Real Bigfoot from an old car with budget $3000

Real Bigfoot from an old car with budget $3000

This old car was good enough only for one
thing – to be remelted. But then it was incredibly lucky to become
a base of a new project. The project that tells us how to turn an old
rubbish car into a real Bigfoot! Are you interested? Then stay with us, we are to start right now! Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over
and you are watching review machines. Probably you see the cheapest big foot ever
been built. Its owner deliberately tried to make a real
Bigfoot for very little money. The base here is an old ussr car that was
bought for the project just for 300 baks. And just look at it…how cool it is now. By the way… yes it is old and cheap car, but it used to
be a very comfortable model. So our Bigfoot not only the cheapest but probably
the most comfortable. Big, luxurious seats, a good heater…Well
I think today we will test this car being in a real comfort unlike numerous other atvs
we tested on this channel. Bust firstly lets dive a little bit deeper
in the construction and technical details. The base here is a modified frame from an
old 4wd car. It was slightly lengthened. The axles are also from the same 4wd car. There are two transfer cases that provide
a very powerful torque, that is essential for the huge wheels. The engine is stock 2.4 liters capacity and
this unit proved to be rather reliable. Many things were done with the steering system. To handle with the huge wheels the real hydraulic
steering was implemented here. There is a hydraulic pump and cylinder from
a truck. The wheels are also from a truck but they
were seriously modified. Most part of the rubber was simply cut off. The rear part also was modified and now it
is like a real truck. The interior remained the same and as I said
it is quite comfortable even in stock. Well lets have a ride! By the way the owner says that the whole budget
of the project is only 3000 dollars. Surprisingly the result is quite reliable. The car went through many tests and proved
to be rather durable and capable for offroading. The main drawback to my mind is that you can’t
drive this thing on public roads anymore. And the maximum speed now is only 50 km/hour. In this way this car is used not like a showcar
but like a tractor to help with numerous things in a household. Besides it turned out to be a good atv for
hunting and fishing, it is able to go wherever you want. Theoretically it is even able to float, but
frankly speaking we didn’t enough courage to test it. But we tested how it went on offroad. And it was quite good. But I can’t say it was a surprise. Huge low pressure wheels and full wheel drive
always do a lot of good. The only thing that this car is lacking it’s
a central system of tire inflation. Well now its my favorite part – let me try
it myself. Wow there is an engine start with a button…not
bad! To start moving choose the second gear, the
first one is too slow even for offroad. … As I’ve said the two transfer cases
provide a very good torque, as if I drove a diesel. Besides I liked how the suspension worked. It moves very smoothly even on a rough terrain
due to the low pressure wheels and long travel leaf suspension. But on the other hand it swings quite seriously,
like a boat on waves, it seems that the shocks are out of order. I was the most impressed by the steering. The homemade hydraulic steering works perfectly! You can turn the huge wheels literally with
only a finger! Well I should say this car produced a good
impression on me, especially taking into account a low price. The comfortable interior, perfect steering,
soft suspension – it is definitely worth its money. Well guys I think you agree with me, that
such a car should be tested on a real offroad. So we tried to do our best to find a decent
obstacle. Unfortunately there was only a huge field
in the location, and it was quite a job to find there something interesting. I should mention, that frankly speaking it
is quite easy to get this machine stuck. It is rather heavy and it is hard for it to
go in a swamp. The only way to move there it is to do a very
low pressure in wheels. Finally we found something interesting. A small river with a tiny bridge across it. Firstly lets try how durable the bridge is. …Boring… why do we need some bridges at
all when we are driving such a car. Lets go straight into the river! Well at least we tried. As you see it was no sweat for the car…so
the same thing …boring. Ok, the last try to put more action into this
video. We are going to cut our way straight through
the woods. Do not feel pity for the woods. Either way they are going to be removed because
this field is to be cultivated. So lets do it! This time it was rather funny, the car was
cutting its way very impressive, but as you can see the woods revenged and we got the
broken mirror and lights. Well what should I say after I tested this
car. Firstly I want to remind that the whole budget
of the project is only about 3000 dollars. And to my mind for these money it is quite
a decent car, simple construction, impressive offroading abilities, a comfortable interior
and soft suspension, and to top it all – the perfect hydraulic steering. The flip side is – it cant be driven on
public roads, dead shocks, the original car and the used parts are very old so it is very
hard to say, how long this car is going to be alive. And it is very interesting to read your opinions
about this project, so please post a comment if you liked it or not and why. And now lets call it a day. Thanks for watching guys, please consider
subscribing the channel if you liked this video. It will be many more interesting materials
here, good bye!

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  1. I love this car!!! You have a new subscriber!!! I have a small car, and 4×4 axles, transfer case, and 34x12x15 rims and tires. Guess what happens next…

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