Replace Tag Light Bulbs on a 2007 – 2011 Toyota Camry, Save $60!

Replace Tag Light Bulbs on a 2007 – 2011 Toyota Camry, Save $60!

Hey folks, I’m Dennis. Today I’m going to
show you how to change the license-plate bulbs on a Toyota Camry. So let’s get
started. Okay so the first thing we need to do is open the trunk lid. On the
bottom side of the trunk lid there’s a a liner and we’ve got to take
out each of these plastic rivets in order to remove the liner. You’re going
to need something with a blade on it like a slotted screwdriver,
pocket knife, you could use a putty knife. You want to use something that’s not
going to tear these rivets up too badly though. As long as you’re fairly gentle
with it they they won’t get destroyed in the process. A slotted screwdriver works
just as well in fact it’s probably a little safer you don’t worry about
getting cut. Okay so what you do is just take your slotted screwdriver and there’s a ring around this rivet and I’ll show you when
I take the thing out. But you just get up underneath one of the edges, find the
most open edge, get up underneath there and you can just pop it out a little bit.
And then you can take a finger and pull it the rest of the way out. Then the
whole thing comes out so you can just pop these out and put them in your trunk. okay so here are your two license plate
lights there’s two bulbs, one on each side. Right over top of the license plate.
All you do is take them out, get your new bulbs, put them in. These are right-hand
threads so it’s counterclockwise to loosen, clockwise to tighten.
So it’s righty tighty, lefty loosey looking at it this way it’s got to go
counterclockwise and they can see the bulb these bulbs just push in don’t
squeeze the bulb in your hand they’ll eventually come out. So there you can see the bulb. It’s just a little small it’s got a flat end on it that presses into
the socket. Now the bulb that you need is a 2825.
These happen to be Sylvania bulbs 2825 and
will get you the right bulb. I’ll take the new bulb and line it up with the
socket goes this way the flat part goes in there and you just slip it in. Put
that back in the hole it goes in, you might have to take up the slack on the
cable because they don’t leave you a lot extra cable. Make sure it’s all the way
in when you put it in and then just tighten it, it’ll snap in. If it’s loose in there then just turn it, take it out again, get it in the hole,
you’ll have to pull the slack out of that that wiring
harness a little bit. Get it all the way up in there, press it in there pretty
good and tight and then turn it till it snaps and you’re ready to do the other
one. This one’s on the driver side, you turn it counterclockwise pull it out
then pull the bulb out and it’s a little difficult to get these bulbs out
because the glass is slick. You don’t want to squeeze it so
hard that you break it but you also have to grip it enough to pull that bulb out.
Be careful not to confuse your old bulbs with your new ones or mix up your old
bulbs with your new bulbs. Take out your new bulb, you’re going to line it up just
like that and pop it in there and it’ll snap in. Again, get it in the hole, make
sure that it’s pressed all the way up in there and then just snap it in by
turning the clockwise…now you’re done. All we’ve got to do is put the liner
back in with the rivets and button it up. Then we’re good to go.
Put this back on there’s a a safety tab in here to be able to
release the trunk from the inside. You want to make sure that you thread that
through this part of the liner. That’s important. It’s pretty easy to do, I just
want to make sure you don’t forget about it. Then attach this center one first,
all you have to do to attach these is you just take this plastic rivet, make
sure that it’s that it’s pulled out, line up the hole, put it in there and then
push that rivet in. Now the whole thing will stay and you can just put all the
rest of them in. When you’re putting these in, you want to make sure…. (pause)….. they have three prongs on these things…… when you’re putting them and first press the rivet in to the hole, you want to make sure that all
three prongs go in the hole and one of them doesn’t fold back. Alright folks so
that’s it, piece of cake. It’s something you can do for yourself easily, save you about
$60 to $70 over taking it to the shop and you can knock
it out in ten or fifteen minutes. So thanks for watching my video, thanks
for looking at my channel. I appreciate it. Leave me some comments below if you would and subscribe to my channel. Hopefully I’ll have something up that will help you out in the future. Thanks!

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  1. You've saved me money on more than one occasion. Well made videos. You give clear, concise instructions. Thank you for posting your videos.

  2. Hi Dennis, Thank you for the great video! The rivets that held my liner on were different than the ones on your video and I had trouble taking them off….so I searched for another video that might show my style of plastic rivets… Although it was 20 MINUTES LONG, and somewhat entertaining, I followed his suggestion to remove the rivets only on the top of the liner and it worked great for me. Here's the link if you want a few chuckles! Thank you again, your videos make a huge difference! With gratitude and appreciation.

  3. Dennis – great video! I recently had my Camry in for recall work, and they notified me that a license bulb needed replaced. They quoted me $19.99 plus tax. A good deal, compared to your estimates of $60 – $75, but still ridiculous! Just to make things easier, I checked Youtube, & found your video. Purchased a pack of 2 bulbs at my local parts store for just over $6.00 with tax, and just for giggles, decided to time myself changing them. I decided to try the suggestion of another reader in your responses, and not take the liner completely off. I left the bottom row of fasteners, and this allowed adequate access. Four Minutes, start to finish, I had the liner loosened, both bulbs replaced, and buttoned back up. (And that was with some fumbling to get sockets back in place!) I'll definitely come back to your other videos if the need ever arrises. Many thanks!

  4. Must be the newer cars or just Toyota because in my 97 Accord I don't have a trunk liner underneath the trunk lid but to change my break light bulbs turn signal bulbs and reverse light bulbs I only have to move the trunk liner back that's behind the taillights assembly as for my inner lights there's no liner I just have to turn the socket its way easily and quicker can you do a video on how to take those 2 screws off on the fuel door for the 2007-2011 Camry I can't seem to get them off I think I need a drill how do I take those screws off I need to replace my fuel door lid on my 07 Camry

  5. Thank you Dannies. You have saved good amount of $$$ for me. With your clear and easy to follow instructions, I'm able to change headlight assembly and several bulbs.

  6. Thank you so much Dennis. Well presented video. Clear and well said. It saves time and money. I only spent $3.00 to replace them with LED type. Less than 15 minutes. A load of thank yous to you. I enjoyed DIY.

  7. Thank you so much! Well done – very complete, yet still a short video. The one comment I'd make is that I don't think you are supposed to touch the new bulbs (old ones don't matter). Getting dirt and oils on the bulb typically shortens their life.
    Otherwise, perfect video and instructions.

  8. Pretty straightforward sounding to me and if I can't follow these directions to replace my marker light bulb I should pay someone – but I don't see that happening – thanks for the help and easy path to get your directions too.

  9. Does anyone know how to get a out the part that holds the bulb (Lefty Loosey)?
    It's stuck in there pretty good. Lefty loosey is not working.

  10. Very good but, you forgot to check if they worked just after you inserted them in the bulb holder o lamp socket. It will be very frustrating to find out they do not work after installing the trunk cover.

  11. this was fantastic! I was able to do this in a few minutes thanks to your video! I only had to loosen the top 4 rivets to get to the bulbs. For about $6.50, the cost of the bulbs, I changed them myself! Thanks so much, Dennis! I am a non-mechanical woman who hates spending money on things like this if I can do them myself.

  12. Good video, the only thing I would add is TEST your lights BEFORE you put the cover back together, Im sure everythings fine, But just turn your lights on and check they work before you put the cover back on otherwise you'd have take it off again.

  13. Good and helpful.. straight to the point.. not confusing or complicated to understand… like alot of the video's on quick fixes thumbs up to you sir thank you

  14. Dennis i having a difficult time trying to take the bulbs out…is there a tool i could use to safely pull the bulb out…i did it by afraid to crack or break the bulb..but there in there pretty tight..thank u..keep up the good work

  15. Hey there, how do I replace the tailgate brake light on a 95' Toyota station wagon? Any help would be appreciated.

  16. Dealer wanted 27.98 for the labor not including the bulbs… for this bs? Really?… with that 30 dollars they had better be putting gold bulbs and washing my car and filling the gas up. 30 dollars my @$$. Dam i freaked hate dealerships, eh 30 dollars. I didn't even ask how much the bulbs were because they were probably going to charge me for just looking at them.

  17. Toyota wants over $100 to change the bulbs. Guess they're trying to get back their money after getting synthetic oil change for about $35 and a free $25 gas card. In fund only comes out to $10.

  18. The video inspired me to save and do it myself. The instructions are concise. The limitation of the video is to explain newbies difficulty unscrewing the bulb. Overall, save yourself the cash and DIY. Well done, video.

  19. Great instruction. Easy to follow. Great job!
    1 step to incorporate would be to test the new light bulbs functioning prior to putting the liner back on.

  20. Thank you!! I did just quoted about $30/ bulb, so $60. Just spent $7 and bought my own pack and did it myself in 10 mins. Would have been 5, but the old bulbs were stubborn coming out.

  21. Thank you! Thank you! I just had to do this very thing this week and your video was spot on! Thanks also for showing what bulbs to buy.

  22. Why the hell did Toyota change this disign to what they made on the 2012 model? Oh they wanted to sell parts. The 2011 model you could replace the bulb without breaking the assembly. Almost impossible to not break the light assembly on the 2012.

  23. i got a warning ticket last night for license light out. Never knew they had gone out. i watched this video and changed it myself. very easy. just follow instruction. Thank u sir.

  24. Took me about five minutes to do. I removed just four plastic rivets and that was enough to get easy access. Super easy – thank you!!

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