Rescue Helicopters For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Rescue Helicopters For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Helicopters are used all over the world for
transporting passengers but the most important use for them is rescuing people from areas
that are difficult to get to by land! I’m here at Her Majesty’s Coastguard base
in North Wales to meet an amazing Rescue Helicopter and her crew. The helicopter behind me is used to rescue
people in need from the sea, or from the mountains. If someone hurts themselves on the top of
a mountain, it’s impossible to get an ambulance up there, so the Coastguard are called. A rescue can come anytime of day, or the middle
of the night, and it sounds as if the crew have a rescue call coming in! They all spring to action at once. First they take a look at a map of the area
to check for any potential danger and work out the best route. Just look at this amazing tractor pulling
the helicopter out of the hanger! Now it’s time for the crew to put their
special safety gear on! Everything has a purpose. This lifesaving jacket will inflate so that
the crew member floats in water, and it even has it’s own air supply just in case they’re
underwater and need to breathe fresh air. Then it’s out to the helicopter to fly. On board are pilot Mike, Captain Kate, John
the Winch Operator, and Tommo The Winch Man. It’s Tommo’s job to get lowered out of
the helicopter to rescue someone on the ground. After a few safety checks it’s time for
take off! This whole process, from call to flight takes
the crew under 15 minutes! Engine Start! Look at how fast those rotors can turn! The rotors chop through the air and make everything
around them very windy! Woah, I can hardly stay on my feet! RED Mechanical! Let’s use your Super Slow Motion camera
to see just how many times those rotors are turning. I love using Gecko Super Slow mo, mainly because
it just looks cool! But look, a helicopter’s rotor blades can
spin 10 times per second! Mech starts to wobble and the wind blows him
off his feet and off screen. Oh dear! Are you ok Red Mechanical?! As the rotors spin faster, the helicopter
lifts off the ground, and flies into the air! Captain Kate controls the helicopter by pointing
the rotor blades in the direction she wants the helicopter to fly. Today the crew are practising their winching
skills using a dummy instead of a real person. The pilots skilfully hover over the area just
above where the dummy is. Tommo clips himself to the winch and John
carefully lowers him down. Tommo would then check how poorly the person
on the ground is, before winching both of them back up to the helicopter safely. Back at base, the engineers are always on
hand to make sure the helicopters are in the best working order and ready to fly. Safety is the most important thing, and these
engineers are the best in the business! It’s a real team effort keeping these amazing
helicopters flying and rescuing people in need. This is Tom and Kev. Tom’s a pilot and Kev is a winch operator. They’re going to give us a quick tour inside
the helicopter! Welcome everyone aboard the S92 Search and
Rescue Helicopter. First and foremost very importantly we’ve
got our winches here. And these winches have got 2 strops and the
idea of this is you can lower these down to people in the water or on a mountain, pick
them up and take them to safety. So take a look inside now in the aircraft
itself. And as you can see as you come into this helicopter,
it’s a large space. Here we’ve got a camera which we use when
we’re searching for people. This can pick up people in the water or on
the mountainside. So when we’ve picked up our patient and taken
them off the hoist, we bring them into the aircraft itself and we can put them onto our
stretcher. They may well be in the stretcher. But it’s a lovely area for us to work on them
and make them feel comfortable in the aircraft and we can give them medical treatment if
they require it. Once we get to the hospital we need to get
our patient out of the aircraft safely and the best way we can do that is we lead them
and lift them off the aircraft down the ramp itself and into the hospital where they can
be looked after. Ok this is the cockpit of the helicopter. There are two pilots. One sits in this chair, and the other one
sits on the other side. These are the controls for the helicopter. This one moves the helicopter forwards and
backwards, and this one moves it up and down and there are two pedals down on the floor
as well and that keeps the helicopter straight. We’ve got 2 engines and they are controlled
on these screens and then we’ve got a map in the middle to see where we’re going. Thank you very much to the amazing team here
at the Coastguard Base. If you loved learning about this incredible
helicopter as much as I did you can subscribe to the toddler fun learning by tapping here,
and watch more videos from me by clicking here. Byeeee

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