Rookie Mistakes Installing Car Parts

Rookie Mistakes Installing Car Parts

– Filming pre coffee is like
the worst thing in the world. When it comes down to
installing car parts, we all think we’re experts, I get it, who needs an instruction manual
when throwing in coil overs, it’s like three bolts, what
else could you would you, it’s like one on the
under and three on top, what more could you possibly need to know, then you send an email
over to Fitment Industries because that’s where
you got your suspension, and you’re wondering why
your car is going through a consistent mach four
hurricane, it happens, and it’s more than just suspensions, it happens all the time
to all sorts of car parts that you install. Just the manual, just
a good way to fix that, but anyway, if only there was a channel that would talk about
rookie mistakes people make when installing car
parts on their car, huh. I’m Alex, and today we are talking about rookie mistakes you’ve probably made or going to make when
installing car parts. (tense music) Did you know that we’re doing
a BC racing coil over giveaway of course you didn’t because
it started like yesterday or two days ago, you can pick a T with the link below, and every T-shirt gives
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World Wide fund for nature, I keep saying World Wide Web,
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plug for the giveaway, otherwise wheels, tires, suspension, you know where to go. Rookie mistakes, oof, like a big OPE with the E at the end, let’s get into rookie mistake number one, which happens nearly every time you first purchase wheels and tires, they tighten the wheels in the air, with about about four
to maybe six dugadugas, now that’s too many dugadugas, in fact using dugaduga
as a unit of measurement is not the accurate form
of tightening a lug nut to your car. The best way to go about this is to hand tight the lugs or bolts when the car is in the air first, with the appropriate lug nuts or bolts, there’s the conical, you
have shank with washers, you have flange, you have an ET style, so you want to make sure that which ever lug nut you need to have for your wheel also matches as well, otherwise you’re gonna
be really disappointed well you get lug nuts and
they don’t fit on your wheels when you just bought the new wheels. Buy the right ones, seriously
because a lot of times those aftermarket wheels
are also gonna have a smaller more narrow lug hole that you’re gonna want to
get some slim lug nuts for, we’re gonna put that as a second tip but really that goes into the first tip, and honestly, that one
happens just as much, even more than the first tip but whatever. Hand tie to one and then to the other, and then get close to ground where the friction between
the tire and the wheel and torque it to spec, no dugas, torque to spec, all right, that’s why google exists, and take it for a quick
drive around the block to let your wheels kind
of set in and re-tighten after a couple miles of driving. If you to paranoid, you can
re-torque every 500 miles or so just to be safe, I don’t know anybody that does that, but it’s a good way to maybe just be safe with your aftermarket wheels and tires. Another rookie mistake
with installing car parts is assuming all parts, regardless of brand, fits identically. Here me out. I’m not saying people don’t anticipate a little bit of deviance when
they buy a B rated version of a product versus
the named brand product which is somehow like
five times more expensive, but sometimes, it’s
just a bit too much off, and it’s going to happen, mostly with your tube kits
and inter cooler stuff, by none named brand in general can cause some less than stellar fitment and may require additional modification. Those modifications include self tappers, washers, pipe grease, ring clamps, and some swear words, be warned that if you’re saving the money, you’re gonna want to make it in patience and time spent on the
more affordable parts that you’re probably gonna buy
and that we can promise you. Most importantly, most
importantly, most importantly, I can promise you because
I may have done it before. Audi A6, 2.70, upgraded piping kit, wasn’t name brand and it
was terrible to deal with. Moving forward with rookie mistakes is actually believing the time
that case needed to install, you think that supercharger
install is eight hours of labor with two people involved, well, are you in for a world of pain there bud, because when it takes three weeks and seven different
people, with sixteen trips to the nearest advanced auto
parts to even get it moving, you’re gonna realize that you never should have
had your faith in that number to begin with, never believe the time commitment, especially if it’s your first
time doing whatever it is that you’re doing. The number actually only
applies to master mechanics who have specialized in the craft of inter cooler installation and has absolutely no
regard for dimly lit, cold as (bleep), oddly wet garage. Avoiding that timetable
prevents disappointment, and a lot of times, when
you have the tendency to rush through a project because it says eight hours and you’re on seven hours and 55 minutes, you’re gonna end up
making a bunch of mistakes on the installation process. Another gem of a rookie mistake is installing your tires the wrong way, when the pattern is actually directional. You look like a nube, and nobody wants to look like a nube. There’s a little arrow that tells you which way the tire should be going, bonus points for those
who buy forage wheels or multi piece directional wheels, you want to make sure that the shop has installed those tires and got them installed the right way, so your wheels swoop or dig appropriately. On indifferent to it, on
the car side of things, but consistency is key, mostly truck guys do the swooping thing, but that’s more of a VIPish look, where as the digging is
more of an aggressive look, it’s kind of a weird scenario, and directional wheels aren’t
inherently incredibly popular just yet so that is besides the point. Just letting you know though. Jumping into suspension for
all those people out there that just installed their
coil overs for the first time, don’t just max them out, they may look decent out of the gate, but coil overs over time
actually begin to do what I would call just rest at a lower position once
the spring and shock have acclimated to the
weight of the vehicle. As a result, the car
lowers further over time, then people end up wondering
what’s wrong with their car when they metal grinding
up against asphalt when they’re going down the road. It may be for some people, but it just aint for everyone. Ready for a speed around, okay let’s go. Don’t install any oversize
exhaust or intec on your Subaru, or other force induction four
cylinder cars without a tune, most end up performing worse due to the lack of back pressure and charged air intake levels. Torpedo heaters are great
for warming your garage, but humidity and depthness can result in everything being cold and terrible to deal with. Pair it with an infrared heater
aimed at your working spot to help you actually counter that. Less of a car part tip and
more of just a life hack. If you see anything on the internet that makes your car faster for $20, it’s likely not true, unless it’s one of our windshield banners. When selling exterior parts like hoods and door jams and fenders, always double check
your creases and space, nothing is worse than installing a hood only to have friend point
out that it’s crooked and looks like somebody
accidentally sat on it, creases are sometimes a
little like nit picky thing that a lot of people don’t
look at once they install, and the other exterior body parts. Get relays for your
LEDs if you change them, nothing is worse than watching a chaotic turn signal LED light, it just don’t look great son, some mods just don’t do anything. Always research if you’re
installing a car part because it sounds good or
looks good and just own it. It’s okay to install
something that just looks good and doesn’t have inherently
a major performance part. That’s somebody else spent
200 hundred dollars on shoes, it’s okay to feel good, just don’t try to pretend that the there’s some sort of major performance enhancement from it, because there usually isn’t, just you do you. Form parts can be broken
into either foundation parts or layered parts, meaning that if you do a layered
part like a turbo install, you should do a foundation part install, fortune turn rolls, ECU change and timing, you want to make sure that
when you’re doing stuff that kind of almost
elevates the performance, you’re gonna want to make sure that your foundation of your car which would be your
motor and your internals is actually set up to handle that stuff, because if you don’t do that, you’re gonna be disappointed. Rookie mistakes happen to everyone, they happen to you, they happen to me, really
these rookie mistakes come from people not
researching whatever it is that you’re going to install, or just assuming that you’ll
figure it out along the way, you won’t, at least not that well, and while we may not tell
you how to supercharge a car, we can help you with at least things to kinda stray away from
with rookie mistakes when it comes to wheels,
tires and suspension. Let us know what rookie mistake you made in the comment section below, and of course, check out
wheels, tires, suspension at, we actually have a gallery too, so if you needed to know it fits, and you didn’t want to make a mistake, you can actually look into what
other people have been doing so you don’t have to be that guy with the weird fitment but hey that’s just us and of course, if you’re looking to win a free set of BC racing coil overs, you can definitely do so with
the description link below, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we will see you later peace. (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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  1. Looking for that chance to win a set of BC RACING coilovers? Check out how to enter here!

    Be sure to drop a comment below and share your rookie mistakes installing car parts!

  2. Lol Time to install is for experts that has done it many times..i had a old beater that kept pulling cv joint apart, first fix took about 3hrs after the 3rd one my ol man an i could swap it out in 45min..junked it after #3 never did figure it out struts were fine..

  3. i made a mistake by buying a subaru legacy wagon muffler for my subaru impreza hatch which turned out to be 6 inches to long and stuck out to far

  4. Rookie mistake: bought an s13 with plans to turbo it. Over a year later it just got tuned and still needs a mountain of body work :((

  5. Does anyone know what would cause extra bouncing with new coilovers? I knew the ride would become much firmer but it bounces in any kind of bump a lot more. Stiffened the dampers and it didn’t really help. The bounce is so quick it feels more like a very low frequency vibration. Please help.

  6. My rookie mistake was over torquing a cam cover bolt on a 2J and it snapped lol was suppose to be 73 INCH lbs not foot lbs, luckily my mechanic friend was able to take the bolt out. 😩

    Many people ruined costly parts because of extreme tightening, and caused damages due to lack of tightness.

  8. First time I changed out a bumper cover a long time ago… reused the plastic clips. Had to buy a new bumper cover, and fog lights, and wires. Cause it fell off and drug along the road…
    Lesson learned, never reuse non-reusable plastic clips.

  9. Lol i always look at install time and double it. Also rookie mistakes dont watch install videos and expect your oem stuff to just fall off the car like it does in videos.

  10. I managed to break the clip on my MAF while installing my cold air intake somehow so I'm pretty sure its just sitting there waiting for the right bump to somehow knock it out and make me sad

  11. Rookie mistake: was taking off my egr valve to clean it and one of the bolts holding it in place snapped off. Luckily there was couple of millimeters of thread left on top so I just screwed a nut on top to hold it.

  12. The biggest rookie mistake i made was going 2jz with 6 speed gearbox and realizing that my car does not have final drive ratio to match it!

  13. "If you see something on the internet that's $40 that says it makes your car faster it most likely doesn't"… What about manual boost controllers?

  14. I gotta wait at least 2 more years to drive so there's propably at least 2 and a half more years till my first rookie mistake lmao

  15. What do you think of a honda Crx as a first car? I want to modify it at least a little bit but Im not familiar with d series engines ( I think that’s the engine in it). I’m only 17 so excuse my lack of knowledge, but great vid!

  16. I have an audi a4 wagon with the 1.8t, my turbo used to blow off when I let off my gas, its bone stock I havent touched the motor or anything yet but yesterday it started to flutter when I let off the gas, any clues as to why

  17. For anyone new to these videos, always skip to about 2 min in every time if you dont give a FUCK about shilling and bad jokes and just want to see the videos topic.

  18. Rookie Mistake
    So when I was 19 i had this thing for LED lighting and fog lights and lights bars just all kinds of lights!! I installed so many lights on my car and I did the good ole "fuse to battery" method! Long story short I overloaded my head light fuse and ignition fuse and my radio fuse and burnt out all of them and almost caught my car on fire 🔥

  19. My rookie mistake:
    I used to work at a shop and decided to upgrade my sway bars. The rear one went on without a problem. The front one however…… I dropped the subframe as it needed to come out that way and sure enough it did. I put the new sway bar in, aligned the subframe back into place or I thought I did, and like an rookie with confidence I decided to get my impact and gun it down without starting the bolt by hand(that’s where I found out I had fucked up). Come to find out it’s apparently not easy to find a tap and die set that was big enough for the bolt. I tried 2 autozones, 1 pep boys, and 2 harbor freight. The second and last harbor freight I went to had the thread pitch I needed for the bolt. Unfortunately by the time I got back to the shop it was 10 at night and was too tired and pissed at what happened. It was 4 days later that I actually got to get the car back on the lift to work on it and get it right. Mind you I lived 60 miles away which was my commute to work. It sucked but I learned my lesson to never rush something simple.

  20. My rookie mistake was with my oil cooler installation. Took me 5 days to get installed and not leaking. Those damn sensor plugs sucked. Ended up using Toyota black gasket sealer.

    After the YouTube video I thought it would take an afternoon lol.

  21. Cobalt SS guy here again. My dumb ass bought wheels and when to put them on with the oem lugs aaaand yea… Lets just say my car was on a lift while the tire shop manager had to drive me to the autozone for the proper ones because they didnt want to walk next door and ask discount tire for a set because….. "Competition" and i guess they didnt want Discount to know that they actually had more accessories necessary to a wheel change than the Tire Kingdom I went to Lol

  22. Dude, why does that intro remind me of Rainbow Six Siege so much!? Looks sick though, anyway back to car stuff…

  23. Rookie mistake: When I first got my Mitsubishi Eclipse I had problems with my mass air flow sensor. I thought a maf spray cleaner would help it. I sprayed the inside, waited for it to dry, and while it was drying I read the car. It said to not use on Mitsubishi maf’s. A year later I bought a 3000gt vr4. The maf was dirty. Repeated my mistake. Now it runs awful and need a new maf.

  24. Under estimating the time it takes to install a car part. How ever long you think it is going to take, triple that time. Also if you are installing parts on a 30 year old car be prepared to spend all day and a case of beer installing something as simple as an air filter.

  25. i installed coilovers by myself on my car and god damn it took all fuckin day, i thought it was gonna take the most 4 hours and was hoping to get done in 3 hours

  26. Rookie mistake was starting a project and everyone told me i wouldnt be able to do it so i stopped and put everything back. Then got an estimate on the part change which was like 4-5x more than i was hoping to spend so i did it all by myself even though i watched many of hours of youtube over again to make sure id do it right.

  27. For my first track day I over torqued the front lugs on my 97 Jetta. I was new to using a digital torque wrench. When they did the tech inspection 2 bolts broke. They were cross threaded and required a new hub before I could go on track. Lucky for me some of the guys in my SCCA reigon had the spares I needed and got me on track. I had to do the work but they supervised and checked everything I did.

  28. Once my car kept misfiring and stalling out and I couldn't figure out why; because I had just changed all the plugs and cables. Complete headache. So I go and drop some cash on a new distributor, and rotor, and the sensor that's inside of it. Because with Google abd my manual that's what I've come up with as issues.
    Installing the parts and find one of the new spark plug cables wasn't actually plugged into the distributor, was kind just sitting on it. 😑😑😑

    But I mean she starts up great now so-

  29. Got hooked on your videos as soon as infoumd them of you are still giving away any shirts I would love to try and get one I support you giys and get all my friends to watch

  30. 2019 Civic Si, got D2 coilovers and now the LF makes this clunking sound on harsher dips. I’m assuming cheap & too long sway bar links that they provided; sway bar still banging LCA under load (links maxed out)? Oh, and I ripped the outer CV boot having to deal with the annoying strut-in-knuckle suspension setup rather than struts bolted to knuckle they randomly decided to use 🤦🏻‍♂️ Fun times

  31. Rookie or not… I just installed my coilovers. Got some Lenso D1R wheels, offset bigger than expected, cant lower the car enough cause the spring is rubbing against the tyres <3 Still got about 1/2 cm from rim to fender wich is okISH cause the roads are way too bad too rape my car like that :))

  32. My rookie mistake was thinking I could lower a 93 suburban in my driveway and change all the bushings and balljoints in 4 hours. Yea took me 6 days.

  33. My rookie mistake was trying to install a skunk2 intake in a base model car, one of the most heart breaking moments because I didn’t do my research

  34. Biggest mistake rookies make? Buying a Honda and dropping it and putting a stage 3 weed eater exhaust. Then putting rims that don’t even fit they go on sideways lmao

  35. i been working on cars since 1968 and iam a service tec at a car lot and i uesley do not agree on what you say but you are right on this but even the best make mistakes but you are not right picking on people you call ricers its there car and they have the right too do with there cars what they want

  36. My rookie mistake was ripping the parking brake shoes out of my rear end on my challenger when performing my first brake rotors and pads swap. I had no idea there was a drum style parking brake under the rotors. I thought parking brake held the disk brakes activated. I left the parking brake on while doing this job and wrestled the rotor off only to discover I had yanked off the parking brake shoes. Lesson learned, do research and read directions first. You'll save yourself hours, pains, and yes, many many swear words.

  37. I rebuild engines… why am I watching this…

    Rookie mistake though, I install hood cylinders wrong and went to shut the hood, yeah… I bent the fucker 😅

  38. Not a rookie mistake, but going into autozone and asking what size piston your rx8/rx7 needs always brings laughter when they furiously type

  39. "who needs an instruction manual to install coilovers its just three bolts" say that to an e30 owner who has to cut off the strut assembly and weld the coilovers on

  40. My worst rookie mistake was really recent attempting to daily drive a drift missle in Wisconsin I have learned my lesson

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