Retro Airstream Renovated Into Stylish Modern Tiny House

Retro Airstream Renovated Into Stylish Modern Tiny House

Of all of the mobile homes out there, perhaps
none are more iconic than the Airstream and today here in California, we’re about to meet
an interior designer who has taken a retro 60’s caravan and towed it into the new century. Hey August how’s it going mate? Bryce, so good to meet you! Great to meet you, and it’s amazing to see
your home! Thank-you. I have to say I’m a big fan of the Airstreams. Me too, they’re special things and this is
from 1968 which was a great generation and it’s got a lot of years under it. What was the story in how you got started
on this project? So, my grandfather gifted this airstream to
my dad 25 years ago, he had it for about 10 years and then parked it for about 10 years
and it was slowly rotting away and I was leaving the city and I saw a gem so I decided to take
it off his hands, gutted it and kind of figured out what I could do with it and what was salvageable
and ended up taking the project on. Seeing this Airstream and seeing the potential
in it and seeing that it’s a gem, I didn’t initially think it was going to be my home
really, I just knew I wanted to take on the project because I loved the Airstream and
then after, I was about 2 months into the build and I just fell in love with it, and
I thought, why would I not live in this thing? And I thought that creating a home that I
owned, that wasn’t a rental, that I could take with me through my chapters of life would
be special and it just was a good fit. And so you did this whole project as a DIY,
didn’t you? Yeah, totally. I wanted to build it myself to save money
on labour but also just to learn and figure it out, a little more building skills. Especially working with wood and milling wood
and building cabinetry. I’m an interior designer by trade so I have
the vision but I wanted to figure out the process of getting it to that point. As an interior designer I know that you’re
probably used to working in much larger spaces, what was it like tackling such a small space
design project? It was a challenge, there were many challenges
I didn’t expect either. I think if anything it’s just the amount focus
on all the details you know, it’s like a lot of the time with bigger spaces you can get
away with things having a little less attention on them but every little inch in here you
see, you know? Also tackling the space, making it functional
and at the same time having space to live and move around but also have a place for
everything. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Well already from the exterior I can see you’ve
done a really good job on the restoration of this one. Thank you. And I cannot wait to see what you’ve done
inside, can we take a look? Absolutely, come on in! Thank you. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you. You’ve really gone for quite a modern edge
in here, haven’t you? Yeah, the layout is actually pretty similar
to the original 1968 layout, this was usually a second bed but I turned this into a small
dinette over here but kitchen’s still in the same place, bathroom still in the same end
and the main bed is over here and this usually had the table in the centre with two pieces
which came together but I decided to go with this arrangement and have the bed here and
then also play as a day bed /sofa as well. I definitely like how you’ve done that, you’ve
created this as a really comfortable looking area. Have you included storage in this space as
well? Yeah, totally! So along the back I have the holding tank
for the water to be on the road and then in front of that I have three areas of storage
which I keep my linens in so making the bed I’ll pull the linens out and go back and forth. One of the things that I’m quite impressed
with is I can stand up in here and I wasn’t expecting to be able to. Yeah, totally I mean, I have to give that
to Airstream, they figured it out. I didn’t raise or change the subfloor so this
is the original height. The inside is 7 feet wide by 19 feet long
and then just around 7 feet tall. I really like the way that you’ve done the
window treatments in here as well. Yeah it’s tricky with Airstreams because of
the curve, if you just let them hang they’re going to sit away from the wall, so what I’ve
done is place magnets on either side so that I’m able to close it against the wall. And then I do really like how you’ve created
this dining area as well cos’ it’s always nice to have a dedicated dining space just
set up all the time, isn’t it? Yeah absolutely. I use this also as my work space and it kind
of doubles and what I really wanted to do is cover the wheel wells so, the wheel well
protrudes up under there and I wanted to have that constantly covered so I added the table
on top and then this one seater booth which has an access panel on the outside that goes
under it so I call that my garage, but yeah it’s great, super functional and then it’s
nice to be able to sit and look out the window. And then the kitchen here has been especially
nicely done, I really like this counter top! Thank you so much. Yeah the kitchen definitely is the centre
piece of the project and the home so this counter top is walnut, it was actually four
different pieces of hardwood that I glued and put together and then the fridge is a
3 way Dometic set-up so I can run it off propane, battery or AC, so that’s great and then over
here I have a two top burner running off of propane and an oven as well. I especially like how you’ve kept the retro
central control panel in it as well. Totally, yeah that was something that I knew
from the beginning that I wanted to restore and keep in here. It’s really kind of the heart of the Airstream,
the soul you know, it controls everything and so I messed with the wiring a little bit
and as you can see you know, the battery condition, I can test that, lights still are functional
on it. I don’t have a holding tank in here any more
for the black, just they grey water tank so that’s not running but everything else, including
the water pump. That’s so cool. Yeah. I like what you’ve done here with the sink
as well. Yeah absolutely, I love this faucet, did all
my hardware from an Italian company called Ducati .If you see under here I have an area
for drying my dishes. It goes pretty deep so it’s actually great
for washing pots. One thing that’s also nice about it is covering
the top to get some extra counter space. As you can see I used the same piece from
the counter to follow the grain through. Beautiful and this is quite a compact kitchen
but you’ve still managed to build in a really good amount of storage. Yeah absolutely so these uppers I have food
and pantry up here, all of the hinges in here are soft close so driving they don’t fly open,
then over here I have my dish ware and then a vent for the oven and then on this side
of the storage here you can see this is a steel panel because I had to get the oven
so close I didn’t want the heat to have an issue with the wood and then on the other
side I have my closet. Really nice that you’ve built in some hanging
storage and everything there. Yeah, at first I was a little nervous that
it was going to be too small but honestly it’s great, it fits all my clothes. Large mirror there is a nice touch as well. Yeah totally. I wanted to figure out a place to put a mirror,
but I didn’t want it to be exposed and sometimes I find I just leave this open and with the
mirror it makes the space feel even larger. Now in this whole home, there is only one
painting on the wall so I’m guessing that has got to have a story behind it. Good observation! Well, this Airstream is from Montana and my
grandfather has a bison ranch in Montana and as I said before it was gifted originally
from him so I wanted to give a little bit of love back to that and so I commissioned
a local artist who ironically is named August as well to do this oil painting of a scene
at the ranch of a couple of bison. And I really like how with the bathroom pocket
door you’ve created it with that opaque glass so that you can let a bit more light into
the room as well. Absolutely, light and then also just giving
a little bit of dimension to the space and I didn’t want to close this off completely,
like to be able to see through as you were saying with the light but then also since
it is a small space to understand, that it continues past this door. One thing I didn’t anticipate was as the light
changes throughout the day, the hue changes in the temperature of how it comes through
this door which is really special. Sometimes I’ll turn a light on in the bathroom
and it’ll be sunset and I’ll get almost a rainbow effect coming through the door which
is really special. Beautiful. Well, can we check out the bathroom and see
what’s happening in there? Absolutely, yeah definitely. Oh this is very well done! Thanks, yeah it was definitely the most challenging
part of the project. I wanted to repurpose the old holding tank
which was the black tank into the grey tank so what I did was basically use what was the
black tank output, turn it into the shower drain and made a wet bathroom so basically
I just move my bath mat out shower it just showers on everything and everything in here
is actually water proofed as well as the walls if you feel there’s a rubber coating on there. Oh yeah. So the water just kind of beads off there. The shower is a hand hold shower but then
also I have a mount over here to the left that I can just set it there and just shower
normally. Then the counter top, if you can see it’s
one piece here, walnut curve, I had to install that before the wall or anything in order
to get it in here and then I have the composting toilet, the natures head which I love and
then on this side I have my sink and also this omni mounted mirror, so, it being curved
as well, I had a little bit of a challenge figuring out how to position the mirror so
I got a speaker mount and then mounted it with a speaker mount that I could position
it the mirror however I like. And then so under the sink I have access to
all my systems, which I really want to be able to not go outside and go in the back
so under here you can see my hot water tank is here, and then around there I have my converters
and inverters and batteries as well. Very clever design! And what’s the story behind this picture here? So yeah, this is a photo of my father as I
wanted to give a little praise to him as well since he gifted this to me and, that’s him
in the 80’s with Andy Warhol, they were close friends and it was during the time he owned
a night club and, the whole art world back then. No kidding! Yeah. What a treasure! And so how long have you been living in the
Airstream now? Ah, I’ve been living in it full time for about
3 months now. Fantastic and how are you finding life here
so far? It’s been great! It’s been a little bit of a learning curve,
you know? Not only living in a small space but living
in an Airstream and figuring out how they work and what doesn’t and ways to make things
more efficient and what not. And what was the budget in building this home? Well, I got the original structure basically
for free. It was almost not worth anything with the
condition it was in and I actually put 25 grand into it. 25 grand isn’t including my labour but yeah,
I think a great turn out for the budget. It really is, this is a phenomenal result
for this quality of build, well done! Thank you so much. And now you’re just getting ready to take
the Airstream on a big cross-country adventure! Yeah, no destination exactly yet but definitely
hitting the road. I have a little bit of time off right now
so I’m gonna head north I think after this. And you have a job that lets you travel quite
a lot because in addition to working as an interior designer you’re also a musician,
aren’t you? Yeah, absolutely. It’s great I’m able to work mainly off of
my lap-top so the office is really where I set the laptop and then also I’ve been working
on my music in this Airstream and exploring the sound and recording in here as well which
has been an interesting journey. I do have an album coming out for the first
time in two years. It was during this project that I wrote the
album so yeah, it’s an inspiring space to even write as well, you know, I love it. This is really a family heirloom as it was
passed down, I’m the third generation it’s been passed down, but I didn’t want it to
feel like I was living in my grandfather or my dad’s space, I wanted it to feel like my
own so I really stripped it down in order to create the space that felt personal to
me and I love the idea of having a mobile life style and being able to have my home
and feeling like it’s my permanent home when I come back to it from my travels, have a
place that’s stable but then also in 30 minutes strap it to my truck and take it to any next
adventure. August, you really have done such a great
job with this build. You’ve turned an old Airstream into a really
beautiful home, thank you so much for sharing it with me! Thank you so much for coming by! This really is such an impressive project. August has done an amazing job with the design
of this place but what I really like about it is that there’s just so much history tied
up in here. This is an heirloom which has passed from
his grandfather to his father and now his father to him and now, it’s a beautiful home
that’s awaiting an incredible life on the road. on the road. ♫ He bought a pick up ♫ ♫ Got rid of his foreign ♫ ♫ Bin across the world ♫ ♫ But he keeps exploring ♫ ♫ Clothes smell of white sage and oak in the morning ♫ ♫ Breaks up the pattern ♫ ♫ If he see’s it forming ♫ ♫ Boots on the floor ♫ ♫ In the eye of the storm ♫ ♫ Boots on the floor ♫ ♫ In the eye of the storm ♫

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