Resurrecting The 2019 Volvo VNL SEMI Truck | REBUILDING With AFTERMARKET Parts | PART 10 |

Resurrecting The 2019 Volvo VNL SEMI Truck | REBUILDING With AFTERMARKET Parts | PART 10 |

[Music] [Music] what’s up guys welcome back to another video my name is rusty and we are back rebuilding D 2019 semi truck the Volvo semi truck we have done a lot of work to this guys if you have not seen my previous videos go ahead and check them out first before you watch this video because it’s just gonna wrap everything up and show you guys where we are at with this project where we left off last was we replace the EGR stuff right here you can tell it’s nice freshly done this was crushed in a little bit this way we replaced this fan ring and also the fan so right here it’s ready to go the next step is the cooling system so with the cooling system there’s these brackets right here that hold actual radiator and stuff like that there’s my brackets right here that I got from the used junkyard Volvo guy and also this right here and the shroud and we finally got the new radiator I know that in my other video everybody was commenting that why am i going with the aftermarket one why am I not going with the dealer one you guys don’t understand the dealer one provides original one Volvo and then there they also provide an aftermarket one which I got but not from the dealer I got it from somewhere else but from the same place they actually get it from but pretty much what the dealer does is they buy it somewhere else for like five hundred bucks they resell it to the customer for about six hundred bucks so I cut the middleman I went straight to the source it kind of told me that their information where they got it from so they kind of messed up there which I’m not gonna provide in this video but if you guys are wondering just hit me up on my email I’ll not let you know so this aftermarket one it’s actually a lot better than the original one here’s my original crushed one I don’t know if you guys can be able to tell there’s actually a metal ring in here to support this plastic piece and in this one right here there is no metal ring to support this plastic piece so the original one is actually a lot worse than the aftermarket one and also the aftermarket one comes a little thicker plastic right here I don’t know what’s up with that right here it’s like circular and not really sure what’s going on there so this one’s slightly a little thicker but I have measured all my holes all my diameters and stuff this will fit into these brackets right here and also I know you guys are wondering about these little holes right here and aftermarket version it comes with this little cooler that’s inside here it could be used for power steering cooler it could be for the transmission cooler it could be pretty much anything you want and lucky for me I actually have a host coming out of here which I know I thought it was a transmission cooler but it is not it’s actually rerouted all the way back here for power steering it’s the power steering cooler you actually don’t even need that but I’m gonna go ahead and attach these hoses to these little fittings why not it’s gonna have its own little cooler and I don’t have to buy that cool for $150 that’s how much that little cooler cost and you guys might be wondering about why I have all these new little trucks here there’s an older Volvo right there we have a drive-in right here my cousin’s yellow banana truck right there and then we have that new Cascadia if you guys are wondering about what’s going on over here check out my previous video about the Cascadia rebill you’ll you’ll figure out why all this new stuff is here and we also have purchased the new condenser the a/c condenser this is our old one that was damaged man there’s no way I was gonna you know repair this so everything is right there matches up right there to this aftermarket one yes aftermarket one because guys aftermarket is almost the same as original come on give me a break the dealer wanted two hundred sixty dollars for the original one I bought it for 125 on eBay shout-out to the eBay seller he’s actually the only one on eBay that sells these for 125 super good deal reasonable guy really nice and also my intercooler I had a lot of people stating that this thing is already bad no good yeah right are you kidding me man I’m manufacturing anything I want this thing is ready to go look how straight this thing is it was warped if you guys remember I unwarped it I’m not gonna go into details how I actually did that so we’re gonna go ahead and install these brackets and start installing everything [Music] [Music] all righty that didn’t work so for some reason it wouldn’t fit down into this hole right here and I just reviewed some of my videos I actually had this bar off when I took out the radiators and this is what’s in a way we’re putting it down and it’s just like I have to remove these brackets to get this radiator in there but the whole issue is if I remove those brackets these huge brackets on the sides right here are in the way and it’s I can’t put in the bolts to tighten the the brackets back up so I don’t know what to do I think the best thing is I’m gonna go ahead and unscrew this it’s only six bolts take this bar off and install the radiator then [Music] whoa that was a little harder than it looked on video but this thing is all the way in we have the little rubber bushings right here that goes and handles this side and then on the bottom we also have these mounts right here so there’s a pillow here and then it goes between this bracket and a pillow there so it has a little bit a little bit of movement over time so like the vibrations don’t crack the radiator that’s why they did this also I did the same thing on this side I was missing one of these pillows so I had to go to the dealer it was 25 bucks for these little bushings right here I know 25 bucks for pieces of rubber they got me they got me good but whatever I mean it has to has to be done so next step oh and also I already connected the hoses for the radiator man this thing is solid man it’s coming together pretty well I’m gonna go ahead and start installing this intercooler that I have warped back into shape and this is the bracket that I was telling you guys about that’s broken it broke right here this is how it’s supposed to be but it’s okay what’s gonna happen is there’s two bolts on top right here and two bolts on top right there that go right there and this I’m just gonna go ahead and put this on like this and bolt it down and it’s not gonna have any effect on the actual stability of the intercooler it’s gonna be okay I’m gonna go ahead and install this and go ahead and install the condenser [Music] much wow look at this this looks so good it’s actually coming along really really nicely I thought these bolts and stuff like that are gonna fit very very oddly but it didn’t it actually fit very nicely everything went on the way it’s supposed to be there was no getting involved there’s my bracket that’s broken right there look at this solid not even no movement at all this bracket barely does anything I mean the condenser looks good everything looks om I know this is aftermarket condenser what does this al and qo – I don’t know what that is aftermarket radiator but it looks original I mean you can’t even tell I think aftermarket is better than original anyways so next step is installing these intercooling piping’s or rubber hoses or whatever you call them so I have one right here this is actually original it is not ripped not damaged anything like that and there’s the little brackets that come with it as you guys seen from my first or second video ever we were cutting this off because this got mangled this got ripped and this attaches right there and right there so these do not come off I’m pretty sure they don’t I’m pretty sure this is one whole unit right here and it’s there’s a clamp right here so if if that’s true this is one whole unit that means this is gonna be very expensive hopefully it’s not gonna be too bad I’m actually gonna go ahead and take this piece right here take a picture of this just so I know what it kind of looks like and I’m gonna go to my used Volvo junkyard guy and see if he has this I mean if he has a decent condition one why why pay retail five 400 bucks for this and I’m going to call the dealer and see how much this is [Music] all right well I’m here at the Volvo junkyard garden I really looked at one of these he has one but it’s I don’t know it’s really old and rusty yeah I also got this sensor right here from him I need it it actually touches to this pipe I’ll show you guys later he actually gave it to me but he says yeah he has this but it’s too rusty so I’m going to try to find a different solution [Music] all righty back at the shop and let me explain to you guys something first I went to the dealership and I asked how much these were right here he told me they were 84 dollars apiece yes you guys heard me wrong for these silicone little things with these metal rings as 84 dollars a piece I was furious I was like there is no way these are 84 dollars a piece so I was like okay I don’t know any better so I’m just gonna go ahead and go to my used junkyard guy maybe he has this whole piece for me and he did but like I said before it was pretty ratchet it was old and rusted these metal rings were rusted this pipe was rusted my Volvo is new I don’t want that kind of crap on my Volvo so I went back to the dealer and I went to another guy and I’ve already learned that from the Volvo dealers you just go to a different guy and see what he says and yeah I bought these and guess how much I paid for him I paid $55 each for them the other guy quoted me $30 extra per piece which I saved $60 just cuz I went to somebody else I don’t understand the process at Volvo dealership I don’t know if I should put a huge complaint on them or something like that I don’t know how they work but this is ridiculous I can’t believe they can just up charge somebody $30 per piece because they feel like it I can’t believe it but whatever I don’t know if I should do anything about the dealership right now but I just want to get you guys to be aware of this that the dealer is fraudulent they are scammers anyways so what are we gonna do with this pipe we are going to cut these tabs off one two three four we’re gonna cut these up and we’re going put regular clamps on here that’s how you replace this right here so and I went to my junkyard guy I did get a new sensor the sensor comes right there my sensor let me show you guys this is my sensor right here I don’t know if you can see it but it is damaged it was on top of it right here and I guess when the impact hit it kind of bent it and broke it right there so it’s easy it’s plug and play down there so I’m gonna go ahead and replace that but I’m gonna go ahead and grind these off replace the couplings and start installing this thing over here [Music] looks really really nice I love how it ended up looking it looks oh em as heck I also changed the sensor already this one does not move around that’s good and it was funny because I was actually blowing air into here and it was like turbo noises heck it was kind of weird I looked in there the turbo was slightly moving even if I put blue a little air in there the turbo was slightly moving so that was pretty impressive I don’t know I also already installed this side and this one easy this one was om already and I did not have to change this out it wasn’t ripped or anything like that so I just had to place it back up secure this everything’s secure on this side and we’re pretty much done with the inner cooler radiator part all we have to do is actually put the reservoir over here I’m not gonna go do that there’s four bolts here and like two bolts over there I’m not gonna put that I’m not gonna put the coolant in yet because it’s really really fast stuff and I’m just gonna do that a little later the other thing that I want to address is I had oil coming out of here when I took this clamp off there was a little bit of oil there so pretty much when this engine was upside down or on its side oil started leaking into this pipe and it’s settled right here and there is oil right there and if you guys do remember when I started this thing and I think episode three or four there was oil and a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust and you can guys you can actually see some oil residue right there leaking from here so I’m gonna go ahead and take off this exhaust piece and check how much oil is in here and if it’s a lot I’m gonna go ahead and clean it out it’s not a big deal just because it was upside down or the oil seals leaked and they you know went through the exhaust it happens it usually burns everything off and it should be good to go but I just don’t want it to get to the death filter I just don’t want it to the oil to soak into the death filter so I’m gonna go ahead and unscrew this part first and see how much oil there is and then I’m gonna go ahead and unscrew this and that part just to check it out surprise surprise surprise there is oil right there I actually took off the other side and there is oil right there let me show you guys the other pipes so it’s filled with oil it’s not as bad as I thought it would be but it’s it’s it’s full you know the actual inlets and stuff like that but it’s not really a big deal because I’m just gonna clean them out with brake cleaner and I’m gonna clean out as much as I can from there it’ll burn off whatever is left in there and I actually stuck my hand in here and all the way down I thought this pipe goes in and goes through the filter right here and goes down there’s a hole right there where the filter is and but then I looked over here and I was like what the heck it comes out of there so technically the exhaust runs this way goes down this hole comes all the way down and then exits here and then goes through the filter this way and then comes up so even if some oil did get in there it’s all the way on the bottom there it’s like a catcher or something like that so that’s awesome not a big deal my filter is like pretty much brand-new so I’m not gonna touch it I know it’s bent right there but this is because of the accident I had the little cover on here that’s damaged the only thing it damaged is this little this little thing here and I’m actually I’m gonna take this out for you guys and show you what’s in here so the filter is out it’s like a half filter type of deal you go in this hole what the heck there’s another filter I have no clue how to take this one out I don’t really want to touch and maybe it’s like a permanent filter back here so pretty much the exhaust fumes goes through here through the secondary filter and then it comes out there so that’s pretty cool I guess that’s cool how they designed it I don’t know if you guys know about the older models the older models have this ugly system where there’s a filter here and a big extraction thing right here and it was a pretty big system I guess they made this more compact probably even more expensive that’s why but I’m gonna put everything back on I’m gonna go ahead and clean the pipes out with brake cleaner try to clean them out as best as I can put everything back on I freaking a freaking cut my finger open at least I’m gonna have my blood sweat and tears into this project because this thing this thing is starting to kind of make me mad because I don’t have a cab yet and I’ve been hurting myself on it she’s she’s a bad one she’s a bad one but at the same time very very good alright it got the exhaust all cleaned out inside there I did kind of break my finger and put some tape on it and I got some blood on the exhaust but it’s okay blood is good for this truck it’s a resurrected Volvo anyway so it needs some blood on it but everything is done like right here what I wanted to do for today this guy’s was a three to four day process I know it seems pretty short for you guys because a video can last ten to fifteen minutes but for me it’s like three to four days I know it seems like I didn’t do a lot of work but I did I have to go get that from the dealer I had to run around it rains here just like randomly as you guys can see from that puddle and then all of a sudden it’s just so humid and hot and I have to go in there and take shelter I mean it’s a long process here for me guys but little by little it is coming along look at what we have already done a lot of people have been asking me why am i assembling everything except the cab portion of this rebuild why is because I do not have a cab yet obviously come on guys I know there’s a bunch of semi trucks here this is an old Volvo cab right here obviously I’m not putting there this is a 2019 this is like a 2002 I mean I have Cascadia calves right there and right there it’s just I do not have this body style this is a 760 VNL body style Volvo 2019 even 2018 they made those but I cannot find them anywhere the only place I could find them is Copart and I have this other place that I’m looking at you guys are up for a surprise for next video I’m not gonna give it away too much but the process is gonna go way quicker we did assemble everything on the front end everything that we should for like the cooling system the starting procedure of it’s stuff like that we did start this thing before already if you guys seem firm I think I episode three or four little by little we are going to get this thing done guys do not worry about it well I’m gonna have to end this video here for you guys we have done a little bit of work for you and I need to go check my finger out because this is my third tape I put on this finger and I think I already lost a pint of blood and I feel kind of woozy and it’s hot so I think I’m gonna have to end it here appreciate it for watching guys please stay tuned with my other videos I have a bunch of trucking videos and there’s a little special video coming up – if you guys can guess what it is but yeah appreciate it for all the love guys and stick around this thing will be road worthy very soon deuces [Music] it’s a fourth zone [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Rusty, that A/C condenser is prob manufactured by the company that supplies the OEM unit. I get all my A/C parts from a wholesaler in Columbus, Oh and every one has been the exact same mfg as OEM and usually 1/3rd dealer price.

  2. Awsome I'm thinking you have a cab in mind .but overall its comming along good bro ..and if ya dont get a cut a scratch or bruised they say your not doing it right or not working hard enough …but how's the job working out traveling continuesley …hope it's working out for ya but anyways godbless bud and see ya next time

  3. I this will be great!
    It's easy to sit in front of the sceen and nitpicking every single little detail, don't care to much about that, i am realy sure You know what You are doing and this will come out awsome in the end!

  4. Yes dealership are scammers. I have a Nissan versa, I went to buy some plastic screws for my bumper. First set I paid $7/dzn. Second set same screws just a little bit longer $18/ 1/2dzn.

  5. There is nothing wrong going aftermarket parts which have been proven to work better than oem except cheap nock off parts

  6. Dealers always ask for a po# (purchase order) to see what fleet you belong to. If you are from a large fleet you get a huge discount, if you're a single truck they charge you a lot more, 30% extra in my experience. I know bc when I worked for Landstar I got the huge discounts but after a got my own authority magically all my supplies cost about 30% more for the same truck from the same stores in my hometown.

  7. That truck is a widowmaker, starting with the finger then she takes the hole hand. She has been taking life’s before ???

  8. Скажи почему когда кто то оставляет тебе комментарий на русском ты игнорируешь их?

  9. My personal opinion rusty is if you have to keep putting money into the dpf system just do a delete on it but i like your videos and im patiently waiting for the finished product

  10. Hey Rusty!!
    Be careful about how you go after an unscrupulous employee working for the Volvo dealer, but that employee is stealing from his employer by overcharging you for parts, then he is "skimming" the cash from the drawer before cashing out!!! (or at least I think that is what is going on!)
    I think that many after market parts are many times better than O.E.M. parts, because they have to compete in a "rigged" market, where the dealer can charge you what they want (or more as you have seen!!!!) because they have "the market" already and the company's who are aftermarket generally don't, so they make better parts for less money, that is how they survive the parts market!!!
    I know what you mean about the heat and humidity here in Florida…. it can be stifling hot and I tip my hat to you for being able to "get er' done" while your underwear are dripping wet with sweat, I can hardly trim my lawn w/o soaking every stitch of clothing I have on, so it has to be done before 11:30 a.m. or after 6:30 p.m. or the heat and humidity will wipe you out!! Take no prisoners and leave the blood to dry where it lays, although it might get a little smelly when it gets heated up from the engine… but not to worry, that blood is meant for that engine and is proof that you left your mark on this rebuild!! It's starting to look like a machine again, it definitely needs the cab….. maybe you can get one from the dealer…. it would only cost about $25,000.00, unless you go to the other parts guy there and he will sell it to you for $21,000.00…… just kidding…..?!! But yeah that is definitely fuct up that people have the balls to rob from the "working man" in the hot Florida sun, while they sit in the nice air conditioning and stealing from their employer and you!! But you have got them figured out and now you know that there can be several different prices on the same part!$!$!$!?
    PEACE ?

  11. Safety first I'm sorry about your finger but accident happen any where. should wear gloves when you work. .we need more videos on the road it's nice and lovely

  12. Hey rusty i been thinking about meet us and if its possible to find some really cheap trucks let me know if you are able to do bussines greetings from panama

  13. Make sure the seals in the turbo aren’t leaking. That engine runs away on you when you start it and you will be sick.

  14. Hey Rusty C just so you know, those little rubber "pillows" are called isolators. They isolate the radiator from vibrations.

    With the inter cooler you should have just taken it to a welding shop and they could have easily made a custom piece and welded it in for only a few bucks. I would be concerned that all the weight will be sitting on that top bracket and it will eventually crack. It is nice to see it coming together! I am eager to hear the first start with it all assembled.

  15. By the time you fix this truck it’s no longer goona be a 2019 video it’s gonna be a 2022 as slow as ur taking

  16. After market is a pocket books friend ! Lol. I’m not worried about it , it gets done when it gets done ! At least I’m not paying for it ! Lol. You get what you want ! After all it’s your truck ! But please at least paint the rims white ! Lmao

  17. This is what i like.. i get to know how to rebuild big trucks and see and know different places at the same time.. keep up the good work sir rusty

  18. When you’ll have cooling problems first thing would be the ebay thing that you bought. I did the same for my ‘07 Volvo . You got a piece of gold there

  19. Rusty,really enjoy watching you bring this truck back to life but you better hurry Bro the plants and grass are starting to cover her up lol

  20. Most Car And Truck Manufacturing Plants do not make the Parts that Make up the Brand of truck or Car IE: Oil Filters are not made by the said Car or truck Company .so after market is not a bad way to go as well. The Way it works for Parts on a Car or Truck Build is a Quote system on supply of the said Part with Name Brand off like a Air Cleaner or oil filter or any other part like a wiring Harness made by someone other than the Said Manufacture of the Truck or Car. Some Truck Manufacture Company's do the Body Frames and Cabs as weld up units or bolt to units . So in saying he should use a Volvo part is like saying pay more for a part that they get cheap and pay a lot more Mark up on the said part + Most have to sign a agreement that with the truck suppler or car maker to not under sell on the said parts. Just hope this clears up the Cost issue about said Parts.

  21. I don’t even own a semi Or thinking of even building one but here I am late at night watching g this guy build a semi. Great work bro I’ll be back for sure!

  22. Your leaving you're self open for a law suit calling the fraudulent and scamers. They charge more beacause they have ridiculous overheads like rent and wages etc .plus there's the exchange rate . The dealership will always charge more simple. Amd id never put ebay Chinese rubbish om my truck.

  23. Keep up the great work thanks for the awesome content
    Edited there’s nothing wrong with aftermarket parts in fact there better than oem

  24. 84 is likely retail and the other was in a good mood and gave you wholesale and invoiced the hoses using one of their repair shop accounts. Not really crooked. You sell to friends cheaper than you sell to a stranger.

  25. Looking good 🙂 patience is a virtue. Waiting the right cab is the right thing to do. Putting a junk one on now, 3 months pulling it off to put a good new one on is just a waste of time. More reasons for stuff to go wrong like the videos

  26. This truck rebuild, is building a solid character in you!… as they said in Soviet Russia trucks build you! Good job rusty! As I watch your rebuilds my Kia slowly turned to T-34 ! Lol

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