Roles in the Corps: Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Crewmen

Roles in the Corps: Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Crewmen

My name is Sergeant Alex Grandprey and I’m
an 0313 LAV crewman. I started out as a driver and I moved up to
gunner for deployment and then now I’m a vehicle commander. When I started out, I was basically responsible
for maintaining the vehicle and providing a smooth and stable platform while the vehicle
is moving for the gunner to be able to operate from. When I moved up to the gun, I wasn’t only
responsible for the turret, but I was also responsible in training the driver to make
sure that he was upkeeping the vehicle properly. Now that I’ve moved up to vehicle commander
position, it’s my job to ensure that the gunner is taking care of his piece and also assisting
in training both of the Marines into their positions so that they’re able to succeed
in the future. On the crew, the relationship that we share,
we have to be tight. If there’s one piece that is missing from
the puzzle, then the vehicle as a whole is going to fail. So everybody needs to be doing their part. Ideal missions for light-armed vehicle crewmen
is any form of reconnaissance in front of the battalion landing team. They’re pretty much the fastest land vehicles
the United States Marine Corps has. They’re rated at 62.2 miles per hour. A lot of the vehicles will travel faster than
that, but that’s what the slowest one will travel. Additionally, one light-armored reconnaissance
company will carry more fire power than an entire infantry straight-leg battalion. So if you combined maneuverability with fire
power, there’s no match for us. With any type of reconnaissance, our mission
isn’t to go out and seek and destroy. It’s more or less to go out, engage targets
within capability, but also provide a layout of the terrain and obstacles that the platoon
landing team would come across as they were moving up. With the Marine Corps being as small as it
is, it does rely heavily on everybody upholding their part, be it from a guy in the air wing
to a guy on the deck in Iraq or Afghanistan. Everybody’s piece comes together. A mission that really defined for me that
I absolutely love my job was at Twentynine Palms going through the combined arms effects,
you had the entire company of LAVs rolling and working together, we were calling in air
artillery, and there’s no other unit that’s made to fight like we are. We prepare for readiness by constantly training,
always maintaining the vehicles and always maintaining the mindset that we’re the first
to fight. I love being a Marine because there’s nothing
else I was made to do. We are the force in readiness.

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  1. What is the highest rank in the marines???? A father. If the time spent on killing and making weapons was spent on raising the children and becoming fathers there would be no need for military. Because the children would be taught to live not die and kill.

  2. I just graduated Alpha Co West Coast

    Basically the only way you can get an LAV contract is as a reservist. As active duty, you have to be lucky enough to be in an ITB training company that happens to be looking for LAV crewmen at the time of your training. They will select them from among the 0311's. I have been here over half a year and not seen it happen…

  3. too become a LAV crewman is there a height restriction soo you fit in the vic or you can be tall and still fast

  4. Happy Birthday Marines! The LAR family will appreciate this 242 Birthday especially of our beloved Corps! 2forty2 Chain Gun Club Boi! Semper Fi

  5. This mos sounds very similiar to the US Army 19D Cavalry Scout. Do you get assigned to other vehicles to do the same mission? (In the Army a Scout can end up being on a Bradley,hmwv, stryker,light & in the old days motorcycles )

  6. This is pretty much what I do in the army as a scout . I’m in a M2A3 Bradley . Same gun system but it has tracks .

  7. I’m doing LARTC now and I really want to do this MOS, I don’t care how hard it difficult it is, I won’t quit or stop learning about the LAV

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