REVIEW: To Narayanghat and Back on the Tata H5 | Nepal Drives

REVIEW: To Narayanghat and Back on the Tata H5 | Nepal Drives

Today we are at Chitwan and we have come all the way from Kathmandu here to celebrate our first year as Nepal Drives. And we have with us, Tata’s newest and most important SUV, the Tata H5 Welcome to Nepal Drives. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the H5 is big, , it is the biggest car in its segment and it’s all thanks to Land Rover’s D8 platform that it has taken from the Discovery Sport. The Tata H5 is a very good looking car, it is based on the H5X concept and hasn’t deviated much from it in terms of design. They have used Tata Motors’ IMPACT 2.0 design language to make sure the Tata H5 looks very very good. The first thing you will notice are the DRLs but these aren’t the main functioning headlights, the main functioning headlights are down here which looks unique. And if you move along you will notice these huge ORVMs which provide maximum visibility from the inside as to what’s coming from behind but it also creates a big blind spot on its own so you might want to pay extra attention while driving. The wheel arches are really big and 17 inch wheels do look kind of small but not all that small and it looks really really good. What I like the most are the tail lamps, this wraparound unit with smoked effect and blacked out band and even the bold H5 nameplate looks really really good. Overall it has stayed true to the H5X concept. And when you open the boot, there is loads and loads of space, 425 litres of it, , we have come in a group for our video shoot and the H5 has accommodated all our luggage easily. You also get a parcel tray that you can pull down or remove all together and fold down the rear seats for even more space. Let’s move on to the interiors. Where did you come from? Well, since we are in Chitwan I decided to tag along. Since you are already here lets navigate through this forest and talk about the interiors. Yes lets do that. How do you find the interiors overall The car is good, the seats are comfortable, it is a leatherette material, , the windows are bigger, much better to look out and makes the cabin feel airy, but this big ORVM does come in the way of the view, how is it on the driver’s side? It does provide a good view but yes it does become an obstacle and creates a blind spot at times but overall its very good for visibility. Driver seat looks good, theres manually adjustable lumbar support. The infotainment system is good and is adequately large but the system is very very laggy and not free of problems. While 8.8 inches is already a big display but I would have wished for a 10 inch infotainment system. But these problems should easily be fixed by a software update. This wood trim here, it is a very fine trim even though it is fake. These silver accents are very premium and these aircon vents that face the passengers, I think those are a really nice touches. One of the best things is the material used on the dash, it is soft touch which aren’t given by many cars, and you have to step up to that premium category to find this. But hard plastic, hard plastic there, hard plastic down here. But overall it is a really good cabin, it gives a great feel. The fit and finish is really good. Driving all the way to Narayanghat, we really got to experience the Tata H5. The power output, the ability to handle itself on corners, the braking, and the fun to drive element, we got to experience all these things. The 4 cylinder Kryotec Turbo charged diesel engine is 1956ccs, a six speed manual and churns out 138BHP and 350Nm of torque. The motor used is the same as the one in the Jeep Compass and the torque figures are identical; but it loses out 33 horses. Power output is great especially the low end power, But the car tends to stall and turn off in really low revs. You get to choose between sport, city, and eco driving modes. In sports mode, response to your throttle input is immediately enhanced and you get to rev the motor up all the way to 5000rpms. It’s really sunny today, yes. Isn’t that Saurav and Edward? They are Lets pull over here Hi guys Where did you guys come from Because we missed you!! Get in! Get in! Where are you guys going? Narayani River Bank Okay I know a shortcut lets go, put on your seat belts though Can I drive from here? Please Sure?… yes Okay drive Yuss yuss yuss… No no no no no Nothing is going to happen, this car has ABS, EBD and Electronic Stability Control, absolutely nothing will happen. And it’s got plenty of airbags Bro… there’s rough road ahead No worries *rough road mode activated* See your rough road now. The suspension is amazing. It’s so supple How’s the handling? Really really fun So how do you find the Tata H5? It is a good car, it is a likeable car, it has a design that grows on you It is fun to drive as well, we drove all the way from Kathmandu without a single problem Its really good, it has enough power to suit your everyday needs no matter the condition of the roads, it has enough power It is tremendously spacious too Exactly Even huge people like us fit perfectly fine even with people in the back And the suspension worked full time to ensure a very comfortable ride So overall we had a very good time with the Tata H5 Let us know what you think about it in the comments below and we’ll be back with more videos very soon

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  1. i really enjoyed you guys are really brilliant .
    Aru media channel ani vloggers vanda tapaiharu dherai babbal hununxa.Tapaiharu nepal ko next powerdrift ❤️

  2. boys I have no words to express I really had goosebumps. Ramro cha. aba India ko review naherey hunxa, Nepal Drives huda kina aru review hernu cheers guys. happy 1st anniversary.

  3. Something new in Nepalese automotive journalism. Kudos!
    A small concern though: We can’t really comment on the reliability of an engine based on driving a new car for 300 odd kilometers, I suppose. This is specially relevant to an Fiat engine that this car has, as those are not known for their reliability.

  4. So glad I have just found nepali automotive content.😍💥
    Keep reviewing,keep going
    At last should need gopro view from driver seat.👌

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