Resale Dress Shopping With My Niece @ My Sister’s Closet

Resale Dress Shopping With My Niece @ My Sister’s Closet

[Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom! [Music] Hello. On today’s video I’m going to take you
shopping with me and my 21-year-old niece who was visiting and we are looking for the
perfect dresses to suit her incredible body type. But first, thank you so much for tuning in,
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too. My 21-year-old niece was recently visiting
from Ohio and it was great because she wanted to spend an entire day with Doug and I, which
we absolutely loved. And what we did, is we got to do a little
bit of a shopping experience with her. I took her to one of my favorite resale places
for kind of new, cute, current things, it’s called My Sister’s Closet. Great place, you’ll see, it’s like going
to a department store but really good prices, cute things, I usually have a lot of good
luck there. And I wanted to buy her a couple of dresses
that were a little bit nicer and really suited her body type because she’s got a great
body type and she is a nursing student and a little bit strapped for money. So, I wanted to make sure that she had a couple
of great pieces to wear when she had the occasion. In this video we’re going to show you what
we did. But I want to talk to you first about this
incredible book that I love. It is called The Science of Sexy and I stumbled
onto this book many years ago, probably ten years ago and I’ve had it–it’s like my
little bible. I take it with me, I do these Airbnb shopping
experiences with women and I take it with me there, just so we can do a really quick
little take on their body type. And the book tells you exactly sort of what
to wear and what not to wear based on your body type. But what is so cool about it is that it actually
takes into account your weight and your height, including the shape that you have. So, there are four basic shapes, the more
sort of triangle this way, the triangle this way, more of a square frame and also the curvy
nice hourglass shape. And it tells you quickly how you can tell
which body type you have. Then what’s cool, like I said, is that it
gives you these fitting rooms that are based on your actual height and weight, takes that
into account and then you go to the section for that and it really tells you sort of your
blessings, your curses, what to wear, what not to wear. And then it gives you a celebrity stand in,
so a celebrity that has the same body type, height, weight everything as you, so that
you can see how they’re professionally styled and get an idea of what you’re looking for. So, I always take this book and I did this
with my niece Maggie, and I will show what happened on that day. This is my adorable nice, Maggie. I got the book out like I said, and we started
going through it. I just explained to her a little bit about
what we were going to be doing and how the book works. Then it was time to start doing measurements
so that we could identify which of the body types she had. The book does outline exactly where and how
you do the measurements so that you can calculate and see which one of the four body types you
have. It’s pretty clear just by looking at her,
that Maggie has the hourglass shape. She has the really tiny waist and the shoulders
and hips that are around the same size and that is what was confirmed when we checked
in the book. So, we knew what to look for, the book showed
us that. And also, what not to wear and it gave us
a really nice picture too of types of dresses and skirts and things that we could look for. So, we headed to My Sister’s Closet, this
place is just chock full of things. It’s like a nice big department store, it’s
laid out really well with colors and types as well as a very large designer section. It has shoes, it has all kinds of accessories
that you can imagine. Maggie and I talked about colors and things
that she liked, and we split up so that we were both looking for things separately. Then we got together and compared and here’s
the rack of things that we both thought might look good on her. Most everything conformed to the rules of
the book and she even had some color in the mix. Then it was time for her to head out to the
changing rooms and give these a try. She was such a trooper and did let me film
all of this. Here is the first dress that she tried on. Pretty good, but a little bit tight, you can
see how it puckered. This next one though, check that out. It is perfect for her, highlights all the
right places. This one so adorable, also the right shape. Perfect for her, it fit her really well. You can see how this one didn’t look as
good. It didn’t have the nice defined waist and
didn’t show off that beautiful figure that she has. But this one did, and she loved it too. It even had a little bit of color which she
doesn’t normally wear, so we were pretty happy with these three dresses that we decided
were right in her sweet spot. This one was a designer dress with this beautiful
silk on the outside of it. All three of these dresses cost under $100
combined and they were really nice, well-made, beautiful dresses that she’ll have, I think
for a really long time. We next started to look for some shoes, because
you’ve got to have shoes with a cool dress. Again, we didn’t get disappointed here either. These cute little kitten pointy heels and
then these really fun wedges that go perfectly with that dress. And bingo we were out of there for about $125
total. [Music] So, I am thrilled with the pieces that we
found. I think they are so cute on her and really
flatter her. They’re also pieces that I think–especially
the two black dresses. The one black dress I absolutely love with
the little silk sort of on the outside of it. It’s such a classic piece that I think she
will have for the longest time. The other one as well and then the more flowery
one, the colored one, she doesn’t normally wear color and I think that’s going to be
a really fun piece too that won’t get dated. So, I’m super happy with what we found for
her, so is she, and I really enjoyed the time with her. I hope you enjoyed this. Please leave me some comments on what you
thought and also if you are a fan of My Sister’s Closet or these kinds of places and also if
you might have some good books or resources for body types and sizing and all that kind
of stuff, I’m always look for that. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little. [Music]

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