Review Used Car, Nissan Serena C23, 1998, Yogyakarta

Review Used Car, Nissan Serena C23, 1998, Yogyakarta

ok we meet again gaes this time I was with Mr. Amin he is the owner nissan serena C23 made in years 1998 as we know that nissan serena is the first edition and this first edition is very rare in indonesia and in this place i found one unit of serena c23 owned by Mr. Amin hello brother, how are you ? ok lets talk with Mr. Amin as one of the owner this car ok brother, 1st i want to know the reason you bought this vehicle ok gaes the reason why i bought this car is i need a car with spacious cabin i need a vehicle that is suitable for families when i will buy there are two choice is Nissan Serena C23 versus Mazda E2000 all that car have a same spacious cabin capacity but if i choose Mazda E2000 that car like the official service vehicle from that reason i finnally decided to vote serena C23, because this car have nice desain n more facility on this car have alot of features n finally i decided to take it what year was do you bought this car ? i bought this car at 2015 what price for it ? i bought on 45 million rupiah at 1996 this car have a manual and automatic transmision the manual have a price at 60 – 70 million rupiah for automatic transmision range from 40 – 60 million rupiah this price for serena c23 from 1996 – 1999 mybe different transmision have a different price how about the annual tax for a year ? i think the tax is friendly in 2017 i paid for 1.7 million rupiah and on 2018 i paid for 1.3 million rupiah i think there is a decrease of tax and i hope every year have a drop price tax i think this is superb old car ediion serena c23 have a unique body n good interior i want to know if there have been problem in using this serena c23 ? and where is the service usually ? ok, i bought this car from tanggerang and i bought this vehicle to yogyakarta by myself, only two time to rest on the street on the way there are no problems all safe but when arriving at the destination all problems arise, radiator is overheat but i understand because this is an old vehicle so the treatment must be extra especially problems with the wheels, engine an others and to note that this vehicle is commonly use by my wife this 2000cc engine i think this is big engine and wasteful fuel consumption but its ok, this is not a problem for me, the priority ia routine maintenance so far my fuel is still using Ron 88 ( its call premium on indonesia ) i began to get confused because the fuel ( premium ) was rare on Jogja but when i travel far i still use RON 92 ( its call pertamax on indonesia ) when using pertalite i think have a bad performance so i decided to choose between RON88 or RON92 so far where to look for spare parts ? at first i was looking for spare parts by buying online but when i finally found the community of Nissan Serena C23 indonesia on facebook and i m join in all this time we have connected from whatsapp group and there i feel very helped and all sparepart come from jakarta friend from jabodetabek usualy use part from junkyard sometimes i feel afraid of losing spare part that all this time the wife uses this vehicle ow oke i think this car very comfort for your wife n kids all this time when i use this vehicle it feels comfortable so comfort n kids sleeping anytime when my whife drive this car so sir, the average person wants to know that an old vehicle is still comfort n cool for Air Conditioning ? i thinx it cool.. this vehicle have a uniqe desain bout the system AC have a double blower n uniqe desain for rear blower it have a lot feature good circulation for AC system and i think this is the most sophisticated vehicle of this time how about problem from under carrier i think an olds vehicle need more n extra maintenance as we know, this car has a very heavy vehicle load can load many people and can load a lot of stuff n my friend try to load a motorbike too on this vehicle, so the suspension n other must be healty how about the system electrical on interior sir ? do you have a problem with that ? like the power window.. central door lock, do you have a problem sir ? for electrical i think its very complex yesterday i installed a seurity system on this vehicle it must handle by profesional instalatur and i think for all electrircal system need a professional workforce ok brother i want to know about C23 indonesia community can you tell me about that ? so if i notice this community has been standing very long i found on facebook on 2016 and it turns out that in the community many have joined 1st time i meet the community, we hold a gathering on 2017 i think it a big family and gathering on taman mini on that gathering, coming for 15 vehicle yesterday we meet on big gathering 2 location on a sametime on jabodetabek goes to puncak and for central java have gathering on kyai langgeng magelang indonesia on jabodetabek have 25 vehicle come for gathering on central java join for 10 vehicle i think its very giid gathering i got info that serena c23 only 200 units on indonesia i think its very rare car on indonesia on jogjakarta, i think member of C23 community i just found 1 member but i feel on Jogjakarta have 5 member last question sir is this car worth to buy ? well, if you say its worthty to be bougtht, we have to return it to several things like function this vehicle or financial buying i think function n utility from this car is very good but if u watch from an old vehicle you must have an extra time for maintenance this vehicle and i think from function and utility from this car, is very worth to buying and you must have a many time for maintenance this vehicle if you like an unique old vehicle with a good feature and has alot of benefits i think it very… very.. very.. worth to buy ok gaes have we heard opinion from mr. amin, owner nissan serena c23 indonesia come on brother lets join us we can share anyting about this vehicle ok gaes, mybe just like our talk today the comments are awaited below please like n subscribe too thanks for today brother

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