Real Life Batmobile: Man Spends Two Years Building Iconic 1989 Car

Real Life Batmobile: Man Spends Two Years Building Iconic 1989 Car

COMM: For most comic-book fans, owning a Batmobile is just a pipe dream. But here in Australia
one Batman fanatic has made the dream a reality. By hand-building his own version of the iconic
vehicle. ZAC: What makes this Batmobile different is, it’s street legal. Like I can take it down
and get groceries if i wanted to. The reaction to the car has been insane. BOY: It looks awesome! COMM: Zac Mihajlovic started building the replica four years ago with the help of his
very own Lucius Fox… Grandfather John Greene, a retired engineer. During the two-year build,
the 29-year old was even able to get some of the parts from the car used in the original
film. ZAC: The Batmobile behind me is the 1989 Batmobile and this was the Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson film. It’s got adjustable suspension, it’s got a working afterburner, which is from the film,
no machine gun sadly, no grappling hooks, no bombs that come out the wheel, but pretty
much beyond that… yeah it’s pretty close. COMM: There are thought to be 10 other replica cars of the 1989 Batmobile but Zac believes he’s the only one that can legally drive on public roads. ZAC: The first time I took it out was definitely an experience. I was on the freeway on the
way to Gold Coast and there was this noise and I thought something was wrong with the
car. It’s actually the news helicopter from Channel 9 that chased me down the freeway.
That was pretty memorable. COMM: And not surprisingly the replica has won him plenty of admirers, including the ladies. ANNABELLA: My names Annabella Leone and I’m dating Batman. We’ve been dating for about
four years and can I just say I was with him two years prior to the Batmobile. That’s my
seat, the passenger seat and if any girl out there wants it, I swear to god, dead. COMM: And Zac has also had his fair share of bizarre requests. ZAC: I’ve had a couple ring me up and say ‘I know this is gonna sound weird but we want
to christen the car, so to speak’. And I sort of said I’m not really interested and they
said we’ll pay what you want! And we’ll bring plastic sheets and I’m like you’ve just made
that worse, so no thanks. COMM: Businessmen from across the world have offered Zac big bucks for the Batmobile, but
he has decided to use his powers for good by teaming up with the Make-a-Wish foundation.
who make dreams come true for terminally-ill children. COMM: Today he’s using his comic-book car to impress families at the local shops. ZAC: It’s a brilliant, brilliant charity because it gives kids sadly their dying wish.
I dress up as Batman and I surprise the kids. Sometimes it’s knocking on someones door.
Obviously organised. Some of them run for their lives and it takes a bit of warming
up to get them back into, into the Batmobile. But some are just super pumped. COMM: Over the last three years Zac has helped more than 40 children and has no plans to
stop. COMM: And while he may not be using the Batmobile to fight off the Joker or The Penguin. In
the eyes of many, he’s very much a hero.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. What an Awesome Bloke , onya mate , the car is fantastic too , but the story behind the car was great as well , Keep up the charity work mate, your a bloody legend !!

  2. The original 1989 Batman Batmobile had a matte, deep gray finish. Anton Furst, who designed the car, said that a gloss finish was never in the cards as Batman wouldn’t have wanted it to look shiny and sleek, and that the car needed more of a machine gun metal, tank finish. Go back and look. In the sequel Batman Returns, the less talented Bo Welch put the shine on and feminized the car with more rounded edges. They are not the same cars.

  3. I admire his efforts, but of all the batmobile models, this is the ugliest one to me. Though, it is a bit iconic

  4. I always thought the thing on the front was a jet engine and the fire was jet exhaust. Now I know it's just an engine cooling fan and a gas-powered exhaust. But in my 4 year old imagination, it was a jet on wheels, baby!

  5. Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist in Los Angeles has a 1989 Batmobile that a street legal. He may have the only street legal one in Australia but he is not the only one in this world that has one that is street legal.

  6. The nerdy idiotic comments about the cumbaia of this pseudo moralistic video shows just how dumb this world is.

  7. This will be cool if an actual city person had this car. You see a lot of this in these little country towns.

    I would be thrilled to see it dashing through San Francisco or Chicago.

  8. Hay Zac !😁 I asume you have unsisters from ext Yugoslavia, right ?🤔 I will say a comment on serbish language ala ti vera za ovaj Batmobil ! Pozdrav iz Slovenije ! 😁👌👌👌👍👍👍👏👏👏


  10. Not a true replica the windshild dor never poped up it opened and closed on back and forth on a moterized automatic track

  11. Is it really street legal? What about the exposed fan on the front and the afterburner. Regardless, it's amazing.

  12. Awesome work,it’s a truthful replica.The only thing to complete the picture is you wearing the real batsuit from Batman 1989 great movie.

  13. He coulda brought a V8 and had 7 tropical holidays, but no he went for the batmobile and his bird left him.. great call….

  14. As someone who has entertained the beautiful children for make a wish events can say it's awesome to bring some form of happiness to these Great kids !!! Well done sir massive respect for your effort, Time and sacrifices to make it happen Job well Done and bravo.

  15. IDK I kinda like the one that guy made that's actually jet powered and has the guns and stuff on it, also street legal.

  16. Not bad for a hand made one off. There's a Batmobile in the 'States that is powered by an actual jet turbine from a helicopter. Now THAT is impressive.

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