Reviving 200,000 Mile Beater Car Interior! – Chemical Guys

Reviving 200,000 Mile Beater Car Interior! – Chemical Guys

Well, we’re back guys and we are all done
with the outside. It’s as good as it can get. I think. So now, we are going to move onto the interior. Nick and I have gloved up because are not
really sure what’s inside. It doesn’t look very clean. So, what we are going to do is start off with
vacuuming. We’re going to take our Nifty Brushes and
hit the seats so it works up any of that stuck on debris or whatever is on there. Exactly. This is a used car and we are not exactly
sure what it’s gone through. We didn’t own this vehicle prior so there’s
probably stains… there could be anything in there. There’s body oils, there’s food… anything
that can penetrate the surface of fabric and it’s leaving behind kind of a foul odor and
crust. Fabric shouldn’t have a very rigid feeling
like that. We are going to start by brushing it to help
loosen and lift up some of the embedded stains and some of the odors. We are going to vacuum it up and then use
cleaners to lift up any of the embedded stains. What kind of cleaner will you use? Fabric Clean? We can use Fabric Clean. Lightning Fast? Yeah, you can use any one of those things. Fabric Clean, Lightning Fast, Nonsense, even. All Clean works for those really tough stains. It all just depends on what you’re dealing
with. Every detailing job is different so that’s
why it’s good to have an array or a variety of cleaners. Alright, let’s get to it, Nick. Sounds good to me. Where’s your brush, man? It’s on that side. So, what Nick was saying, we are going to
take our brush and we are going to scrub on this felt here. It’s an upholstery, obviously. The middle section here
is a type of weird felt. If I were to vacuum this, it would take a
good amount of the dirt and dust and whatever else is embedded in this upholstery. If we take a sort brush (sort of like this)
it’s going to work at those fibers and loosen anything up that’s stuck in there, allowing
us to vacuum it a little bit better and then we will take some cleaners to it. Aright Nick, let’s get to it. Let’s just take the seat out. Maybe there’s some more goodies behind there. Treasures. Let’s do it. Aw, there’s mold back here. And some quarters. This car’s paying for itself already. That’s what I’m talking about. You can go ahead and hand that over to me. A quarter and a penny and a dime. And a razor blade. Oh, this one’s stuck to me. This one doesn’t want to let go. So, looks like something probably spilled
back here, like a soda or…. Well, I didn’t ask when I bought it. Yeah. Well, guess who’s getting a soda today, Nick?! You are! I don’t even feel like eating after looking
at this mess. Oh, there’s a packet of ketchup that’s leaking
back here, too. That may explain your odor. A recap of yesterday: we got some two dope
cars that we are going to be working on for another video, so we moved this big guy outside
and it’s a fresh new day. So, what I’m going to do is attack the driver’s
side with some Nonsense and InnerClean and get all the deep set in stains in the steering
wheel, cluster, and all that stuff out as well as the door. Nick, what will you be doing today? Basically, the same idea, but on the passenger
side. So, to expedite the detailing process on the
interior of the vehicle, Hector is going to do the driver side. I’ll do the passenger side, wiping off the
plastics with some InnerClean. That’s going to clean it and protect it. For those grimier, nastier stains that’s in
the cupholder, on the carpet, as well as some of the seats, we are going to be using some
Nonsense to gently scrub away any of the odors as well as the stains. Yes. Also, there’s a June Bug in there. It can go. We can evict that guy if need be. We can make that happen. Alright, let’s do it. So, the tools of the trade today: Again, we
are going to use InnerClean and we are going to use these new soft bristles brushes. They’re our new interior detailing brushes. They’re really stiff bristled, but the tips
are very soft so they’re not going to scratch or damage any of the interior, especially
on this beautiful, beautiful interior that we got going here, don’t want to do any damage,
Nick, you know what I mean? I don ‘t think you can get any worse. You can’t. You’re right. It’s very good to get into the crevices and
things like that and pull any of that dirt or dust or skittles out that may be in there. Now, also, we are going to be using InnerClean
as Hector mentioned because this is a great product for cleaning plastics, even your gauge
clusters. Basically anything on the interior, aside
from fabric, and you can spray it directly on the surface or on a towel to control some
over spray. Like that. And then you can just wipe it off and this
is going to clean it and protect it in one step. Boom. I like the towel method. After you sprayed the dash… So, now, this is a high traffic area no matter
what kind of vehicle you’re in. This is an area that people grab constantly
and the oils and anything that can be on your hands basically stains this textured plastic,
or vinyl, or leather, or whatever kind of material you’re working with. I’m going to be using some Nonsense that I’ve
diluted 10:1 using a Boar’s Hair Brush to gently lift up any of the stains and I will
show you guys. On black, it’s hard to tell what’s actually
sitting on there but once you wipe it off, you can see just how grimey and gross it really
is. Just spray down the brush. I’ll spray a little bit on the surface here. I’ll just gently agitate it and the foaming
action is helping to lift up any kind of odors or any kind of staining and then we will just
wipe it off. Take a clean side of the towel and just wipe
away the foam and spent cleaner. You can see there’s just a little bit of darkness
there, a little bit of grime. Those are the things that you’re routinely
touching constantly, so it’s good to routinely clean this because you never know what’s on
the surface. So, we’re just going to beat the devil out
of it. Alright, so what I am going to do now is I
am going to attack this little center console area. It’s pretty jacked up. So, what I like to do (same thing with Nick):
I’ll use Nonsense that has been diluted 10:1 and our nice soft bristles brush here. I’ll spray into our brush a couple of times
just to get some foaming action and I’ll just agitate the area to get all that grime, stickiness,
and whatever you’re touching out. Like Nick said, these high traffic areas get
really dirty and gross and this is really working that chemical in. You don’t see me scrubbing hard, I’m just
agitating and letting the chemical do 98% of the work for you. You’re just kind of chilling, hanging out. Once this gets done here, we will see how
dirty this thing really is here. So, you can see that it’s pretty gross. Also, what you can do to your plastics like
this area here… some of the dashboard and this general area is add a dressing. I prefer a water based dressing like VRP or
Hypercoat. That’s going to do two things for you. It’s going to recondition the plastics and
really bring back that nice, new, deep black and it’s also going to help block UV rays. So, it’s going to prevent further damage and
further wear and tear and just really protect the whole dashboard. Obviously, it takes a beating from the sun. That’s something that’s totally up to you. You can, you don’t have to. I’m not a big fan of it myself. I just use InnerClean, which also has UV protection,
so that’s enough for me. I’m not a big fan of the shine, but I know
some of you guys are. Again, a nice light coat of dressing, and
it’s going to make it look new again and give you the protection you need. We’re just about done with the interior detail
on Hector’s Toyota Corolla, but there are a couple of things that I want to mention
that we kind of never have done in the videos and that is cleaning the seat belt latch here. This is an area that commonly gets a lot of
grease and body oils in the embossed “Press” area here and I’m going to show you just how
easy it is to remove it with just a little bit of Nonsense and also our interior brushes. Also, a lot of people have been asking why
we don’t clean the seat belts or how to clean seat belts. These actually have a fire repellent on there
and any kind of cleaner could potentiality degrade it or remove it, so the best suggestion
to clean it is to just use a little bit of warm water with a clean microfiber towel and
wipe off any kind of stains or any kind of grease or nastiness. Same thing goes for the headliner: they’re
very sensitive. If you spray a cleaner directly on it, you
could discolor it or it will cause the adhesive to loosen and that will cause it to sag. Any kind of aggressive scrubbing will make
the whole headliner drop and look not so good. So, take precaution on areas like your headliners
and seat belts and that’s the reason why we don’t actually detail them. So, again, we will just use one Nonsense diluted
10:1, which means 10 parts water to 1 part product. I’m just going to spray the brush here and
then I will just gently agitate, letting the cleaner do its work. Also, it feels like it’s a little gummed up
so maybe we can get some of the dirt and grime that’s inside of the actual mechanism out
so it can actually work properly. And there you have it. It’s actually a pretty impressive before and
after from how it looked before. It’s removed grime and body oils that were
inside the embossed area and now it looks almost factory fresh. There’s still a little bit of sun fading,
but it still looks a lot better than before. That pretty much wraps up the interior detail
on this Toyota Corolla. Well, guys, that wraps up the detail on this
03 Corolla Sport. Nick, thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. So, again, you can pick up any one of these
products on our website,, but for now, like and subscribe and we will
see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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  1. I was thinking I would like to see a real time clock off to the side. Just to get an idea of how long you really take to do the different steps. I’m so disappointed when it takes more than 5 mins to do my details 😆

  2. As an interior detailer I can tell you what product you buy is not nearly as important as taking your time. There's no way around it. Want a good clean? Be ready to spend the day in the car.

  3. Great video, guys. That car needed a lot of help; and it looks like it got it. It always amazes me how nasty a neglected car can get. I still want to see a video of you guys wrapping the bad areas of the paint on this car. Or…you could hire someone and film it at your shop???

  4. Thanks for the amazing and informative video! Please keep up the good work! And, for 2 year old juice stains on carpet, how would I be able to remove the smell and stain? I have tried MULTIPLE carpet cleaners and steam cleaners, but they didn’t have much of an effect. Thanks!

  5. What I do is 1st: remove all of the seats to have access to the entire interior and carpets. 2nd: Take my time and use all the right products and tools top to bottom 3rd: Vacuum the carpets after using a scrub brush to lift the dirt then clean all the carpets using a drill mounted scrub brush, scrub, scrub, scrub and then extract. I've had a couple 200,000 mile "beaters" that fooled everyone into thinking they had a lot less miles on their clocks due to their cleanliness.
    Keep up the great work guys! It wasn't until recently that my wife and I made the 100% switch to your products and tools. I am very happy and impressed with your company.

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