Review and Virtual Video Test Drive In Our 2011 Volvo XC90 2 4 D5 SE Geartronic AWD 5dr NA11LNN

Review and Virtual Video Test Drive In Our 2011 Volvo XC90 2 4 D5 SE Geartronic AWD 5dr NA11LNN

new in to stock we have a Volvo xc90 2.4 d
5 SE gear tronic it’s all-wheel drive it’s a 5-door 2011 on an 11 plate has
done one hundred and twenty five thousand six hundred eighty four miles
fuel economy urban 25.7 extra urban 41.5 and combined is 34 ) to sixty in
nine point some seconds top speed of 127 miles per hour out of a 200 brake
horsepower 20 valve engine six months road tax 173 pounds and 12 months is 315
the mot still a six the first 2019 so we’ll be doing it again for 12 months
great cars very very safe I’ll tell you a little bit more about it when we get
inside I’m headlamp wash wipe we’ve got power
folding door mirrors multi-spoke alloy wheels plastic side protector and also
sill protect from the bottom of the doors really glossy
aluminium roof bars and then we’ve also got the wheel arch protectors there
they’re plastic as well I’ll just show you in the back so split tailgate little
handle there to drop that back down that’s nice and flat as well seven seats
you can follow seats flat and makes plenty more storage space in the back
there they should expect from Volvo’s really well built everything’s heavy rid
parking sensors there and detachable tow bar these seats that one will fall forward
like so and then that gives you access to the third row of seats in the back
there plenty of room nice and comfortable like big armchairs as you
would expect for a Volvo it’s got Chow locks on I just lock
myself in when I tried to do this before got rear privacy glass here handles and
so on and little net sphere magazines got two cupholders there this this car
hasn’t been cleaned yet so I will apologize it’s just come in but we’ve
been so busy over Christmas we just way behind so I’m had to photograph it
before it nicked it been cleaned I’ll just take you for a drive and get the
heat on we have two keys for it proper remote proper blade proper ignition lock
there you go now service history somehow we have to
service books for it there’s a couple of services missed off there I think what
they’ve done there is misplaced this one and then tried to get a duplicate
service booking and found the original so some of them are stamped in there but
there’s everything stump there as well so proper service history I’ll put that
in the description it’s always good to see a proper box rather than digital Jeremy Clarkson came up with an
interesting fact about these Volvo xc90 s since records began in 2004 now that
the driver or passenger’s ever been killed in one he’s Volvo xc90 so we’re
going to invest every buddy who wants to buy this to make sure that that record
isn’t ruined so only careful drivers need apply and
the car does need a clean we have been so busy over Christmas and New Year
period that we’ve we’ve just got way behind it we’ve been very very busy
selling cars and we’ve just not been able to keep up but the car will have a
full valet tech and assure you so it will look its best when it goes out I’ll
take you for a drive in it we’ve got electric memory seats here okay goodness me people criticize me for the
way I Drive for and what I couldn’t drive like that three-position gosh
let’s get that away quick through position memory seats we’ve also got
power folding door mirrors heated seat we’ve got sat-nav there which is it’s a
Garmin and we’ll take off there’s a little leather container for it in the
glove box there leather seat the I can tell you the the heater the heated seats
are a toasty we’ve gots let’s see height and reach adjustable steering there as
well right we’ll go for a ride seven seats I’m not surprised about the
mortality rates in these because it’s absolutely built like a tank five
cylinder engine I’m very nippy they’re very quick off the mark
lots of low-end and mid-range talk so accelerating you just kind of zoom the
way let’s just check the door mirrors now a Happy New Year by the way it’s the
2nd of January try not to hit that pigeon it’s the 2nd of January and this
car has an MOT till the 6th of January so we’ll be getting it done again so
it’ll come with a the remainder of twelve months warranty
depending on how quick you buy it from us just the car you need in this way that
when this slippery roads as I say 20 valve engine you’re away they’re not
that you drive around in or drive like that we’ve got front central armrest
cruise control here on the side let’s just see does that switch it on or is it
that cruise there we go switch on the top there cruise set and
then you can increase your speed with the plus button and decrease with a – so that’s working
to get your phone controls here it’s Bluetooth hands-free so easy enough to
program the sat-nav which I’ll show you how to do when we stop it’s got a
detachable toe ball all the electric windows work I tried
the wipes before it has got high pressure had one wash I know the the
wiper on this side I don’t think was very good now it’s missing in a bit book
with the MOT it’s gotta be replaced and I think there’s a low tire that’s low on
tread as well which so we’ll we’ll do that as well
so when and it’s just ready for a service there is a kind of a warning on
the the dash here to say that it’s ready for an annual service which will do so
apart from that it’s got a really good service history and finished in grey
metallic it has black leather the seats are very very comfortable really really
padded well are really well padded let’s see what else oh yeah we’ve got lumber support here
get up climate control multi-spoke alloy wheels
roof bars rear privacy glass real wash white and it is a very substantial vehicle just get it up to 70 and then switch the
crews on again 70 there or there abouts and we’re doing just over 2,000 rights knock that off you can knock the
gearstick over like so and use it as a manual box to change your wall down so
that goes into fifth we’ve got a six-speed gearbox good salad menu kind of brushed
aluminium trim on the gear tunnel and also the – 2 cup holders there and
there’s a little flap here which two cup holders pop out for the rear passengers
and then you’ve got the the sixth and seventh seat there that popper power to
the floor we’ve got the heater on absolute max so nice to drive not not pulling
anywhere when we’re breaking that’s me leaving in manual yeah tailgate he’s a split top I would
say 3/4 opens up and the the bottom there’s a little handle and that’s her
lowers down there we go if we we’re nearly spoilt both those statistics
there chap in the Jag bed even though I was indicating to turn right he’s he
still was about to turn out I’m just as I say that this this vehicle is you can
feel it so well built so sturdy and although the driver and the passenger
our passengers in Volvo’s are safe I’m just wondering what the statistics are
for all the people that Volvo xc90 s have crashed into I’m thinking they’re
probably not good I must remember to cut the service
history in into the description hopefully you’ll have already seen it
before I say this in the video and but it is a good history and the car drives
were really really nice if you’re a caravan or or you need a a weekend car live out in the country then this would
make an ideal car for you so we’ve got a winter setting there as
well I assume that’ll set you off in second gear probably and make sure
you’re not transferring too much talk to the wheels and spinning them you’ve got the answer switch on there
your thumb you shouldn’t need to take your hands off the steering wheel really
everything’s nice and easy to reach you can see the indicator stalk and the
wiper stalk over the quarter to three position there we don’t have a handbrake it’s not an
electronic brake either it’s a kind of Mercedes stealth for break to the left
of your brake or where the clutch would be in a manual so you’ll play there like so I won’t do
it and then release the handbrake here that’s just below the light switch no you’re welcome don’t worry now think
think nothing of it I’ve got a said very good value for
money as well because we we just had an older one with 160,000 miles on we put
that on auto trader and the phone was absolutely red-hot for it and it sold
within a few hours here we go back at the garage you

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