RC ADVENTURES – RACE WHEEL MOD – for RC! Playstation, XBox, PC, RC? Thrustmaster – Radio – Spektrum

RC ADVENTURES – RACE WHEEL MOD – for RC! Playstation, XBox, PC, RC? Thrustmaster – Radio – Spektrum

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  1. Man today i made it!! Ahahah i had an old saitek r4, it was on the road for the garbage but then i thinked at this video and i HAD TO TRY!! i'm using it on my drift rwd tamiya with no gyro and is crazy af, seriously is amazing and i have to thanks you and only you for spreading this hobby so good!
    I had a little trouble with the throttle / reverse, the reverse go in sometimes and sometimes no but i will try different cable settings, also for the steering wheel i had an infrared sensor that wont work with the radio sistem so i had to take parts from the radio and build (i'm 1000 km far from my 3D printer) a proper structure to fit the radio sensor and with a threaded rod i connected the wheel to the sensor and now it goes!!
    TAKING IT TO NEXT LEVEL MAN!!! Thankyou <3

  2. Is there anything you want try,your mind has to be going at sub sonic speed to come up with this.keep on doing what your doing, your fantastic.

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  4. the part u called a variable resistor can also be potentiometer or rheostat and have different purposes, nice build and it shows your problem solving skills i truly love to see all your work

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  6. possible the on switch is frequency control, there for you may have to make a extension to the switch, like a dowel to aglin with switch, just a assumption on my park since I'am sitting with you to see how switch is placed -…

  7. Hey could you please take a close up picture of wiring n tell me resistance of pots? Also what colors are representing what great video giving it a go with my drift car

  8. Can you use any rc control/car combo? I would like to repurpose my old rc cars that have a similar controller


  10. wire in the switch right off the battery tray before the radio and keep the radio switch on that should allow you to use the front on off switch

  11. I need to run this system with a self driving car simulator in which as the car runs in autonomous mode the steering, accelerator and brakes would be actuated! Can anyone help me out with this??

  12. best rc sparks video _ thats genius level tweaking , great great work figuring out the potentiometer wiring and matching to the radio's _ cheers
    J from Jet Noise

  13. I know you did this a while ago, but I wanted to comment, I'm about to do this for a dozen cars, and put fpv cameras I them, and bring this with a race track I made, and the rcp, to festivals, fairs, and birthday parties. Thanks for the info here. One of the race tracks is in the little circle to the left, turns banked at 30 degrees, 25 feet long, 8 feet wide. Perfect for 28th scale cars.

  14. hey brother I love this build so much I am attempting it. the steering part went eze peze, but the pedals are a different story. i am using a different radio but the same steering wheel. how can I determine the wiring? why are blue and white together, which is ground and which is Vcc? any help would be great. love your stuff

  15. *potentiometer

    Though a variable resistor is indeed a correct term for that dial thingy. I also wonder if it is possible to mod the steering angle on that wheel to make it turn at 900 or at least 540 degrees as 180 degrees alone seems rather anemic.

  16. my name is Randy from edmonton alberta,, i am the one that was the one that that posted that video in the drift page,about almost 5 years sense i made put it together,, ,i got the idea from my cousin ronnelle when he said to me it would be cool if we had a steering wheel to run our rc, so i made it happen,, it took a long time for someone to figure out how i done it,, i used my old xbox steering wheel ,, but how i got it to work is for the peddles the senser in one of the peddles i turned it backwards and wired it in to the other senser,, and one peddle used to go forward and the other to go reverse,, i made two of them one for both my cousin and i,,, i still have the wheel set up to this day,,,, if you dont have one or made one yourself i recommend you,, build one,, the are intense and for some reason makes your car even faster from stock remote

  17. I tried my own version on this, different approach. Should work with any USB controller (with some code modding) without having to trash it.
    Would love it if you guys checked it out:
    Like to hear your reactions!

  18. Hi great video! Im trying to build the same project but im a bit confused, did you modify the wiring because im having issue with pedals . When im using throttle is goes on revese and when im using brake, it reverse too,

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