Reverse Parallel Parking Manoeuvre | 2019 UK Driving Test

Reverse Parallel Parking Manoeuvre  |  2019 UK Driving Test

Reverse parallel parking is a really useful
skill for any driver, as it will often be needed in urban areas. In addition, the U.K.
Driving Test includes the option of the Reverse Parallel Parking Manoeuvre, so it’s worth
taking the time to perfect our technique. In this video we’ll show an overview of
the manoeuvre from outside the car, a more detailed view from inside the car, and a few
extra tips to help while you’re learning. If you have any questions about the video
then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply. If the examiner wants you to do this manoeuvre
they will ask you to pull over a few car lengths behind a parked car. They will then say “This
is the reverse parking exercise. Would you drive forward and stop alongside the car ahead.
Then reverse in and park reasonably close to and parallel with the kerb. Try to complete
the exercise within about 2 car lengths.” When we are attempting to parallel park, we
may become a hazard to other drivers or pedestrians – so we must observe all around the car before
starting, and throughout the manoeuvre. If we spot any danger, we should wait until we
are sure it is safe to continue. Once the manoeuvre has been completed, the test route
will continue. There are several different techniques for
this manoeuvre, but the one we like the best we call the ‘1-2-1’ method. First, we
drive slowly forward and stop slightly ahead of the other car, with a ‘doors width’
gap. We select reverse gear, look around, and slowly reverse. Once our car is level
with the other car we steer one full turn to the left, and check for danger again. When
our car is about 45º to the kerb, we steer 2 full turns to the right. We then use the
left door mirror to check our position, and once the car is parallel to the kerb we steer
1 full turn left to straighten the steering. So as you can see we call this the ‘1-2-1
method’ as it refers to the amount of steering required – 1 turn left, 2 turns right and
then 1 turn left to finish the manoeuvre. Knowing exactly when to steer to the right
is key to a good parallel park, as the timing of this turn will dictate how close we finish
to the kerb. An experienced driver will be able to guess when to steer, but whilst learning
a reliable reference point is good to use. The reference point we use is to look in the
left door mirror for when the kerb disappears, and then quickly steer to the right. Different
cars and seating positions may need slightly different turn points, so if needed experiment
until you find your favourite time to steer. It is rare for a parallel park to finish absolutely
perfectly, as there are several variables that can affect the finishing position. We
often find that we will need to adjust the steering angle slightly to ensure the car
finishes reasonably close to the kerb. We suggest stopping the car just after steering
right, to give more time to check how the car is positioned. Then we can adjust the
steering and continue to finish the manoeuvre. If we can’t get the car straight after the
initial reverse, we can ‘tidy up’ our position by moving forward and backwards within
our 2 car lengths gap behind the other car. If we realise that we have got the car into
a position that we won’t be able to correct, we can just restart the manoeuvre. Just drive
forward to the start position and try the parallel park again. If we abandon the manoeuvre
we won’t pass the Driving Test, but if we park correctly on the second try we will still
have a chance of passing. When parking between 2 cars in real life the
first thing to do is choose a suitable space. We look for a space that is at least one and
a half times the length of our car, as we need a safe margin to manoeuvre into. We must
ensure that we don’t damage the other cars, so we drive really slowly, and if needed we
can ask a passenger to guide us in. In really tight spots steering the car whilst stationary
can help – this is much easier in modern cars that have power steering fitted. So, remember to Stop beside the other car and check for danger
Steer 1 turn left when level with the other car
Steer 2 turns right when our car is 45º from the kerb
Steer 1 turn left once our car is straight If you found this video interesting then please
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  1. Thanks for watching – if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video!  This video includes;
    * 0:08  Introduction
    * 0:58  Overview of the manoeuvre
    * 1:49  Detailed view of the manoeuvre
    * 3:00  When to steer right
    * 3:50  How to adjust the steering
    * 4:46  Restarting the manoeuvre
    * 5:41  Parking between cars
    * 6:26  Summary

  2. I have one problem. How can you determine that your car is level with the other car in order to make the first turn to the left please? Please check 2:12.

    Otherwise a very well explained video ☺

  3. Merry Christmas advance driving school,I failed my test yesterday because of my parallel test I was done but between the my car and curb was left more space so sad 😞 thanks to uploading this video I will try to get better soon myself

  4. Driving for 14 tears and never knew how to do parallel parking correctly. Now after watching this video i hope i will b much more confident with it ! Very useful video!

  5. I tried to do this way in my small car but i did not get it because is not possible the car entry in full if I turn it just a time how you showed it! when start I steering in full two times only this way I get it but is not perfect

  6. Can you get a reverse park on the right on your test? Also do you need to indicate when doing this manoeuvre? And do you have to indicate for bay parking? Sorry, Test it tomorrow haha!

  7. Hi i would like to know if you are allowed to use the camara screen on the day of the exam when you are reversing?

  8. What if there's another vehicle behind? We don't park the car like this in Malaysia. XD we have our own angle to reverse.

  9. I'd like to know the exact procedure for the uk driving test. Signals in particuler is what I'm after. Do you use signals if so what and why. If not why not? Thanks for a reply.

  10. Reverse parallel parking is far easier following this clear video, than listening to driving instructor. 1, 2, 1 method very memorable.

  11. This is a great demonstration on how to parallel park and first off, I don’t live in the UK but I live in New Zealand where they drive the same side as in the UK, parallel parking is required when we take our restricted license test

  12. Easy if its not between two cars, I live on a hill on a main road the middle terrace I can never get in between my neighbours cars, feel like the whole street is watching me not be able to park, so embarrassing.

  13. Thank you so much for the videos! They really helped me! Passed my test first time with just 1 driving fault yesterday!!!

  14. I also use this method but I remind my self with saying Lions Roar Really Loud. It’s a bit silly but my instructor told me this. So it’s one turn to the Left then straighten up with one turn to the Right then reverse till the kerb disappears then it’s 2 turns to the Right then straighten up when square.

  15. learnt via the same method, but don't understand why I was taught odd references that are fairly height specific, meaning most for parallel and bay parking didn't work as I'm quite tall

  16. Will be preforming my pararrell parking today first the video helped me understand the process will definitely remember what to do now

  17. 2019 and I'm here to learn driving on Youtube. Managed to get it done in 2 moves today while I didn't even know how to steer the wheel to turn left yesterday =)) Thanks for the video !!!

  18. My instructor has confused me with this manoeuvre by making it seem overly complicated and breaking it up into too many steps, but this 1-2-1 method has really helped me understand what I need to do. I’ve got a driving lesson this afternoon so I’ll give this a go, thanks. Wish me luck!

  19. You know you mentioned how you might want to steer whilst not moving, won't I get a driving fault? Thanks and great vid!

  20. Got my test in 2 weeks and I did this parallel parking today on driving lesson and messed up I don't know if it nerves or what but looking at this hopefully get it right on test

  21. My driving instructor told me to line it up with the number plates, those were the points to look for.. 😶

    Edit: I still passed 😊

  22. I was out 2day and had a really bad lesson. Was doing this move and completely forgot what 2 do and I have my test this Thursday really panicking I will fail because of this move, all the other moves I am fine with it's just this 1 I am worries about.

  23. Hi guys, for this move, always make sure to check your blind spot and out the back window and all around the car – a lot of students get stuck as they focus so much on the side windows rather than looking all around. Good luck!

  24. thanks for this video this explains the whole thing much simpler and gives easier reference points the one about the curb disappearing is such useful information. As the video says I would drive much slower for more control. Driving instructor I had years ago never explained it like this in steps which is more useful.

  25. omg that is so lazy using the camera instead of the mirrors(yet safer and more convenient but unfair to pass because if the student buys an older model they can't use this feature.should be able to do it with the mirrors). wish I had this car to take my test in. omg is that allowed in the test? that's unfair if that would be allowed.

  26. When you say at the end steering while stationary can help, how does it help if you're not moving and therefor can't tell what directional effect it has on the wheels?

  27. Good stuff! Took my test today and passed with 4 minors. Your videos helped clear things up nicely for me to be able to understand what was needed on my test. Thanks! And for anyone taking their test, if you feel uneasy or nervous, then just trust what you've learnt and drive safely and you'll get through it.

  28. Why not start back of your car level with the target car instead of driving beyond it, then reversing back to level before steering left?

  29. A really really good video- Not too long, clear and concise, I also like how you mention variations, how to restart etc. Good content thank you

  30. I have my driving test coming up on the 25th of November and I'm going to pass thank you jesus amen ✊🎯😊🥳🎊🎉🎁

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