Renault ZOE aankoopadvies

Renault ZOE aankoopadvies

Renault showed the Zoe in Geneva in March 2012. It was what you hope from an electric car. It’s a fine 5-door hatchback,
without it shouting it’s futuristic and electric. It’s a nice looking hatchback
that happens to be powered electrically. That car was shown in March 2012. The first cars were delivered in France
at the end of the same year. Other European countries got Zoes
the following year, 2013. It was the bestselling electric car in Europe
and the Netherlands for a couple of years. The first Zoes had a motor with
a range of 210 km (130 miles). It had a 22 kWh battery pack. The electric motor had 87 hp. The car got a small facelift in 2015.
The range was increased to 240 km (149 miles). However, those are NRDC numbers;
numbers you won’t get in the real world. Realistically you could do 150 km
(93 miles) on a single charge. This decreases when it’s cold outside. It’ll have a range of about 100 km (62 miles). The second version of the Zoe
was introduced in 2016. It has an 41 kWh battery pack. They call it the ZE40, rounding off the number. ZE stands for Zero Emission. That’s Renault’s
complete environmentally friendly line. That car had a range of 400 km (249 miles) NRDC,
but 300 km (186 miles) WLTP or realistic use. This made the Zoe more useful. The car’s power increased too. 91 hp.
It’s not a shocking difference, but still good to know. ENGINES
electric I should tell you that when you buy the car,
you also need a rental contract for the battery or you can buy the battery.
This influenced the price of the car. When you buy a second-hand car
of which the battery has already been bought, you won’t need a subscription.
This subscription begins at 60 euros a month. That’s for relatively few miles.
Unlimited miles costs 120 euros a month. About 115 Renault Zoes are for sale
on AutoTrack at the moment. The prices vary from 9,000 to 40,000 euros. Keep in mind that the more expensive cars
probably include a bought battery. You won’t need a subscription for these. PRICES
minimum, maximum Of course there are reasons to buy a Renault Zoe. First, it has low running costs. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. If you want to make sure it’s indeed
cheaper for you, check out When you click Zoe, you’ll find
a calculator in the menu. It’ll show you if it’s cheaper or not. Keep in mind that the calculator
was made by Renault. This is a well-handling car. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s not very fast, of course, but the electro power
makes it quick those first few feet. That’s fun. It’s very good as a city car. The Zoe has been reliable up till now.
It’s been on the market for 4-5 years, almost 6. Some things may pop up.
That’s a thing with electric cars. There aren’t many old ones. That’s why we don’t know what goes right
and what goes wrong with them. Of course there are things to watch out for. First… Consider and calculate if
an electric car works for your situation. If you drive from Maastricht to Den Helder
every day, deliver something in Goes, and visit your girl in Leeuwarden,
driving an electric car may be a challenge. However, if you drive 50 km (31 miles) to work
every day and you can charge it there (for free), these can be very cheap miles. Wether or not electric driving works for you, you need to keep in mind a number
of things with the Renault Zoe. First… The first Zoes have the Q210 motor,
which is suitable for quick charging. When it was upgraded to the R240 motor,
the car with 30 km (19 miles) extra range, that engine isn’t suitable for quick charging. That’s a serious problem if you
want to add some juice quickly. You’ll probably be better off
with the car that has a smaller range or with the newer version with the ZE40 battery. You can install the ZE40 battery in an older Zoe. That’s fine. It’ll give you a bigger range,
but it won’t be equal to the newer Zoes. Improvements have been made to the motors,
the rest of the powertrain, and the rolling parts. The older Zoes are less efficient than the new ones. Installing the new battery won’t give you the range
of the newer cars, but you do get more miles. There’s one thing in the suspension
you need to pay attention to. You’re not allowed to jack up
the Zoe in case of a flat tire. There’s a puncture repair kit in the car. You won’t need a jack for this. You squirt
the stuff in your flat tire, roll forward a bit, and inflate the tire with a small
compressor that should be in the car. You’ll be able to drive to the garage
to have your tire fixed correctly. However, these kits have an expiration date,
so check if one’s present and if it hasn’t expired. If it has expired, it may not work correctly
when you’re in the emergency lane with a flat tire. There have been complaints about
the dashboard reflecting in the windscreen. This was a problem with the early cars. Renault didn’t take the complaint seriously at first. The light dashboard reflected
in the windshield rather badly. Renault offered a fix eventually. The color has a different color in the later models,
so it won’t be a problem here. There are two things to watch
out for with the exterior. First, the most important thing to watch out for. The plug’s cover underneath the logo on the nose. You open it to find the charging plug. There’s an extra plastic cover you
have to hinge open. It has a spring. The plastic is under a lot of tension.
When the plastic gets older, it can break. The plastic dries out and can break off. Replacing the unit costs about 600 euros.
That’s a lot of money. You can prevent it by applying silicone spray
regularly to keep the plastic fresh. It also lubricates the spring,
decreasing tension on the cover. That’s what the Internet says.
Hopefully this prevents the cover from breaking off. When this happens, you’ll need to replace
the entire charging unit and that’s expensive. The second exterior thing
to watch out for is the tailgate. It rattles sometimes, especially in the early models. This is caused by play on the hinges.
It can rattle in its lock. This does little harm, but it’s annoying
to listen to your car rattling all the time. The electronic part of the car.
There aren’t many crazy things yet. One thing that pops up on the Internet
regularly is problems with charging. Usually that’s caused by the charger itself. A charger is exposed to all weathers
and vandals can kick it. There are all kinds of reasons
why something can go wrong with a charger. This is often the cause, not the Zoe itself. Another thing with the electronics is this unit,
the R-Link infotainment unit device thingy. It works okay, but not everyone’s a fan.
It can be a bit clumsy and difficult to use. There are small buttons, so it’s difficult to press
the right one when driving over a bump. Keep this in mind. See if you like it or not. Alternatively, the display is big enough
for a suction cup to hold your phone there. You can use your phone for satnav and such. Lastly, a special point for this electric car. Because you buy a Zoe and rent a battery pack, not every insurance company sees
the battery pack as part of the car. If you damage the battery pack,
the insurance company may not pay up. When driving a Zoe, make sure
wether the battery pack is insured or not. We borrowed this Renault Zoe
from Renault Nieuwendijk. It’s a fun one, because it has the ZE40 battery;
the one with the longest range. It’s white, so you clearly see
the blue accents in the lights. I think that’s cool. It’s for sale at Renault Nieuwendijk in Aalsmeer. It has a little over 12,000 km (7,500 miles)
on the clock, so it’s still rather new. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Gebruik asjeblieft even de woorden accu inplaats van batterij en acctieradius op één lading inplaats van actieradius op "een batterij"

  2. Voor wat betreft de R-link: je kunt dat geheel buiten beschouwing laten en Android Auto gebruiken. Maps is superieur aan Tom Tom en het heeft grotere knoppen die je makkelijk in kunt drukken. Op de oudere modellen moet je het alleen wel in het systeem aanzetten aangezien het daar nog uit staat, maar bij de nieuwe Zoe's staat het standaard aan in het systeem.

    En de blauwe accenten waren bij de oudere modellen ook nog te zien in de merk badges voor en achterop. Deze leden vrij snel aan delaminatie waarbij de blauwe laag afbladderde. Dus die kun je bij de dealer laten vervangen door zilverkleurige badges. Ik zag laatst echter dat ze weer nieuwe blauwe varianten hebben.

  3. Autoeletricblog kunnen ze het beter noemen met nu al het 3e filmpje over van die elektrische koelkasten opwielen.. dit is beter besteedt aan autoweek maar die gaat nu juist autoblog materiaal uploaden (Porsche Mercedes)

  4. Rammelende achterklep… Jahoor duidelijk Franse rommel. Ik houd het wel bij Duits. Dat rammelt niet.

  5. Advies: reken de kosten even uit!
    Voor mij kan dit niet uit. 12.000km/j. Door de accu huur en toeslag per gereden kilometer is mijn 1600kg zware diesel goedkoper dan een zoe… Het advies: reken het eerst volledig door!

  6. Vwb het afbreken van het batterijklepje, bij bmw bestel je voor een paar tientjes een i3 dop die precies op die van Renault past. Hoef je niet heel de unit te vervangen! (Bron; YouTube)

  7. Dit is de allerlelijkste elektrische auto die er op het moment is! Zelfs de Nissan Leaf eerste generatie vond ik mooier.

  8. Batterij upgrade eigenaar hier: Range geupgrade q210 Zoe is in praktijk hetzelfde als de R motor (komt doordat R motor efficienter kan opladen, en range word berekend op kWh uit muur) batterij is net zo groot en de normale velgen+eco banden doen meer met je bereik.

    Helaas is batterij upgraden voorlopig NIET meer mogelijk!

    Tevens kan een geupgrade Zoe even ver rijden als de nieuwe Zoe is mijn ervaring. Met airco aan 25graden op 96-100km/h in eco modus kan je 310- 330km halen.

    Er zijn ook Q90 Zoe’s met 41kWh batterij die wel kunnen snelladen, helaas productie gestopt en kan met enkel maximaal met 22kW opladen in plaats van 43kW.

    Snellader is echt zeer handig, zeker als je een kleinere batterij hebt

  9. Wat ik mij afvraag is hoe het met de veiligheid gesteld is als zo,n dergelijke elektrisch vehikel in het water beland of een frontale aanrijding waar ook de elektrische stekker zit geen gevaar dreigt voor elektrocutie…

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