RIP GT-4586 : Ferrari-Powered Toyota drifts a Portland Touge

RIP GT-4586 : Ferrari-Powered Toyota drifts a Portland Touge

vroom vroom BWWWAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA *POP* screeeech psss screeech pop *clicking* *electronic beeps* *ding* *engine roaring* *gravel*
*screeeech* *screeeeeech* That sound of instant regret ENGINE ROARING (why did he just not brake LMAO n00b) crash boom *bleep* (YOU JUNKED IT M8) *bleep* (wow, nobody would’ve guessed) *rock guitar riff* bleep *more sexy guitar* *bleep* *sick jams*
*indistinct chatter* Wrong Right (okay, Yoda) *boom boomb badoom tss* Well, first shot…. *SWEET ROCK JAMZ!!* (SEDUCTIVE HAND GESTURES!!!!1111!!!) ….they dragged me off to the side of the road. Fingers crossed we don’t have any more issues like that. *I hope you like pithy rock jams, because it keeps going.** *If you are deaf and reading this part, you are missing nothing.* *engine starts* Ha ha ha *mild tire screeching* *Engine noises* *No more rock music* *Just sweet sweet exhaust notes* ERMAGHEERD THAT FERRARI SOUND DOOOORRRRIIIFFFFTTOOOOOOOOOO (inb4 somebody puts eurobeat on this) *BWAAAWWWW* No hood #thuglyf *It sounds SO ANGRY* *squeek* *tire squeal* *poppity pop pop* *squeal* *WWAAAAAAAAAAAA* It’s so majestic… THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF V8 *Screeech* vroom vroom *Petrol head orgasm noises* Petrol head “O” face (“Did I leave the oven on?”) Vroom vroom bwaaah vroom baahhhhh *gear mesh noises* *pop* vroom vrooooom (woooaaaahhhh that entry thooooooooo) vroom vroom *shift* vroom *shift* *hand brake action* Weeeeeee! Slow motion weeeeee! vroom vroom (insert Jeremy Clarkson going MANIAC meme here) Much Vroom. Such smoke. Continued vroom vroom vroom vroom until the end.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Whaith whattt ,!! The pit stop crew his following you around , pouahahaha i need to become billionaire to

  2. When You Put A Farrari Engine In A GT86 And It's Still A GT86. Lol Or When Your In Rally Car Mode And Not Drift Mode? Hahaha

  3. Imagine this being the beginning of the fast and furious 9 and then Lucas black steps out. You know it’s going to be a epic movie from the beginning.

  4. Why in the name of the God would anyone put Ferrari engine in Toyota????
    When Toyota has one of the finest engines ever produced….2jz

  5. Nice video dope Toyota lol thought I was Gona see it written off in 1st 20secs 😂😂 how about some old school drifting with it though instead of the big nut craker handbrake 💯

  6. Things I can do irl: Make sweet car noises with my mouth while my gf is driving her Malibu around a corner.
    Good enough I guess…

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