Remove Second Hand Cigarette Smoke From Neighbor’s Apartment

Remove Second Hand Cigarette Smoke From Neighbor’s Apartment

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  1. What tricks have you tried to stop the smell of cigarette smoke seeping into your apartment from your neighbor's apartment? Let us know in the comments below, and ask us any questions you have about removing cigarette smell in the comments below, we will answer them for you.

  2. I've ran into my share of bad nicotine in condo's, apartment's and homes. One word describes them "Nasty". I can't imagine what peoples lungs look like…😳

  3. Thank you for posting! Re sealing off around those electrical boxes…wouldn't just sealing with the foam gasket around the switch be adequate, so that we wouldn't need to plug up all the holes and opening in the metal switch or junction boxes?

  4. Condo owner here. Upstairs neighbors smoke and it is ruining my throat and my mouth taste like an ashtray. Help please. I will seal the fan in my master bathroom. What else? Our vents are in the ceiling. Thanks!

  5. Awesome video – thanks so much! My smoke problem is coming from the unit below me. It seems to mainly be limited to one particular wall which is an inside wall (6 unit building, 3 single units on each side with a central stairwell – I live in the second floor unit). The worst place is my entry door area. I have added some weatherstripping to the door, which has help. The smoke seems to be mostly coming from below the baseboard heaters – forced hot water. The floor is tiled but there seems to be a gap of about an inch or more where the sub-floor doesn't go all the way to the wall. I can't see into it, but if I put my hand in there it is at least as deep as my fingers, so I assume it is just open to the ceiling below. Can I just fill it up with foam or is there a better answer that does not involve pulling up the tile floor?

  6. I have neighbors who smoke marijuana every day and I have severe asthma I do not know what do someone please advise me

  7. If you're chemically sensitive you should use special caulk and sheetrock mud on I would avoid the expanding foam those things are all worse than cigarette smoke for chemically sensitive people and I would also open all the windows and then ventilate while you're doing it and if you have somebody else do it I would let it out gas for a good while before you have to come back in and breathe it you can't do much of that then leave on all your bathroom fans and crack the window and put some activated carbon any part of the window that is open. I will try to post some less than toxic products that I just happen to come across researching this for my friend

  8. You can use sheetrock mud or sheetrock compound same stuff I think to seal a whole bunch of holes and do what the expanding foam does

  9. The last link is for a activated carbon filter I recommend putting down in front of a 20in fan until you get good air quality it will absorb toxic things and if you're going to do this remodeling you need to do it unless you use exceptionally benign materials all this is for really chemically sensitive people not for regular Folk

  10. I guess it sounds like nitpicking but when you put your wires under the outlet screws they should go on clockwise so they wrap around as the screws tightened not counterclockwise as you have either put them or let them stay like the previous person put in

  11. Hey if People's vents aren't vented outside that they probably aren't will cigarette smoke come in through your bathroom vent most likely when it's off but maybe even when it's on and how about through ductwork could that be leaking enough to let smoke in what about around your air conditioning Heating units box should that be sealed up too?

  12. Many thanks for the video, Jeff! I live in the UK in a high-rise apartment building. We have just identified cigarette smoke as well as cooking smell such as onion and garlic coming from our neighbours flat below us every day. When they were recently on holiday abroad there was absolutely no smell whatsoever.
    The smell is coming only from under our bathtub sink in the bathroom after removing the panel of the bathtub where there appears to be a medium sized crack on the wall including a crack around the gaps of the wall where the west pipe is entering. The entire areas of the walls are intact apart from that place. We have spoken to a plumber who said that removing the bathtub and covering the cracked area with cement would be the best option, although this would be a big hassle as it will damage the tiles in the process.

    However, I have just found out that there are 1 meter XL long expanding foam gun applicators! I have tested with a stick and figured out that I can potentially work on trying to fill the gaps under the bathtub walls with a long gun applicator without needing to pull-out the bathtub apart.

    The question I'd like to ask is what sort of quality expanding foam should I use? Is Loctite the best option to use? I can only see it in US shopping sites and it is quite expensive to order and deliver to the UK. I have read that some foams such as Open-cell have air so the smell can still seep through it. Do I have to absolutely use a closed-cell foam in order to stop any potential smoke/food smell seeping in or is any expanding foam enough? Many thanks!

  13. I have emphysema so smoke is actually deadly to me. The smoke from my neighbor is coming through the kitchen cabinets. I hate to think how bad their place smells if it's that strong in ours. Our kitchen garage starts to smell like smoke when they light up. Unfortunately I just moved in and it's a two-year contract so I'm stuck.

  14. For people that are chemically sensitive none of those products that you use will be acceptable you must use specialized products that don't put off toxic outgas that people that are sensitive will be bothered by that will make cigarette smoke smell like roses

  15. ✅ Recommended parts used in this video:

    Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator:
    Tuuliv 25 Pack Outlet, Light Switch Insulation Gasket:

    Loctite TITEFOAM Insulating Sealant:

    Southwire GFCI Outlet Receptacle Tester:

  16. WOW 😱 Thanks so very very much. Was about to relocate due to neighbor and smoke. God Bless You. 🙌 Have contractor friend Chucks handyman in Dayton going to fix for me. Thanks again.

  17. my neighbor below me smokes cigars in his unit and it comes up into my unit above him. I notice mainly in the kitchen with the stove. How can i prevent this?

  18. I'm dealing with 3 heavy chain smokers above me. and this building is all wood. so you can imagine the stench seeping through …. my daughter has asthma every time the put one put another one comes… I'm so aggravated with this situation…. I still have 7 months of this lease… I just want to cry
    . in fact I have. 😑….

  19. Any suggestions for smoke smell coming through vents? Whenever we turn the heat or AC on the entire condo fills up with the smell.

  20. My neighbors smoke so much the smell seeps through our kitchen, my kid’s bedroom, and both upstairs bathrooms. It’s foul.

  21. Great video, Jeff!

    We're renters currently working with our landlords on a similar project.

    What do you have to say about this study, which states that "a reasonable amount of air sealing
    work by skilled practitioners, combined with balancing to reduce driving forces, did not substantially reduce the fraction of airflow between units in the multi-unit buildings" with smoker/non-smoker tenants. Is all of this work really worth the effort?


  22. All that work to prevent someone else's addiction from affecting your quality of life! It shouldn't even be legal to smoke indoors in a multi unit building.

  23. I learned shortly after purchasing my townhome that my neighbor is a prolific smoker. We have torn the walls down to the studs, put a plastic sheet up, added a double layer of Sheetrock, foamed any gaps and outlet spaces, and somehow her smoke is still getting thru. It’s as if it is coming thru the Sheetrock. Is this possible? My understanding is I need to create 1 more pound of pressure on my side than hers. I’m afraid it is coming thru the attic down into the room as I smell smoke up there.

  24. I live in an apartment where our neighbor smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. She only smokes inside with the windows closed, no air purifier, no smoke eliminators and refuses to do anything about it. Our whole apartment smells like smoke every single day. We use 2 air purifiers (with charcoal filters), sprays, candles, and we open our windows to let some of the smoke out. We want to do your suggestions in the video, but my mom doesn’t have the skills to do it, and we are not allowed to do anything to the walls or anything else in them. I have tried to convince my mom to move, but we already renewed our lease and I don’t think we can afford to move at the moment. Do you have any other suggestions to help us? I’m not sure what to do anymore.
    (Also, please keep in mind that I’m only 14 years old…)

  25. Thank you for this. I moved from a smoke apartment and bought a house which after a few weeks guess what happens…neighbor hot boxes his house and it comes into mine. I should have stuck with my gut and bought a house not connected to anyone but it was cheaper… I am yet again with this issue and this video helps a lot. Thank you.

  26. I'm dealing with daily onslaught of cooking stench coming from my neighbors, hopefully this will work to stop the stink from coming in! It's unbearable

  27. Hi Jeff, I live in an in-law/casita unit part of a house. The tenants in the bigger part of the house cook every day, and every day the smell of their cooking (an oily, sometimes fishy) smell comes into my unit through the AC vents. Today I noticed there's smoke coming in! Any idea of how this issue can be fixed? 🤔

  28. I live in an apartment above smokers. I have those old steam heaters. I smell smoke coming up around the base where the legs are as well as the pipe where the knob is to turn on/off. Should I put foam, caulk, or silicon around it???? wish I had someone like you to help hahaha

  29. The Volt Claw! 9:37 You sound like me whenever I do minor electrical work. It's amazing how poorly installed simple outlets and switches are.

  30. Hi Jeff – I have a horrible odor that comes through the vents from my downstairs neighbor. I have wall vents that have the electric heater on them. I was able to reduce the smell from your other tips, but do you have any suggestions for the electric wall heater vent? Maybe something I can put over it that won't burn, but will get rid of the smell?

  31. People shouldn't smoke anywhere near in a building go down the street or something, nobody's trying to smell your cigarette smoke, and in my opinion nobody should have to ask that person to stop it, because it should be common sense for them to stop, your addiction is your addiction but don't bring that addiction to someone else.

  32. I live in the top of a house the lady living below me cooks nasty food how can I stop her food smell from coming into my home

  33. thank you for addressing this dire issue…not only are tenants around smokers/vapers/hot boxers being fumigated with the second hand smoke, tenants are being gas lit by property managers that the smoke is even real.. your video explains a lot. I was informed a year into a second hand smoke filled rental, from a builder, that the space behind the electric outlet, light switch plate and the old school telephone jack face plate ..all that can be drafty. The one wall where all the smoke came was coated in a black dust..that the property manager had blamed me for when I moved out… nightmare.

  34. Thank you so much for this video!! I was going crazy with my neighbor's smoke. It mainly leaks in through our bathroom.

  35. This is a bit of a random question but I was wondering if you would have any ideas for stopping cigarette smoke infiltration drifting up from the apartment below through balcony decking into the above apartment's balcony door and windows, but still making it look good?

  36. What can be done if a downstairs neighbor smokes like a chimney on her balcony and you and your toddler has to breathe that in on the balcony above the chain smoker? Put a fan on the balcony to blow that crap away from us?

  37. Hi ! So I bought 2 types of sealer.. the yellow one and the 1 you showed here, Tite foam. The yellow 1 I put under the kitchen and bathroom sinks where the pipes were around the holes. My QUESTION is this….. can I put this along under the radiators?? There is a space between the wall and also around the heating pipes that is definitely making smoke come up from the downstairs chain smokers. Is it safe near the coils? I asked the other company, the yellow 1 but they said not near heaters so I bought the 1 you showed on Amazon. I'm pretty sure the temp says not above 200f or something.

  38. I live in a 55 plus apartment. I figured I would finally get away from smokers. I mean they are old so stop already. Nope. We always have the bad luck to live next to the smokers. I wish this state would ban smoking inside and out and stop giving more rights to smokers than non smokers. If people COULD afford a house they'd own one and avoid a lifetime of puffers. I have rented for years in so many apartments and we don't own this one so it's just dealing with it. I hate it. Our last apartment was "non-smoking" and they didn't enforce it. Here you just have to "deal with it."

  39. I'm in a condo and there are several smoker's ughh not just cigs but cigars 2…anyway I'm running my downstairs half bath ceiling fan ..I hope their annoyed AF listening to it thru the walls 😂

  40. Amazing video. I am having this problem thank you for all the information. I think all apartment buildings should be non smoking it's a health hazard.

  41. After watching your videos i did alot of different sealing of holes etc. Because of your video I had alot of idea on how the smoke is getting in. Thank you so much, these are the videos that make a difference.

  42. I live in a smoke free" building, yet ingulfed by chain smokers as well. I moved 2 floors up 3 days ago to get away from the 2nd hand smoke, to only be sitting here right now sick to my stomach from the next door neighbor smoking nonstop! I have asthma and me talking to the neighbor did nothing! Management is aware of people smoking in this nonsmoking building but they only accommodate the smokers! SMH

  43. Omg! You're so OCD like me! I like my screws verticle too! Very helpful video. Can't wait to try these tips. I'm literally watching this with a t-shirt over my nose to block the neighbor's smoke. Thanks so much!

  44. Dear cigarette users, I wanted to tell this to you. They say the truth hurts sometimes, in this case yes. How selfish are you for not only endangering your life but others around you just to ease your craving. Please just stop smoking! Every smoker I know always say "oh this is my last pack" or "I can't they are too addicting". There is no excuse for you to give somebody else health problems just because you can't overcome your problem. Try harder, stop with the excuses, and help prevent health problems to you and the people around you before it's too late! I'm sick of having to hide my feelings towards smokers, I'm speaking my mind not just for me but for everyone who have to deal with your crap! GET YOUR $#@T TOGETHER!

  45. My problem is the dude above me smokes outside and it gets into my a/c unit. Don't mind in the evening but I hate waking up 1 and 2 in the morning with strong smoke in my apartments. Use to be once a week but now it's every freaking night!.. Sorry had to vent lol

  46. Not sure if you are still checking these comments – hoping you are. 2 questions- 1. noticed you used the foam/insulation pad for the light switch but not the outlet. Why is that? 2 – I’ve lived in my CoOp for 12 yrs. about 4 yrs ago I started to smell the cigarettes smoke from my neighbor AFTER I heard what sounded like some kind of construction in their apartment. I told the mgmt company and they said they don’t know what could have happened. Claimed they checked and saw nothing. I complain constantly and even spoke to the neighbor who swears nothing is different. But things don’t change miraculously after 7 years. I feel like it’s coming through the heating pipes all year long – we have older radiator units. It’s only in the living room which shares the wall with the neighbor. What can I do?

  47. I have a downstairs neighbor who smokes marijuana all day and it seeps up through my pipes under the kitchen & both bathrooms sinks. My HOA said that I need to seal all of these areas. In order to do it properly, I’ll need to hire a contractor. I’ll spend my hard-earned money to accommodate the pothead so he can continue being a stoned, singing buffoon who annoys the whole building.

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