Renault ZOE 2015 review – Car Keys

Renault ZOE 2015 review – Car Keys

That faint whistle you can hear is the electric
powertrain of the Renault ZOE electric supermini, which joins the Fluence saloon, Kangoo van
and Twizy quadricycle in Renault’s Z.E. electric vehicle range.
On paper, you might say the ZOE is one of the first budget electric cars when you consider
its range of 100 miles and its relatively low price tag.
But let’s talk about some of the facts. The ZOE is based on the Renault Clio supermini,
but has a zero emissions powertrain comprising of a rechargeable battery and an 87bhp electric
motor, giving you a zero to 62mph sprint time of 13.5 seconds. As many will be wanting to
use the ZOE in and around town, short bursts of acceleration are key, and the ZOE can reach
30mph from a standing start in a rather nippy four seconds.
One of the best things about the ZOE is that it really does feel like a conventional car,
I mean the steering is light, albeit lacking feedback, and the suspension handles bumps
fairly well. It does however feel a little top heavy, so you will get a bit of body roll
in the corners. Although it drives like a conventional car,
you don’t get a conventional gearbox, in fact, there aren’t any gears, so pretty
much all you get is this stop and go selector. There is however, a familiar handbrake set-up.
Sitting inside the ZOE, the Clio influence is very apparent, in-particular this floating
console design. It does have a few unique touches though, like this swooshing design
on the dashboard, which is apparently inspired by a wind turbine.
Some may be worried about kit in the ZOE, but you shouldn’t be as every model comes
with this touchscreen infotainment system with built in sat nav, Bluetooth, USB connectivity
and climate control as standard. Climb up to a higher trim and you also get parking
sensors. Practicality is on par with the Clio as the
cabin feels quite spacious and there are plenty of compartments to store bits and bobs. One
difference you may notice is the higher riding position, and this is due to the ZOE’s battery
being under the front seat. Rear practicality is not bad at all, for a
supermini that is, with enough leg and headroom to keep three rear passengers happy.
The rear seats also fold down to give you a fairly flat loading level. And, the standard
boot size of 338 litres is actually bigger than the Clio and rivalling electric car the
Nissan LEAF. Then there is it’s charging time. Plug it
into a household wall socket and it will take around nine hours to fully charge and cost
around £1. You can achieve a full charge at home in just 3 and a half hours if you
go for the optional Wall-Box charger. If however you use one of the fast-charger points dotted
around the country, you can charge up to 80% battery capacity in around half an hour.
But let’s not forget one crucial element, you need to lease the ZOE’s battery off
Renault every month, for around £70! So, the low price tag of the ZOE may not seem
as enticing anymore, even with the £5,000 government incentive chiselled off. But at
the end of the day, the ZOE is easy to live with if you are looking for a practical, compact
car for the city or urban environment. But what do you think of the ZOE? Let us know
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This car hás a beautiful front. The combination between the head lights and the black line made the car looks futuristic or maybe a little bit sportyy. Great video.

  2. The 2015 model seems pretty nice with its new air-cooled battery with 8% more grunt and lighter weight. 200+ kilometer range is plenty for its price.

  3. I take delivery next week, at 60 for the car and 69 a month for the battery its cheaper than my original Twizy deal 3 years ago, seemed like a no brainer to me and test drives have proven very impressive.

  4. How can you call it top heavy when its got loads of batteries buried in the floor. Thats one of the selling points of EV's, they all have low centre of gravity????????

  5. lived with a Zoe for 12 months and have to say its a fantasic little 2nd car. Yes battery range will be an issue for those who travel 100 miles plus per day, but how many people do that daily? Awful review by the way… Top heavy? probably all the rubbish that was in the reviewers head..

  6. Don't give your money to companies that are not committed in bringing electric cars forward. Renault is clearly using the Zoe to please EU authorities. Remember how GM killed their electric car decades ago? They just did it again with their Volt/Ampera.
    DO NOT BUY A ZOE. Wait for the Tesla 3 series or go with a Nissan Leaf. At least those two companies are committed in expanding the technology. Let the others die the painful death.

  7. Apart from the Tesla model S and X which are far too expensive, in my opinion the Renault ZOE is the best looking out of the electric cars available. The Nissan leaf is so ugly at the back which must have affected sales drastically. I don't understand why you would design a car that was basically very good then make it look like that! I don't believe the comment about Renault only building the Zoe to please EU regulators, where is the proof of that? and Renault are doing more than many of the other manufacturers. It is a pity the BMW i3 is so ugly as well as its a good idea having the range extender to charge the battery. I'm not sure about Renault dealers, in my experience they let the side down and there are not n
    many of them these days.

  8. This French piece of tat, like al other Frog cars, will likely drop to bits after a short while. It is all style, and no substance.

  9. Just ordered a ZOE Dynamique Nav and have to say the dealer is almost giving it away! You can get a fantastic deal if you haggle, and I only have to keep it 24 months before being able to upgrade…. Who knows, by then the range may have increased to 200 miles with battery technology moving on. I'm going from an Audi A1 to this, I think the massive saving I will achieve will get me over the loss of the Audi.

  10. love the look of the zoe, tempting but with that battery lease nonsense no thanks. Looking at a leaf instead. Good video/review by the way just let down by intrusive background music, there is no need to do this, people are interested in the car and the review NOT your music choices, So many you-tubers spoil their otherwise good videos with background tunes etc that compete with what they are saying.

  11. you can pay 5k extra and not lease the battery which in the long term will save you money. also comes with a 8 year warranty or 100k miles

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