Restoration / Old car painting method and How to paint step by step / custom painting

Restoration / Old car painting method and How to paint step by step / custom painting

Old Car Painting 1969 El Camino Big damage Too many dents Epoxy primer Chipping coat Colored urethane primer Pale blue matallic ( first layer ) Pale blue matallic ( second layer ) Top coat clear ( first layer ) Top coat clear ( second layer ) Complete

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Здраствуйте ето вы на видео и сколько вам лет. Можно ли найти информацию о прозрачных лаках с видео.Спасибо за видео.Круто.

  2. every time I look with enthusiasm at your work. how do you do this dude ???))) and what kind of gun (airbrush) do you use? 💯 out of 💯👍👍👍👏👏👏😃😃😃

  3. Czw. Where did you get that old el Camino?? Nice. You never fail to surprise or awe. Thanks for the video guys. Love it

  4. Здравствуйте ! Супер работа !!!! Привет из Казахстана .

  5. excellent.. that was cool..keep it up..
    by the way,i heard there's a typhoon hitting japan..i pray for speedy recovery. take care there mr.k.

  6. Exelentes Videos..
    muy buenos gran talento
    Amigo serias tan amable de explicar como es el sistema de absorcion de camara de pintura..
    seria de gran ayuda ya q tengo un taller muy humilda y tengo deseos de superacion esto me ayudaria para ver de q forma podria talves lograr hacerlo..
    gracias y un abrazo👍

  7. awesome Work! did you finsihed the "back" (loading area) first with clear and let it dry? or did you just sprayed the colour and after stepping on it you wrapped of the papers and clear coated everythiing?

    greetings from Austria

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