ROCKET FUEL VOLT BIKE!! | Roblox Jailbreak World Record

ROCKET FUEL VOLT BIKE!! | Roblox Jailbreak World Record

[Intro Music] All right guys So I’m sure we all know about the rocket fuel update in Roblox Jailbreak if you don’t well Essentially they added fuel that makes your car go Supersonic speed and Uh, we got to test it out on yesterday’s video. We took a look at all the different updates and stuff but But One thing that I forgot about Completely. Do you know what it is sir Meows a lot. What did I forget about? Meow meow? Meow meow meow? No, sir Meow’s a lot they didn’t add cat food into Jailbreak No, no, no, why would they even do that stupid idea, stupid. I’ll tell you what it is We didn’t try the rocket fuel on the Volt bike What was I thinking? Guys Take the fastest vehicle in the game by far the volt bike or technically a level 5 Bugatti would be just as fast but Take one of those and put Rocket fuel on it. There is no. There’s no telling what you could accomplish with that no siree Bob Mmm mmm, as a matter of fact We may we might make some sort of discoveries in today’s video just with just with how Insanely, wait a second. I’m a I’m a police officer We might as well grab some binoculars you never know when you might when you might need them. You know just in case even though they’re extremely broken Like, what is this That’s not how binoculars work at all okay, is there, there is no helicopter all right all right fine I just fell down now no, come this way Everything’s fine all I want to do is use rocket fuel on the Volt bike and then we can do some time Tests actually I wouldn’t mind doing a little bit of a couple of speed tests I know that we’ve done that a decent amount in these videos. We’re always kind of trying to find You know what vehicles the best bang for your buck, or you know if a, if a vehicle? If one’s better than another even though there like very similar prices and stuff so Uh, this time though, it’s just gonna be a matter of sheer speed and power Okay, mr. Volt bike there you are don’t mind me. Just, just just roll roll rolling in Mr Volt bike what do we got here so we got a nice little glow oh man very cool very very cool I like it Uh, what if we give this a hot Orange? Oh wow nice okay, so as you can see the volt bike is already extremely fast Very very very fast just a little bit of a turnaround I am playing this before they fix the loading issues I don’t know if they would have fixed it yet and by the time this videos up Um, but I am playing this quite literally right after it came out because I just want to I can’t It’s still so for those of you who saw yesterday’s video. You’d see that I recorded the video at like 1:30 a.m.. It is now 2:10 I’m still up I have not gone to bed yet ever since this update came out Because I just can’t I just want to keep playing I wanted to see I want to see it all I want to Discover I want to experience the new Jailbreak So there’s this really cool. New rocket fuel gas station. You can also just get rocket fuel at normal gas stations, but the ones here Uh, or the one here you get this whole giant thing and it’s awesome that you have to actually pull up to it And so uh let’s fill up our fuel meter It’s 99 robux or if your VIP, then the whole thing fuels up automatically every single date, which is pretty sweet Okay Here we go though. Don’t really know the best way of testing this other than just giving her. So here we go Okay, oh, man It’s really hard to tell how fast you’re going when none of the maps Loading from what it looks like we’re quite literally just soaring Through the map Look at this We were just going on buildings, I can’t okay Okay We’re gonna try this. I know that there is a ramp at the end of this really long road right here and then we can do a time test right after here we go and Rocket fuel All right Am I gonna hit it? And I soar into the sky Oh no So guys This is exactly why they call it rocket fuel if you manage to tilt your vehicle at an upright angle Let me see if I can even do that all right so if I can get myself facing Straight up. We go vertical vertical Vertical hey come on vertical Oh, oh Kind of no, it’s not really working that’s fine Um, let’s let’s go do the speed test then so I always do my speed tests over Where are we with this map not loading properly? It’s so difficult to tell where anything is right now, okay? Uh, we do the speed test one more road ahead. Yes, right here, okay, so Um Should we use a actual stopwatch, or do you think we can just ballpark it? I’d say we can probably just ballpark it We’ll just do some normal Counting with as little human error as possible okay. Here. We go. Please sir. Don’t just drive right in front of me He drove right in front of me. Okay. You got lined up here in three two one One Two Three, four, five Six Seven okay exactly seven seconds takes exactly seven to hit the start of this bridge right here So now we’re gonna come back here. I wonder if a rocket fueled Tron bike volt bike my apologies is faster than a speed hack I don’t know I also think actually in this update. They got rid of some exploits as well as Well apparently not because this guy’s going super fast if you want a screenshot Don’t bump into me and start and start messing around I’m clearly trying to do something here here Here, you can a screenshot, so I think they got rid of some exploits Uh, they got rid of the Snowman/Penguin glitch I do know that I’m pretty sure but in terms of hacks. I guess Not everything because this guy’s obviously doing some sort of speed hack anyways though ladies and gentlemen the rocket fuel volt bike in 3 2 1 1 2, 3 4 5 Okay 5 Seconds Wow Alright, just to put it into perspective A Lamborghini A McLaren all of these super crazy expensive cars in Jailbreak they reach that that same Distance that we just recorded there And that takes them about 11 seconds 11 to 12 seconds the volt bike just did it in 5 The Volt bike just did it in five seconds sir Meows a lot that is insane five seconds that means Like let’s say hypothetically now. Let’s do another little little, fun little test here Let’s put a little bit of role play, suppose a little I’m a bad robber I just dropped a Jewellery store huh, so now you’re a robber right you just parachuted down okay? That’s like boom we parachuted down hopped on our volt bike and now we got to escape To the Prison not the Prison what am I trying to say, the? Criminal hideout, that’s it that’s what I’m looking for all right how long does it take to get there from here? Let’s go one Two Three I’m going too fast for my own good Four, oh no I’m soaring across the sky hold on All right all right hold on. This is gonna be this is gonna be difficult. Just because of how fast This is I probably won’t then use rocket fuel right away. Not until I get to the straight road so one Two three this is a terrible test. Okay, let’s get out of here All right, so clearly. There’s still some speed hacking going on because it looks like everybody’s using it in one two Three four five six seven everyone’s getting in the way 10 11 12 13 He just fly over there I don’t even know if it’s worth counting. Oh, no I missed the ramp no no with this much speed It’s pretty hard to, oh my goodness. Can we like? Okay Never mind it’s almost too fast Because like right there. I was even trying I had a destination. I knew exactly where I wanted to go and, and Still it was just too much. Oh The ramps the ramps are so fun though the rocket fuel is just way too fun Let’s get let’s go another 250 Here we go Man and I keep noticing those billboards The billboards across Jaibreak. I don’t know how we’re gonna do it, but we got to get on him somehow guys we gotta we gotta talk to the devs we gotta say please you’ve got to get a Denis or at least a Sir Meows a lot billboard up in Jailbreak I would love that I don’t know. We’ll see maybe I’ll reach out to them that would be sweet I’m sorry that we’re not actually technically doing anything right now I’m just loving soaring across the map in this thing like look at this look how ridiculous This is you can literally just fly in Jailbreak. I’m just flying around great way to kill time Let me tell you especially it being 2:20 a.m.. Oh I have to go to bed after this recording. I have to If I don’t I am actually gonna be sleep-deprived because I’ll just keep playing this until Until it’s tomorrow What should we do now with this with this crazy should we try to find some sort of some sort of exploits? I don’t know exactly What we could do with this what if we could take it into the bank? there’s like no criminals right now a lot of prisoners crazy amount of prisoners actually I kind of want to go criminal just to now see how much power this really is having a rocket fueled Volt bike And then going into trying to commit all these different crimes now with the improved bounty update as well We can probably rock it to the top of that bounty board. Let’s switch to criminal. I think this is a good idea and I will not regret it. I didn’t watch me be arrested like right away And we won’t even get to play the game there have been a lot of times like that in Jailbreak But you know maybe those days are finally over. Maybe now that we have the speed of Sonic himself We’ll never have to worry about police ever again. We’ll just zip on out of there. You know what I’m saying I see someone. There’s uh, someone’s no clipping over there Okay, so they they didn’t quite at least they’re trying to oh no they did it okay. They didn’t fix noclipping Alright Although I think they were saying that that was going to be what they were working on I think a lot of this update was kind of based around that and they managed to fix some things I think but I could be wrong. I’m trying to hide from that police officer over there I really need another vehicle to spawn okay, that’s not happening I can quickly save this guy though breakout breakout breakout No, it’s too late. It’s too late. I tried saving him. I couldn’t no oh great now She’s after me and I’m tased and I’m gonna be right back in the prison yay Wooh Awesome that wasn’t the best escape attempt we’re gonna try again 20 seconds why didn’t they fix this yet? Why do they still make you wait? 20 seconds 20 seconds man with all this grass in the prison cell I could watch it grow, the most wanted right now at 250 bounty You there mister no clipper I see what you’re trying to do, and it will not work no sir oh hello You might have noticed this guy is just Zipping like crazy here we go, if I could just maybe, well I need to pick pocket somebody Oh oh, just stand still nobody bump me, nobody get in the way Oh oh oh, dude dude dude, just run just run just run. Oh, that’s bad. Grab a gun any gun Okay good. Yes We have guns we have a key card, and we’re no no no no no no dude. No no I’m still alive I’m okay, i’m okay. How did he arrest me from that far away? He was so far away from me Man, that is no nope not okay with what just happened, man, we had the perfect setup We were we would be able to see everything about the new update. But no we just had to get arrested we just had to get arrested and shot and it’s fantastic Ahh Try again. Hopefully not get killed this time Okay, we had such a good set up. It was so good. It was just so perfect Ah All right, that’s fine. It’s fine. You know what as long as we get the Volt bike That’s all we need because then we get the rocket fuel And And we’re good there we go any police officers in the vicinity Okay, why are you punching me? What is what is your reasoning behind that there’s a police officer right there They’re just standing out in the and what? Twenty seconds again 20 seconds guys This is a perfectly fine feature of Jailbreak guys whenever you get arrested you have to wait 20 seconds because Apparently the time that is wasted from having to go back to the prison isn’t quite enough You have to wait an additional 20 seconds cuz you know what you deserve it You, you peasant. You got arrested How dare you choose prisoner in Jailbreak? Whenever you could have chosen Police officer the class that has so many benefits and just so much happy fun times But when you’re a prisoner oh no no no, sir it does not work like that Not one bit, so what this guy can just shoot me now. This is fine. This is totally okay? Stand still please please please please please Pick pocketed go oh go, go, go, go grab a gun grab a gun grab a gun gun gun I don’t care What guns just go, oh Okay same setup again same set of guys Will we do it this time? I don’t know probably not. Okay just in here Go Come on. No you stay, how no no You’re kidding, okay? I can’t even leave the prison that that’s the end of this video. I’m sorry guys we just We just, we we we, we can’t I’m not waiting another 20 seconds. I’m closing Jailbreak is what I’m doing. That’s okay, though I need to go to bed really bad Ladies and gentlemen on that note. I’d like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox adventure If you enjoyed please do remember to leave the video a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget To check out your boy sir Meows a lot available link in the description below, but other than that I will see you guys in the next one [Outro Music]

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  2. Sadly the volt bike,dirtbike,patrol bike on jailbreak wont work with rocket fuel i tried it and it wont work :/

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