Remove Engine VW Bus

Remove Engine VW Bus

we’re going to remove the engine today
from this 1969 Volkswagen bus with the upright Volkswagen air-cooled engine start out with the gas line the fuel
line held on by a pipe clamp make sure it doesn’t rip then put a screwdriver in
it to seal it up and put it up on where it’s safe okay then Ten millimeter exhaust system still 10 millimeter switch to 13
millimeter sometimes these are tough little bit tight to get to next the
wiring ok this takes an 8 millimeter comes off the ground wire press out way next the engine mount jack take a little
bit of pressure up here we go and then get the larger stuff off that is a 13
millimeter 17 with the engine held up the engine mount comes right off now the engine is supported on the jack
we have the gas off we have all wiring off we can drop it down a little bit
that way we can access the top engine mount bolt these there’s gonna be a 17
millimeter on this side which is a bolt that comes through from the back 15
millimeter on the other side which is also the bolt for the starter just
feeling my way so add a nut on a special bolt that goes to the starter that’s a
15 millimeter rather than a 17 Jack it up just a little bit here now we
got 15 millimeters on the backside of the engine and also when we go under
there we’ll get the that’s an 8 millimeter here we go push it through
here we go got through and slide right out I’m going under with a 15 millimeter
and that’s gonna get the lower nuts off the bell housing okay we got one and
both sides you get reach both of them from this side here not too hard for
long so the threads are clean all right caphis it up a little bit need
to support the transmission so I use a brick seems to work pretty well actually
works very well lower it down till it rests on the brick okay now the engine
is being supported by the jack the transmission being supported by the
brick and we could pull her right out she comes that’s it watch it there we go
there’s your engines right there just be careful spark little players on the body
just roll yeah there you are there you are that’s
what was holding up your heater tubes usually they just pop right off okay
well that’s it thank you for watching

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Thanks for the great video, I'm picking up my "new" 65 camper on Friday and will reference your video shortly thereafter I'm sure!

  2. Will do, thanks for the offer! We are going to try to get her to fire for the first time in 20+ years today so our prayers are out and fingers crossed 😉

  3. Hey, I have a 70 Bus. Haven't pulled an engine since High School back in the 70's, was fun to watch the process. Couldn't help but notice the Berklee School of Music sticker….I'm from Mass.

  4. amigo compre una  igual para  repararla , no tenia motor y compre  uno pero al intalarlo queda  caido de  un lado , y es la  caja  que  queda doblada cual sera la  causa ? te  lo agradesco si sabes la  repuesata ?

  5. i need to take out the gas tank to clean it out, this is my first VW passed down by my wifes grandfather when he passed. please post more helpful video!

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