Recycling old batteries into solar cells. Recycling one single car battery can power 30 households.

Recycling old batteries into solar cells. Recycling one single car battery can power 30 households.

Discarded car batteries are potential source
of lead pollution. And, Battery technology is undergoing rapid
changes. New type of Batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are replacing the lead-acid batteries.
So, over 200 million lead-acid batteries will potentially be retired in the United States,
and that could cause a lot of environmental issues. Researchers at MIT have proposed a system
to recycle the materials from the discarded car batteries into new, long-lasting solar
panels that provide emissions-free power. Their system is based on a recent development
in solar cells that makes use of a compound called perovskite. Because the perovskite photovoltaic material
takes the form of a thin film just half a micrometer thick, the team’s analysis shows
that the lead from a single car battery could produce enough solar panels to provide power
for 30 households. As an added advantage, the production of perovskite
solar cells is a relatively simple process. According to the researchers, this new process
is pretty interchangeable with the current production method. The researchers don’t intend to start a company
to commercialize their technology. Instead, they wanted to show people who are developing
and manufacturing perovskite solar cells that the lead from old batteries performs just
as well as mined lead. So they have published a video for explaining
the process step by step. You can watch it now.

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  1. i need just chemical scheme for every single step to make processing because i've cut the battery and extract the anode(Pb) and the cathod (PbO2) and by testing chemical synthesis of PbI2 (i just got anode and add HNO3 55% and by stهring and adding KI i got yellow color for a moment then i converted to brown immediately so what did i make wrong bro    ) Thanks anyway

  2. very cool,I'm going to try to power by house with Harbor Freight Tools or sales wired in series problem is I got to learn how and I think it's going to take probably 8 or 12 solar cells and probably about 8 to 12 batteries

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