Repairing Headlight Housing With Paint Clearcoat

Repairing Headlight Housing With Paint Clearcoat

Hey everyone and welcome back to another video! I don’t know. I feel like I said that weird I probably didn’t it’s probably all in my head, but I have clearcoat here This could mean anything but if you paid attention to the title of this video you’ll know that we are fixing the peeling clear coat on my headlights because as you can see if you didn’t watch the last video the Corolla looks a little little different. What are you put Chrome on the inside of your headlight? Wait, wait, what? these are The headlights that I want to put back on my car but the problem with these is That there’s this all this peeling clear coat here, and it’s looking really bad I’m gonna take it to the sunlight so you can see that a bit better. There’s some peeling clear coat Along this it’s actually quite a lot of clear coat unfortunately, but I Don’t think this will be too difficult to fix and the other one is starting to get the same problem Although it’s not nearly as bad for some reason. I don’t know why but it’s only peeling clear coat up here, but I’m still going to Completely fix this, put new clear coat on and everything like that basically, I’m just gonna mask these off just because I feel like it and then We as wet sand it, clear coat it, wet sand the clear coat and buff that They said that I needed to use a power buffer, which I mean I have one here, but I don’t know It’s actually hanging by its cord. That’s not good. But the thing is, I don’t know if I wanna use the power buffer I mean I probably Should because they told me to but I kind of want to do it by hand just to see if it’ll work I don’t see why it wouldn’t work But then again, I don’t know much about buffing Clear coats and paints and stuff. So You know this isn’t in my expertise. All right, let’s get to wet sanding Guess I should be telling you guys what I’m doing since I guess I technically titled this as a how-to video so basically I’m wet sanding with 600 grit sandpaper and then basically moving up from 600 all the way to 1500 I’m only using 1500 because that’s the highest I could find At least for now. I think it should be okay. I Hope otherwise I’m going to mess this up real bad. So I guess we’re just gonna keep on sanding As you can see you can actually still see the spot where the clearcoat started peeling, which means That I didn’t sand enough. So I’m gonna go back sand again do everything again and Yeah, but you get the idea of what you have to do All right, so this is what it looks like after it’s fully sanded no more Roughness anywhere it’s all good Next step is to clear-coat it. That’s I I really am giving a tutorial vibe here, but I don’t know this isn’t this isn’t the normal me I like trying to be fun and Stuff. I don’t know. I probably should try to be fun In this video, I think that would be great Let’s clear coat it! So the clear coat has dried I think I’m done doing the tutorial style video I Think I’m trying too hard. So yeah It’s just not my thing. Here’s the headlight. It’s all clear But there’s a decent amount of orange peel on the headlight if you can see though This is a point in time where I need to turn on a light the reason I only use this one now is because these two are broken because they kind of fell over because they’re top-heavy and Now they don’t work. One of them has wires that’s broken the other one fell and the light bulb completely shattered everywhere This was a while ago. So this is why I don’t use those anymore All right. So basically we’re gonna what stand this and then buff it. Let’s do it I need my rubbing compound, and I need it now… Perfect By the way the AC isn’t Necessary for the headlights, but it is necessary for staying alive Here it is after buffing It doesn’t look too bad. To be completely honest the stock headlights are really starting to grow on me I wasn’t a huge fan of them when I first put them on because I’ve done all these mods to it now It didn’t quite look right with the stock headlights, but it’s really growing on me. I like it with the stock headlights now and one other thing The Headlights over there, which I’m not using right now The ones that I just spent this whole video working on there’s sort of an angling problem with them so basically When I try to angle them It it’s just sort of died, I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but now the angle, the headlight angle Adjustment doesn’t work. So I guess I messed it up. I don’t know what it did I just used it But these headlights are perfectly angled which is another reason why I’m keeping them on these headlights were okay the angling was just a little funny, but The lights weren’t shining in anyone else’s eyes. It wasn’t a hazard on the road. I could still see just fine But one of the high beams Was kind of funny and the low beams were also a little bit off as well Which was kind of annoying, but that’s kind of why I’ve decided to Leave these on and not take them off. That’s pretty much gonna be it for this video until next time peace

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  1. Just want to say that I had no idea what I was doing in this video, and was basing my repair ideas off of someone else who didn’t know what they were doing. So if you’re looking for a good tutorial, this isn’t it. Keep doing your research and do it right…

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