She has the making of a fine nazi. She does not understand the 1st amendment, there is a limit, and recording here is a 1st amendment protected right. That is definitely battery trying to grab the phone, too bad the cops missed that charge.

  15. The event was staged. No one going to scream this alone when very well know that the police going to be against. All it was for the media to say "See? We catching the nationals.".

  16. If I was there and my kids where too I would've told the driver to park the bus and if she would've stood up and walked towards me and if she would have hit me or try to get the phone out of my hand I would bust her ass so hard she won't even remember what fucking hit her especially her acting the way she is and if my kids were there but she's lucky than no kids were in that bus cuz that's inhumane the way she's acting and I'm a Hispanic and I was born in Laredo Texas. Plus the picture that she has on social media with that guy with a bird he looks like a Hispanic too so why is she ranting on stupid shit.

  17. Come on president Trump, build that wall so people like her can stay in Europe, we don't want that type of people to ruin America, send her back to Europe, pronto.

  18. If she had invade my space to take my phone. I would have not have hesitated to send her on an instant vacation visit to Mike Tyson Island.

  19. Kia ora. If that was me filming this stupid idiot and she walked up to me, I would've said, "You better not put your dumb hands on me or my phone or I'm gonna slap you back to that chair, you feeling me".

  20. This is a typical loser who squandered all the opportunities provided to her by this country and now that is time to pay the Piper, she’s old, broke and bitter!
    You should have paid attention to your teachers instead of blowing guys in the back of the room.
    Stupid “real American” with Italian last name.

  21. White people for real, she has an Italian surname, either her fathers or husbands either way go back to Europe, lets all just go back to where we came from, America will be empty except just the Native Americans, as they were here first lol,nd the Animal Kingdom

  22. The Indian should kick her out they keep forgetting it’s not there land or they are just afraid to get a dose of their own medicine

  23. Lol. At 2:28 she's seen happily side-hugging a guy that looks anything but European. Make up yo damn mind lady.

  24. Guys, is this the end? Are we done as humans? Was the bible right about the ending? I am scare with society being so out of control and having a racist president. Make no sense in a country form by immigrants and the destruction of the poor Native Americans. Wow! Stupid lady

  25. Messiano?Very messy and likely Italian, that means you have African blood..lol, probably also as Spanish blood, maybe even Asian blood.

  26. Love how she's rambling about her first amendment rights, yet she's telling somebody to stop recording. Dumb broad.

  27. That lady has a problem with a non-american living in America and she continuously tells the non-americans to go back to their own country and tbh, this lady is sick and needs to go see a doctor and it doesn’t matter which race goes to which country, and besides, people should NEVER use the phrase “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY” because that is 100% racist and if someone told me to go back to my country, I will call the police on them and/or send them to court for what they said to me and nobody should agree with what that person said to me because that is 100% racist

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