Riding the Main Street Bus with the Mayor in Plasticville!

Riding the Main Street Bus with the Mayor in Plasticville!

Wow! I’m here in the streets of Plasticville! I’ve been wanting to walk down the streets of Plasticville since I was a little kid. In fact, I’ve been the Mayor of Plasticville since I was a little kid. Pardon the funny hat. It’s the 1960s… It’s always the 1960s here in Plasticville. How ya doing, Officer Smith? Taking a little stroll down Main Street. If you’d like to join me. Gotta go into the 5 and 10 later and buy a few Christmas presents. Hey, Santa! Good to see you! and over there at the Hardware Store… I gotta stop in there too. I like to do my business here in town with my constituants. Hey there,Mr. Jones! It’s a cold night here in Plasticville… lots of snow covering the streets citizens never realize that we don’t have sidewalks or paved streets… Everything is green under a layer of snow. oh! gotta go in there get a suit for the inauguration now that I’ve been newly reelected. And I need to walk over there to the bank, so I’m going to go over to the bank right now, and you visit Plasticville often. There’s a whold bunch of videos on my youtube channel that you should definitely spent some time looking at; they’re worth it! gotta go!

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  1. I have some questions. I also have an obsession with Plasticville as well. Can we call it that, an obsession? Anyway. Do you leave it up all year long? Do you integrate vintage postwar buildings with more recently manufacture ones? Your layout is getting better ever year. Thanks for sharing this wonderful hobby with us. Especially fanatics like me.

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