Assalamualaikum and good day everyone! here i’am Workpack Racing – Melaka so I wanted to review one evo 6 we called it evo 6.5 TME for those staying around Melaka. for car wash and detailing please come here at Workpack Racing near to AEON Melaka just waze workpack racing lets go! we interview the representative of the car. alright ok alright not many collector for TME in Malaysia normally for TME evo, the owner still maintain the red color design so here are we with @arepit he is representative for this car (mechanic) he is the one incharge maintaining this car everything maintain under PPG Automechanic inclusive from basic maintenance to modification lets talk about this car same as other TME Engine 4g63. CAM HKS, Pulley HKS timing belt HKS tial wastegate using turbo AR70. but inside might have changed using injector bosh 1000cc so let see the code different for TME TME edition use CP9A – 020XXXX For evo 5/6. they using CP9A 010XXXX using bumper TME with additional lips additional accesories has been carboned by MOTO Carbon the headlight a bit special we called it chibie headlamp normally they used covered headlights this car using management F-CON PRO 2 HKS 3.2 Ver. horsepower around 400hp but im forgot about the torque this car using color Nardo Grey a bit darker the color nardo grey but most people said this car is not TME they have to see the chassis number braking using 6 pot endless for front rear using 4 pot bracking rims CE28 size 18 245/40/18 we added extra lips to make more fierce using varis spoiler its pricey original spoiler a bit different with this it using apexi titanium exhaust this car use for Track day too some people say the owner is crazy because this rare car use for track since the owner request this car capable for track use so i have setup it to use for track day adjustable using OHLIN so this is the special short shifter for Evo up gear 1-5 , just push it to drop gear, just pull it we test later its using bride bucket seat only passenger side is tommi seat full bucket seat most suitable for track use is using cusco rollcage this car used for track day and daily driven this is original TME bonet lets hear the exhaust sound owner bought this shifter price around 3000 rm we shoot at midnight. so it will dark view for this test owner plan to install NOS for this car.. nice guys! once its installed with NOS, we review again drop a comment below, if anything you want to ask my FB arepit ppg we have review another owner cars.. R34 also crazy cars botak is crazy hehee this video has been shoot at WORKPACK RACING just follow their IG @workpack racing support guys!

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  1. Cmner function gear tu?…klac kena tekan gk ke?bwa budak bahaya ni nnt dorg wt masuk jari kt konsol…pape pun terbaik admin..

  2. Nk mudah cari lancer ck klu xmampu beli truly evo.kmpl modal skit salin.klu kental beli yg da siap.area borneo berlambak lancer ck

  3. I doubt that is an original TME as also the chassis code is correct, where is the vehicle ID plate ? The code on the firewall can be faked.
    BUT IF IT WAS A REAL TME, Why would you do that to a TME Evo ? The car just lost all its value as a TME .

  4. nak pasang NOS gais. owner nk ikut spec US ni sbb kt us kebanyakkn kate smua hp tinggi2 kt sana (setakat 1000 hp x goyang la ). owner byk sngt tengok The Fast & The Furious ni.

  5. Owner betul gila 400hp nak tacap lagi tu masok nos .. dia ingat jalan Malaysia ini macam jalan negara luar ke .. apa2 pon terbaik laa evo awak ?

  6. Ini kereta brother hadri hamzah..mmg kering owner ny..gk pernah review r34 nismo beliau colour silver klau tak silap..ade 4 sape2 nk kenal dgn owner korang pegy cari video tuu dekat youtube gk..mantap gk??

  7. Bagi kalian yg suka modifikasi mobil budget mahasiswa bisa cek ch gua cuy, CARVLOG #2 udah naik nih


    Ga ada salahnya kan saling bantu content creator otomotif indonesia hehe

  8. cun evo ni..tapi kata masuk gear tolak nak gear rendah tarik macam silap je cakap bukan masuk gare tarik drop tolak ke…evo ni je saya minat tengok rupanya cun ranggi rupanya..

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