Rebuilt vs New Car Parts – Which is a Better Buy?

Rebuilt vs New Car Parts – Which is a Better Buy?

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to help you answer the
age-old question, should I use rebuilt or new parts when I’m fixing my car, so the
question is, to rebuild or not to rebuild, now in this infinity with a bad water
pump, I’m only going to use a new water pump, look where it’s hidden, way inside the
engine, so since you have to take half of the car apart including the timing belt
in order to get to the water pump, I’m not going to chance it with a rebuilt unit
that might break, I’d have to do the job all over again,
because let’s face it, parts today are made poorly enough, I don’t want to have
a part that’s broken and then repaired, I would rather use a brand new part on
something as important as this, and really the price differential on this
water pump isn’t all that much, so in the case of something like this,
definitely go brand new, now if you find yourself with an alternator that’s going
bad, like in this noisy Toyota, then you’ll find yourself in kind of a
pickle, because even a rebuilt alternator can cost almost $400, and a lot of times
you can’t even buy a brand-new alternator for them, even the Toyota
dealer just sells rebuilt units, so in this case, get a quality rebuild
alternator, approved by your cat, now of course the rebuild alternator is only
good as the company that rebuilds it, so make sure you use a quality company, but
if you’re gambling and you want to try a discount auto parts store one, hey if
they give you a lifetime guarantee and it’s as easy to put on as this one is,
because it’s on top of the engine, go ahead, they’ll keep giving you free ones
if they go bad, but me I’m going to go for quality rebuild, it costs a little bit
more, but I don’t want my customer coming back and being mad at me,
but there are some things that I won’t use remanufactured parts on, like power
steering pumps, because over the years I tried some remanufactured power steering
pumps, a lot of times they make more noise than the original ones did and
sometimes they bind and don’t even work well, so my advice of power steering
pumps is, only buy brand new ones or if you’re a gambling man,
try a used one from a salvage yard, they can last for years, but once they’re
broken and rebuilt, they often don’t work well at all, but there are parts that I
use remanufactured units, like this ABS brake modulator, some of these new
modulators cost fifteen hundred dollars so if I can get a good guaranteed reman
for three or four hundred dollars, I’ll go that route, but when it comes to air
conditioning compressors, I only use new ones, because if you take a modern air
conditioning compressor apart, you’ll see a lot of the parts are plastic, when they
break, just get a new one a lot of times they’re so poorly made, you never want to
get a broken one and try to fix it and put it back in, get a new one and there are
many quality companies that make brand new air conditioned compressors, I can
buy it for these Toyota’s where they cost less than half of what a dealer
remanufactured one goes for, so the next time something breaks on your car, now
you can make an intelligent choice to use remanufactured or new,
of course the choice is ultimately yours but at least now you can make an
intelligent choice, and remember if you got a car question just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from Jurassic Park!

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  2. I tell you. I had a 1993 Toyota Pickup with a Alternator that kept going out but I had a lifetime warranty on it so I just kept replacing it till I sold it. I went through 4 Alternators. Each one lasted 3 months except for the last one. The last one lasted for a year.

  3. Hey Scotty how are doing my friend. Have quick question what’s a good reman alternator for a 2012 Acura TL dealer what’s 700 bucks.

  4. Love the intro's to his videos so memorable; okay yes this was the topic that I was so curious about a few days ago, but could not find the answer to and it was exactly to that PART lol I got brand new because I don't trust rebuild. I will end up paying for a brand new rack and pinon soon no rebuild for me. I do have a question will email it to you if email is valid Scotty? or should I do it through here?

  5. Thanks Scotty. I'm cheap and my mechanic knows it; easier to squeeze a buck out of granite than outta me for parts. The latest 50 yr. give or take old car I have, a replaced power steering pump blows fluid and steam during a test drive. The pump's under warranty, but who should my mechanic get a reliable from? It's a '76 Plymouth Duster with parts from model  '71-76 (former drag car). My mechanic is reliable and knows his stuff, including the power steering pump he needs. Where would you recommend he order the pump from? The car's a brute, able to pull ahead and keep it with any street legal car who wanted to race on the Interstate, including new Mustang GTs and Corvettes spanning 50 years, but I'd like to know places that sell quality parts, new, remanufactured, etc.

  6. What about a rebuilt toyota camry engine? Would it be worth it if it could save you half the amount a new engine?

  7. Scotty, you are SO right about prices of AC compressor. Mine in a 2008 Audi Q7 seized and melted the serpentine belt when doing a big trip in Australia. I got a tow to Audi and just the part cost $2800 AUD! The same "Denso" brand cost $800 AUD.
    Being in business to make a reasonable profit is one thing, but to screw your customers like this is criminal.
    I'll never buy a product of theirs in the future that's for sure.

  8. I agree. I have a spare water pump for my car, & a couple of power steering pumps, which are made by Vickers. These can be resealed with a kit, & due to these power steering systems having filters, they do last for a very long time. One thing you need to be careful with when buying water pumps is what brand you get. Here in Australia, one guy I heard about replaced his commodore water pump on the V-6 engine. Less than 2 year later, it needed to be done again. With alternators, you're correct!! Some cars you can't buy a new alternator for. The air conditioner compressors that are most common here is the Sanden brand. Seen these on most cars I've worked on.

  9. Truth, I bought a re-manufactured distributor for my volvo from fcp euro and it failed after 2k miles. Had to put the old one back on. Replaced it as maintenance and it left me stranded.

  10. What about on something that is much older? New parts are extremely hard to find for cars that are discontinued.

  11. No a rebuild doesn't cost 400.00, got mine rebuilt for 190.00. And my started was done for 188.00.
    I live in Ca. I guess it all depends on what has to be done.

  12. Regarding the air conditioning unit, mine went out a few months back and I'd like to buy a new one, which websites do you use for your air conditioning compressors?

  13. Reman alternator for my 2009 silverado $390, brand new one from gm dealer $210. Reman parts are just dumb.

  14. Hey scotty, what do you think about remanufactured steering boxes? Like on a half ton truck for example. The steering box that the steering shaft goes down into. Should I buy reman, or new?

  15. i am looking to buy a performance rebuilding kit for my 1980 280zx. Any recommendations on where I can purchase this and what are the mandatory parts it should include? Thank you

  16. I like your risk assessment: Based on criticality, its price vs reliability vs placement of the part. I had the same idea with alternators and a/c systems. Good thing I stopped by. Thanks!

  17. I had to decide this week between new and remanufactured. The steering rack in my 2001 Ford Falcon (Australia) started leaking. You can no longer buy a new one from ford only a reconditioned one. There is a aftermarket one which is brand new but didn't seem the same quality. I ended up getting the remanufactured one and brand new tie rod ends because why bolt a new steering rack to old tie rod ends? It was a gamble either way but all seems to be well.

  18. I had my water pump replaced and 3 yrs later replaced it again. I would expect the mechanic would give me a quality pump. I had same problem with brakes. I am switching shops. I need to ask for quality not expect it.

  19. The teacher that runs our auto school told on ac compressor go new… i got a new oem one for my element with shipping was 240 bucks and the kids at school put it in for 20 bucks.. goid deal!!!

  20. hey scotty…. are mechanics / shops required to tell you if they install remanufactured parts? to they need to ask you before doing so?

  21. Yes, I've learned my lesson with a reman power steering pump. The pump seized after I only drove 2 blocks from my house! ?

  22. I bought one of the last 4 OEM Power Steering Pumps in the United States for my Toyota Supra. It was 650.00, but I'm not taking chances. Especially with my baby.

  23. It is an o.e.m. part that failed in the first place? Quality? Whatbif uou wsnted to buy a part that wouldn't have failed in the first place? Who sells that?

  24. This is the question. I have replaced 5 remanufactured starters from O'Reilly's on my Mercedes 1981 240d. I even got a Wilson and it to went down. I am pulling my hair out and I can't afford that.

  25. The distinction between remanufactured and new on alternator and starters is, for most, is just the new one has a new casing. Big whoop! The remanufactured is usually ALOT cheaper too!

  26. He is very right in this video. Very. Installation and location should dictate most of the choices here as well as the criticallity of the part.

  27. Hey Scotty I have a question for you I have a 2001 Camry Solara four-cylinder it has a intermittent check engine light with a lien code that only stands to come on during stop and go driving if I drive on the highway for about 4050 miles cut the engine off and restart it it will clear itself up. The car has 260,000 miles runs good but I have to wait till it clears itself every year before I can do an emissions test. I’ve taken it to the dealer and even a Toyota in Dee Mechanic and they could not figure out the problem they just threw parts at it which did not resolve the problem. The car does need an AC compressor which I have not changed because are usually drive it in in the fall months because I have other cars. Other than that I have no codes in the car runs very well do you have any idea which could be causing my lean code I have replaced the charcoal canister I have replaced the fuel injectors I have had a complete tuneup and timing belt water pump please advise thank you Scotty

  28. I've had a remanned alternator miss the front bearing plate which holds the bearing to the front of the case. The alternator froze up- glad I found it

  29. I prefer to use quality remanufacture components, reason being on rebuilds core items are non destructive tested for flaws and cracks, fit clearances excetra. Prone failure items are replace with better quality parts. Bearings and seals are replaced with better quality items.
    A properly rebuilt component will more often out last a new one. Good example would be a brand new water pump that has sat on a shelf for 10 or more years. Compared to a completely overhauled pump with new bearings seals that has sat on the shelf for less than a year.

  30. Where should I buy a good alternator for 2008 pathfinder? And what company? The alternator is very hard to get to so I want a good one to be installed. I don’t care how much is cost. Thank you your help sir.

  31. See my problem is F150 2005 4.6 injector they only have reman that I can find they don't have any of the right ones I need. So what am I asking should I use a reman injector.

  32. Scotty what are your thoughts on remanufactured vs new cv axles? I am going back and forth about which route I should go. My wife's 4runner has a cv axle that is about done for. I am thinking about going reman'd because the ones Napa sells use OEM cores, all the new axles are 100% cheap Chinese made. Unfortunately a replacement axle from Toyota is about $400 and that is just way out of budget at the moment.

  33. i bought a duralast alternator from auto zone and have went through three in about 8 months that have been bad and now the third one has failed after three days all the alternators were tested and all came back bad and auto zone has had no proublem replacing them but whats the chances of getting 4 bad alternators in less than a year

  34. Great video Scotty, thank you! From my experience fixing my own cars, remanufactured/and/or cheap parts NEVER last and are an inconvenient waste of time and money.

  35. Hey Scotty,
    I just received my replacement alternator for my 2008 Honda Accord Coupe V6. The original alternator is made by Denso but I opted for one made by Remy because it was $55 (Canadian) cheaper but I read that Remy was a good brand that has been around a long time and makes light weight alternators. Also the Remy has 130 amps and the Denso OEM has 110 amps which I assume with help with the power of the new sound/infotainment system I'm going to build. Did I make the right decision or should I have just stuck with Denso?

  36. This video is point on I bought a remanufactured power steering pump what a mistake the damn needs replacing already I wish I had seen this video before I bought that remanufactured junk power steering pump I know to buy only new.

  37. My alternator on my 06 dodge 1500 cost like $40 to get rebuilt so I took it to a rebuild shop and replaced it myself. If I would have had a shop do it it would have been 230 for the alternator and probably an hour labor so 400 compared to 40 was a heck of a deal.

  38. Over the years so many times I get the excuse the life time warranty means replacement of original part. You only get one, the replacement is not covered under original warranty.

  39. ???My Toyota Hilux with a 3 year old alternator go bad today??? only drive 40 000 km with it…. It was also two brand new bosch batteries on it too, when the alternator was changed…. I go to the Toyota dealer this time. By by to shitty car parts Company. ?

  40. That's a cute cat, I'm glad you and my mechanic think the same about car parts I'm not mechanically inclined so I have all my repairs done at my favorite shop. He's as fair and honest as you are

  41. What about calipers would you use new or rebuilt i recently bought remy remanufactured calipers for my ford transit all seems good so far

  42. Bought a remanufactured alternator. Went bad in two months. Bought a remanufactured compressor. Didn't work out of the box, replaced it and new one worked very poorly. Bought a remanufactured starter – seems to be working fine.

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