Rebuilding My Cheap 2018 Ford F250 Part 4

Rebuilding My Cheap 2018 Ford F250 Part 4

trash control off here’s the bait we’re going away we got all the bolts pulled over fender
Whalen thinks it’s cold because it is cold it is really cold out here
and just think it’s gonna get colder this winter so we’ve got all the bolts
out of the fender we’re getting ready pull that off then we’re gonna take the
bolts on the hood pull it off and then we’re going to take them down to the
body and pull up hold up there’s another bolt back there open the door about half
way all right so we got the fender off now
when you grab the hood off that should be pretty easy there’s two of us now so
extra easy all right can you guys see what we’re doing
Oh can’t the hammer Falls all right you can see what we’re doing we’re gonna
pull that hood off I’m gonna zoom you guys BAM look at that
we got the hood off yep we got the hood off we got or the fender off we’ve got
the pager off too so we’re you here we are we’re down here
at the paint shop drop it off for fender and I heard they’re gonna paint it up
the right color for us then we’re gonna get to put it back together which would
be awesome like get er done get er done all right let me grab that fender real
quick and I’ll bore you we got a white truck in every part I
could find us blacks a garage here and we are ready to throw
some parts back on it now drum roll please look at that it’s white it’s beautiful
it’s almost the same color would you guys believe it
this truck is gonna look amazing actually I’m not in the joking on all
right commence the montage or whatever scene comes up next that’ll be up to my
brother let’s do this oh okay wailing you will decide all right how are you camera damn almost looks like we knew what we
was doing it’s looking pretty good except for that part but once we clean
that part it’ll look pretty good too and what we got for the hill what surprised
me is actually how easy these fenders come on and off even with the headlight
on you can pull this fender off without even taking the headlight off it’s
amazing all right guys you ready this will be the first time this door is shut
with a white fender since it’s been wrecked it’s done let’s go home I think
that we just don’t need a hood have you ever watched roadkill they
don’t use hoods yeah but we’re not roadkill we’re gonna see this is our
battery box now it’s broken I need to order another one but I’m gonna see if I
can reach this make it fit that way we can take and put the battery oh no don’t feel like that installed
professionally net alone professionally catwalk oh my god you’re right I forgot
my turn hey any of you want to buy a headlight it’s been installed once it
only crash once I want $300 for it don’t blow ball me I know what it’s worth figuring out what this thing hit that or
this guy stole some Chevrolet parts on the back bumper that’s all the chevy pickup and that was that going somewhere I was dealing bags don’t worry what’s going on oh don’t
worry guys is all definitely bolted in very tight oh wait a minute you’re
supposed to turn the camera off when I’m adjusting just feels like trying to get it in on
prom night I’m not joking looks like Waylon is doing a little
better Weston does his prom night go better than yours oh I didn’t feel a
thing I’m glad you didn’t feel a thing because I sure as hell didn’t my finger
hurts what man listen you’ve lost some weight
I know you’ve been doing kegels yeah see I told you I gotta put it that I knew I
told you guys I knew how to do it it was definitely not whaling they did it for
me so we’ve been putting this hood up and down and up and down one thing we’re
gonna wear off the hood latch because we’ve been putting it back down to make
sure it’s suggested or I can put it back up adjusting a little bit and that’s one
of the things when you’re fid body panels like this you could waste an hour
to just trying to make all the body panels line up and fit exactly right but
now we don’t have no body shims and everything we’ve got enough adjustment
that everything’s good so we do have a little bit of adjustment we got to do
here on this fender and on this head like this headlights just tilt it that
way a little bit so we got to put together let’s pull the door up and take
this thing for a test drive and you guys won’t even believe this there’s actually
a battery in it so we won’t have to jumpstart it might do a little bit
off-roading while we’re taking this thing for a drive and then after we’re
done there we’ll do a price break down for you guys so let’s go do it no
holding door hmm didn’t start hey we might have to tighten the battery
terminal all right here we go there we go well we just got this truck fixed and
she’s back on the road and now she’s got to earn her keep
so we got to go check some cattle check some fences be a perfect test drive for
this brand-new well due to us f-350 your f250 alright let’s do it here
it is the first time we’ll see if the transmission works we know it works the
first year so let’s see second gear our damn steering wheel is completely
sideways look at that maybe knocked off our gear our steering
gearbox up a little bit because look at that or maybe it bent something in any
that’s weird but it’s driving good shoot this thing runs actually drives
really good beside for the steering wheel being sideways died it actually drives really good there’s 70 that Cruise is like a Bedan
this is a nice truck yes we did a good job this is great we will have to figure
out why our string Willis sideways though that’s kind of weird but it’s
probably just something bent underneath or maybe when it was in its accident and
popped one of the gears inside the gear box but everything feels tight and
everything I don’t think it’s really that problem I didn’t see anything bent
because I had crawled underneath it first to look at it and make sure before
we took off and see nothing so I’ll have to see exactly why it’s doing that that
or maybe somebody replaced some components in this truck beforehand and
they never got to put back ride one of the most amazing things about getting
the project done is this part here when you finally get it done you finally get
to take it down the road after working on it for a long time and that’s
probably one of my favorite things about finishing projects is the finished
result traction true off here’s the beans we’re going away
check the we got out here it looks beautiful out
here and all the cows are here and the fence is looking good so we’re good
there we gave the left 250 a workout she’s
running good and she drives really good we tested not the full drive a little
bit there was a couple boom small crossings we had to get across but it’s
a time for the price breakdown now obviously you everyone already knows
we paid sixty five hundred dollars for the truck that was with it crashed we
had a little bit of money at on buy feed going again and stuff but the closing
bid on it was sixty five hundred dollars now our beautiful chrome bumper here we
had to give a lot of money for this I bought this thing from an in-person
auction about two years ago I can’t remember if I pay twenty or fifty bucks
for it somebody taking it off their brand new truck and put a ranch hand on
it so let’s just say we paid fifty down to our beautiful Super Duty hood I got
this thing this was a brand new take off they was actually took him off to build
a Brinks truck out of a brand new truck and that’s where I got this hood but I
got this hood for four hundred dollars which isn’t a bad deal for a brand new
hood it was black but we had it painted too also our headlight obviously our
headlight was messed up I bought this headlight for 200 always
now this is the halogen headlight this is not the LED one and also we do have
to give this little emblem that goes here in the fender but for right now I
think we can run it without it and I don’t know how much that’s exactly gonna
run but I’ll just say it cost fifty bucks or something
it shouldn’t be that bad then it comes down to the painting we had the hood and
the fender painted by a local body guy there in town and he charged a $700
takin Sandy’s all the way down there was a little ding on the hood where we
dropped it that he had fixed seven are dollars of paint on both white which is
a little high but it’s not that bad for how good a job he did well the total
will be up there somewhere I don’t know over here over here or down here or
somewhere or you’ll just see a flash across the screen if you guys liked the
video make sure you hit that like button down below if you’re new here always
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  1. Early on so many YouTube mechanics were commenting on the phasers in this engine…..truck turned out good. Looks like it turned out to be a good buy for you. The 6.2 is actually a pretty good engine.

  2. Hi Mr westen what about us chevy guys can you throw us bone or two what about the grey square body thats been screaming for the 6.0 swap ??????? please for Beyonce'

  3. Hi Westen. Turn steering wheel all the way from stop to stop, counting the turns. Then half of the number of turns to find center. See if steering wheel is centered correctly. If it is lock it and use a string line from under rear of truck, around rear tire up the side of the truck, alongside front tire. Adjust tie rod until front tire has 1/16" toe in. If the steering wheel isnt centered correctly the box or rack is damaged. String both sides. Better remove front wheels and inspect front suspension. If you havent.
    . Rev.

  4. I think I saw some guys on YouTube who had a Cummins swapped charger and a duramax powered Camaro so you should powerstroke swap the mustang to show them which is best

  5. I have a 2019 F250 with the Lariat Sport blacked out 20" wheels, Michelin tires.. wanna trade for those wheels and tires you have ?

  6. Thanks for the Video…. Well that was a pretty amazing transformation. Not to mention all in for less than 10k….what a nice ending. Very happy for you.

  7. You might want to sit down when you see what they're getting for those side emblems… Nice truck, looks like it runs really ??

  8. Looks like your paint guy useded two different paints fender and hood so not match or its,the camera which I hope it is. Other wise looks good great work what's next?????

  9. Thought I was watching a goonzquad video at 3:12 there for a minute on account of the music haha Great video though!

  10. Hey westen please let us know the miles on this truck and others. Love to know that stuff. Keep up the good work!

  11. lol Westen, that truck is NOT done. Go fix all the shit that still needs fixed and then come back to us. Love the channel.

  12. The music is good and the passenger grinds his teeth holding on to the passenger side dashboard with the F 250 build. Lmao.✌

  13. It felt like just yesterday you had a total of 13k followers, here you are with 280k+

    Badass watching you grow as a content creator!

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