Resurrected 1948 Ford F1 truck | Why I Drive #12

Resurrected 1948 Ford F1 truck | Why I Drive #12

– [Lori] I came across the
truck in the swap meet section at a car show, and it
just looked really sad and forgotten and mismatched. But there was just something
about it that spoke to me. It’s kinda like I didn’t
feel like I had a choice. I had to rescue this truck. Life isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. Why should my truck be perfect? And the fact that you can
see this truck’s history in the body of it. I didn’t want something that was perfect. It had layers and layers
of paint and Bondo on it. So I knew that needed to come off. But I didn’t want to do a
shiny, crazy show truck. (upbeat country music) I’ve always been attracted
to raw materials. I love the air string trailers,
I like the aluminum tank on a V-Rod, my motorcycle
is a chrome tank. And when I started
stripping down the Bondo and getting down to
the steel on the truck, I knew that was the way
I wanted to go with it. (truck engine roars) When you’re driving a 70 year old vehicle, you have to think about everything. I have to watch for temperature gauge. I have to keep a safe traveling distance, ’cause the drum brakes are not gonna stop the way modern brakes are. Every moment you’re behind the wheel, you’re thinking about
connecting with the road and you’re connecting with the vehicle. It’s a great kind of escape. I get out and I drive that
truck because I’m focused on driving and experiencing
the world around. I’ve got the windows down,
the air is blowing in, the cadence of the flathead. It soothes me and it helps me think. (upbeat country music) My favorite driving scenario
is getting up early, right around the time the sun’s coming up, getting on the road with no other cars, starting the slow cruise up the hill with the sun kissing the Joshua trees. And gradually pushing it a little harder and a little harder, and
just feeling that rumble and the sensation of being on the road, and just being connected with the truck, and connected with this
experience of driving. And that’s what it is
when you drive a classic. It’s an experience, it’s an adventure. It’s not just a means of transportation. But to me, this truck is a friend. And through the process of bringing this truck back to life, I became so bonded to this truck, and it would just feel
wrong to me to correct some of the things that aren’t
perfect about the truck. I’m a lover of history,
I’m a lover of story. And when you get behind
the wheel of an old vehicle like my truck, you know that
there are stories embedded in every part of this vehicle. (upbeat country music) My name is Lori Bentley-Law
and this is why I drive. (upbeat country music) (truck Rumbling)

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  1. Good going Laurie, Do I know the feeling, I have a 1960 Ford F100 4×4 live on a 200-acre ranch,, favorite pastime… locking in the hubs, half a tank of gas, 6-pack of beer( Rainier ) 1st gear granny low, Merle Haggard kicking,,, sitting on a tailgate and seeing where she wants too go,,🤣🤣🤣 Priceless.

  2. Very Very Cool! Love it! My 1966 F250 with EcoBoost power was bare Metal for 5 yrs. last yr drove 11,000 miles all over the Southwest nothing protecting paint. My Current daily driver is a 1966 F100 Ranger, it’s also bare metal. Been that way last 1 1/2 yrs.

  3. Awesome to see Lori and her amazing truck, her and Brian's place on Route 66 is amazing and they have a lot of really cool bikes and toys.

  4. Nothing like old school vehicles, this is what keep burning inside our souls! You can not compare these feelings when you drive a modern electric toy, doesn’t matter how much it cost.

  5. Wonderful story. Our old cars are all about the stories and this one is no exception.
    Good on the owner and thanks for sharing, Hagerty. 🙂

  6. That is a wonderful truck I love the way you've done it I didn't capture the spirit of the truck and captures the spirit in you awesome job my dear

  7. Hi lori ,love your truck and miss hanging out with you and Kristin. Cheers my friend ,have a look at hagertys craftsman series luis loyola ..

  8. Great episode! She expresses exactly how I feel when I drive my 1984 SAAB. Sometimes I hold my breath when I turn or have to listen for that exact engine pitch to maybe slip the into a stripped out 3rd gear… sometimes we just have to rumble along in 4th. I love the way it smells, the way it sounds…

  9. That truck looks so much better like it is. I think I just realised I don't like paint! It looks fantastic! What a great story and production, thanks Hagerty.
    We don't really have many cars like this in Australia, I guess they all got scrapped or something. I'd love something like this…but maybe with brakes since I'm a city dweller 😀
    Thanks both of you for sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story …. what a great way to start the morning on a quiet ride, in a great vehicle on an exceptional road ….what a view !

  11. Great thoughts "life isn't perfect then why r v worrying about perfection" a 60 yr old companion and a perfect reason to be together

  12. I am from the other side of the pond. We do not have trucks like these and I wonder if this is the reason we also do not have women like these. Seems you can't have them all.
    Nice and relaxing voice she has, seems like a person that has a lot of problems solved. I wish that she enjoys this truck for a very long time.

  13. Great story! I know that one day I Will restore the familiar car, and once I talked to someone about fixing all the scratches and small hits that the car has, and this person said "hey, why Will you fix that if it's part of the history of the family" He is god Damm right!

  14. She’s got it right… there’s a great feeling driving a vehicle that’s older. We get that same experience with a car from 1959 that we’ve restored 👍

  15. Lori I LOVE your truck! She's beautiful in the steel finish. I feel the same way about my '53 Crestline Vic. It's like going back in time every time I drive her. Flatheads forever! 🙂❤️

  16. Hello, from Corpus Christi, TX. Gorgeous little truck! I have a '48 F1 myself. Took it apart and just had the frame blasted and primered….don't know whether I'll have it (the frame) painted or powdercoated. I was thinking of going with the raw steel look on the truck too. Wasn't sure how that would look though…thanks to you and this video, I'm truly inspired now. Anyway…thanks for building this beautiful truck.

  17. The front of the truck is a beauty. For my taste I think that it is better to have a lot bigger wheels with the body of the truck much higher from the ground than it is now. The rest is perfect.

  18. Lori and Hagerty huge big, big thanks. Hagerty MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE? Valdez?sp Why I Drive was the best and than came Lori….Kinda upsets me that I could not put into words of why I drive my '46 Ford Coupe, but Lori nailed it for me. More people then you would think have their cars for ego, to be seen. Lori and people like Valdez?sp drive away from the city and the people to drive for the spirit of it all. Lori and Hagerty huge big, big thanks. Hagerty MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE? Oh, and Cotter is great also, but skinny legs;)))

  19. Hey do anyone know how to protect a bare metal patina surface like hers because I own a 1948 Ford F1 and wanted the same look

  20. 👍👌👏 Simply fantastic!
    Would even be better with some disc brakes (at least on the front). Otherwise it's simply unsafe in nowadays traffic (and that's definitely not needed).
    Thanks a lot for taping editing uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck health and wisdom.

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