Rookie Mistakes Trying to Sell Your Car

Rookie Mistakes Trying to Sell Your Car

– Hey guys, what’s goin’ on? Before we even get into it,
I wanted to let you know we’re doing another
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and then I get to beat Dakota in another competition even though I do have to announce he did
win the hot wing challenge. So, he does take a W. I feel like I owe it to
him to let you all know that he did win. Finally my reign has
ended after seven months. Anyway, let’s get into the video. (intense music) The best car flip story I have. We bought a $600 Mazda Miata to repair and flip as a project to
help pay for college classes. My best friend and I had a goal to graduate from our
four year with no debt so we thought we would take
this junky, single coat, NA Miata that had no exhaust, no soft top, and attempted our darnedest to fix it. When we were trying to
fix the exhaust though, my buddy Michael thought
it would be a good idea to install the test pipe
using electrical wire to hold it in between the exhaust system and the patter, I guess
you would wanna say. Yeah, I mean, you can probably
figure out how that went but as we were doing our final test to actually sell to a guy that wanted to drift it,
we took it down a round about 45, 55 miles an
hour and all of a sudden we heard a clunk and a pop and
then a pipe hit the ground. The pipe hit the ground
at 55 miles an hour, it shot about 30 feet into the air, at 55 miles an hour and nearly
took out the car behind us because the car behind
us was one of our friends to make sure that the
car never broke down. And it was a pretty
hilarious moment of our life to realize that maybe we
probably just shouldn’t flip cars to try and pay for college. Well, maybe college
should just be cheaper. We’ve all made rookie mistakes
when trying to sell a car, maybe flip a car, and
sometimes we wanna admit those things that we’ve
done and sometimes we don’t. I’m Alex, Alex at FI with socials and today we’re gonna be
talking about rookie mistakes when selling your car. If you haven’t caught on
yet or maybe you’re looking to maybe just hear the plug again, wheels, tires, suspension, maybe looking to get some
before selling your car, you know, because modifications
definitely add value to the selling price of a car. Head out to where we’ve got it all. Coilovers, air suspension,
a few wheel brands, and a coilover giveaway which
I already talked about before. Anyway, let’s get into it. The first and most common mistake when it comes to selling
a car is not giving all the details in your ad. I know it’s a simple one,
it’s one that you’re gonna be like, “Yeah, no (bleep), Sherlock.”. No one knows where you are
when you put your location on the marketplace as California. Not just that but a DSG and
an SMG is more of an automatic than it is a manual. Stop tryin’ to trick those
people by selecting manual on Craigslist, I see you. BMWs are just iconic for it. Details help sell your car. Lack of details result in you
being asked 9000 questions that you ultimately screenshot
to share on your wall because you wanna make fun of them and actually it turns out it was you because you just never
put the price on the ad. Everyone believes that they’ll be ready for when their car sells. After all, if it’s your daily driver why would you need to take
out your six sunglasses cases, 14 CDs, half ate bag of Cheetos, you never know when
you’re gonna wanna finish the other half, and your
favorite three hangers that haven’t been used
in the last three years. Rebecca, I’m looking at you. The same hangers in the back of the jeep, since I’ve known you,
they’re still there homie. We gotta get them outta there. And then the car sells and as the car is rolling down the road,
beautiful sunset, evening, you’re smiling, little
tear comin’ down your face, cold hard cash in your
hand, you realize that, one, you forgot to take your
damn plate off your car. Which is dependent upon your state, but in Wisconsin, you
gotta keep it with you. It’s the most ridiculous
thing in the world. But more importantly, two,
you forget to eject your brand new CD that you’ve just burnt and you’re never gonna
get those hangers back. People leave so much stuff in their car when they sell it because
they never anticipate, I don’t know, selling it. And then they do and then they forget all the stuff that’s in it. People leave so much stuff, it’s insane. They also include a lot in
their ad that’s included that hardly ever gets
remembered once you actually do pick up the car. And once you’ve sold the car
or just picked up a new car, getting those extra pieces
from the previous owner or trying to get those parts
back from the new owner is pretty much just impossible. Pro-tip, put all your stuff in a box in the passenger front seat and then that way when
you decide to sell it, you just grab the box and you get out like you just got fired from your car. Another common mistake
is bartering wheels, tires, and suspension into your pricing. I know, I’ve seen it,
we’ve seen it all the time. Nine times outta 10, whatever
math you’re probably doing to justify removing parts
from a purchased car is usually wrong. Wheels, you can usually snag
a good chunk of change back on reselling but tires not even
remotely a tiny little bit. Suspension, real tough
because there’s so many different Fitment options
but not many people actually buy used suspension. Now, I know people do,
so don’t get mad at me for saying that but removing
$1000 for you to keep the wheels and tires
because you’re gonna go put those wheels up for $1200
and then it actually just turns out that you
negotiate a sale at $750 because you’ve hung onto
them for four weeks, it doesn’t actually, it
doesn’t actually put you ahead. It’s complicated formula
in terms of monetary value. It just doesn’t work out in your favor. You’re just gonna have
to trust us on this one. You’re better off trying
to build in those mods as much as possible and not remove stuff unless the base platform of the car isn’t worth too much but
the modifications are. Which goes into another rookie mistake. Don’t be a, hold on, hold one, hello? Yeah, yeah, I still got the car. Yeah, you’re lookin’ for it today? Today, yeah, cash? Yeah, absolutely, yeah, I
can definitely meet with you. He’s lookin’ for cash. He’s lookin’ for cash. Just stop it, don’t fake pressure. If people want your car, they’ll see that when they check it out. You don’t need to be the guy on the phone doin’ the fake phone sale thing. It’s painful for you. It’s painful for me. It’s painful for everybody involved. It just doesn’t look good. And this is where its get tricky because when you’ve owned
a highly modified car for five years, you get
accustomed to some of the quirks. We’ll call them features of
the car that you’re selling. After all, you’ve dealt
with it for five years, the random new owner
should definitely know that you have to tap the
plastic driver’s door piece three times to start up the whole window to go to roll down, right? When selling your car, first
off, they don’t know that. Second off, I know that
because we’ve all owned cars that are like that. Sometimes we just accept
’em for who they are. They’re a beautiful ugly mess. But when selling your
car, you’re gonna wanna be absolutely honest with it. That’s going to include
you being a little mean to your baby in the description link that is going to attached
to your for sale ad. It’s going to be okay, I promise. You’re better off being
honest and listing the quirks because then when you
actually inevitably get that text three days after selling it and someone is mad that
the window doesn’t work because they didn’t tap
the interior drivers piece three times when the car was on, you can say, “Hey bud, look at the ad. “I said that already.” Be sure your ad outlines
absolutely everything. You’d be surprised at what you’re used to after owning a car for so long. Especially when you’ve
built the car yourself. Those quirks can go into
everything from the switches to the turn signals not working to your headlights having
to turn on and off. I know all of y’all,
we do the HID sometimes and the HIDs don’t always turn on when you turn on the headlights. Those are things that you’re
gonna wanna let people know otherwise you just don’t have an overall great
experience selling the car because it’s, it’s just
annoying to deal with. Another rookie mistake is saying it’s rust free when it’s not. Rust free means if you
could guess, free of rust. Not mostly free of
rust, not 98% rust free, not kills 99% of rust free. Rust free means rust free. Free of it! Too many times has the rust
free statement been overused. It’s abused, abolished
is what it should be because when you crawl underneath
a rust free California car only to find that salt water
rusted the entire subframe and the car was just repainted. Also, just remember emotional
attachment to a vehicle doesn’t make it worth more. I know, I’m sorry, it’s just
a thing that doesn’t work. Also, Facebook marketplace
is gonna be a dangerous place so be warned if you plan
on trying to sell a car on anything above Kelly Blue Book or NAD on Facebook Marketplace. It is a war zone. It is a free for all and
there is no white flag as to determining what’s gonna happen. So, what is the biggest
rookie mistake you’ve made when selling your car? Drop a comment link below. And of course guys don’t forget if you’re looking for
wheels, tires, suspension, Maybe you’re lookin’ to
beef up your resale value before you sell your car. You can put some wheels on
it ’cause that always helps, some tires, some suspension. It’s 100% investment. Definitely not biased. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you guys later, peace. (chill electronic music)

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  1. You haven’t already be sure to add your ride to our online fitment gallery

    Drop a comment below and let us know YOUR rookie mistakes!

  2. Bought a 2003 ford explorer that ran perfect, for $450. Drove it for a year, then traded it in to get a wrx. The best part about this, is that they paid me $700 as a trade-in value ?

  3. selling any sports car on FB marketplace

    gets message for the 100th time

    them: would you like to trade your car?

    Me: Not really, but it would depend on what you'd be trading?

    them: sends picture of sports bike

    Me: rolls eyes no thank you, not interested.

  4. Not me but my dad had a 1965 thunderbird, I know this because I saw baby pictures of me standing next to it when I went to ask him about it he told me that he got it off of his supervisors dad, for cheap my dad then resold it to buy him self a 1990s Camaro

  5. Also try to avoid selling to somebody out of state lol. Sold my G35 and was very clear on it's mods and how it's different from your "average daily driver"…. and well I shipped it across the country because some lady just gave the best offer, and man she was upset to say the least lmao

  6. Sorry for my ignorance, and I know it’s been modded but can anyone tell me what car that is in the thumbnail? It’s so nice

  7. When I bought my car from someone off Facebook marketplace. They left the carmax appraisal on the floorboard during my test drive. I knew how desperate they were and how little money carmax would give

  8. Left my slightly used blow up doll in the trunk. Tried to contact the person who bought the car and was blocked. So I'm guessing there having run with stephanie ?

  9. I've made so many mistakes…. I sold a gsr swapped da9 for 800 because I thought the motor was dead but a ground wasn't hooked up. I sold a 00 civic si clone with Ebay coilovers painted to look like Teins and flat black rattle can paint on front fenders bumper and fake mugen grill with Lou's custom exhaust. I sold it as "JDM" fresh. Now I'm older I feel bad for that.

  10. I swear, this is creeping me out?. I’m selling my car to invest in a 2019 Civic Si coupe in white and I needed a more in-depth vid of it, so Raiti’s Rides posted a video of it recently. THAT blew me away! Then, I see a video of y’all for trying to selling your car! This is just PURE MADNESS!?

  11. This doesn't work, guys. Trolls will report your listing as a scam and you'll have to end up reposting with as little info as possible.

  12. For example you can buy a bone stock s2000 for 8-9k easy but people out there put rims and coilovers on it and jack up the price to 15k.

  13. Every vehicle I have ever sold has been to a junk yard. 3 of the 5 were totaled by women drivers. The last car I bought was just a parts car, but it had unused condoms, half-smoked joints, kids toys, about $12 in spare change. It told an interesting story about the guy I bought it from…

  14. I got a '98 Camaro RS for my birthday from a lady at church who quit driving when her eyesight started going. Put about $2000 into fixing it and getting C5 Corvette wheels and thicc 275 width tires, and then wrecked it at 70 head on into a Lincoln Navigator. Sold for scrap at $100

  15. Say it with me now:

    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value
    Mods don't increase value

  16. I'm about to sell my G35. It's the first car I've modified and put my blood sweat and tears into and picturing it driving away makes me sad. I try to view it as just a bunch of metal parts and bolts but it doesn't help lol.

  17. * bangs limiter into parking lot meeting the possible buyer. * yeah man it’s my baby. Lightly used. Weekend driven. Heavily maintained. Barely driven hard. It’s great. smoke slowly rolls from under the hood

  18. Dang Alex, I wore my BC shirt today for the first time, and I am very impressed with the quality. Can't wait for some more fire shirts!!

  19. My car came with a stack of cassettes and one of them was the fresh Prince of Bel Aire, and another was salt n peppa

  20. Literally just yesterday I replied to someone's comment of "I find it really creepy when I talk about certain things about cars yall drop a video about said topic a day later" with "They made a "So you want a WRX" the day after I bought my WRX…", and now I've just put my WRX up for sale and yall make this video. Fitment Industries, WTF!?

  21. PART OUT is the best option now a days and sell the car STOCK AF KELLY BLUEBOOK does not include modifications

  22. I don't buy a car with the thought of selling shit I would like to keep it forever but…life has other plans…blown motors, axel braking causing to hit the barrier, or just bar out, ahh the good days?

  23. Blew my motor and sold the car to a guy who works next to where I work. He's a mechanic. He's familiar with the car, and the engine that I blew up in that car. He knows what he's doing. He'll be a good owner for it. However, when he got there, he had the annoying guy who works with him there, and the annoying guy gave me the money. So now, I get to hear the annoying guy constantly telling me what god awful thing he's done to my car today every single time I go in to work and he comes to buy something. Kill me.

  24. i aint selling my frs…it depreciated so much that it's not even worth it at this point. Turning it into a full blown track car! ?

  25. Why is "hit the driverside door before putting window down" hella true, my 04 g35 coupe has that problem??fuck facts

  26. rust free doesn't just mean exterior, I mean cmon people, take a look inside those strut tower assembly's…

    especially you 02-07 WRX owners i'm looking at you…

  27. I actually just bought a 92 300zx 2+2 NA and I was was wondering if I can ask you guys some questions on how to do some of the things I want to do. Lmk if you can

  28. Best Flip I’ve ever gotten, and I can safely say I’ve never lost money on a car, however it was a 2013 5.0 Mustang, bought it for fairly cheap, sold it roughly 6 months later, and made a 6k profit. Flipping can be rough, but have a reasonable price in your mind what you’ll sell the car for, and whenever someone says they wish to buy it, give them a # about 2-3k above that, then see what they say. Negotiation is key, as well as having good photos, description, and desirable car.

  29. You'll never get it back – Mods can increase the base value, but only at a fraction of what you paid for them (not counting install labor). It's just like upgrading a house, you need to be careful and generic if planning to eventually sell bc most likely buyers won't like upgrades that are "too custom" and will want to replace them so therefore wont be willing to pay extra for them. Stock and clean always yields highest profits. Tasteful upgrades dont hurt, especially for something that needed to be replaced anyway. Also, extreme mods imply extreme driving imply extreme wear. Finally, keep those reciepts and stick to oem unless a particular aftermarket part is known to be legit or isnt vital (ie wiper blades).

  30. Don’t forget to add the “BroTax” to the price of your car! Especially if you’ve modded it to the point where it may be referred to as a “HoeCatcher”. Some.people don’t agree with “BroTax” but hey, if you know you are selling a car you’ve loved more than your GF, you deserve to see some return.

  31. There’s actually a scam going around and it’s somebody who emails you or texts you and seems interested in the car. Then they ask you to pay like a car fax report for the car but they send you a link to a website that LOOKS like a car history one. Then they charge you 20$ and you never hear from that person again.

    One way to avoid this type of scam is to tell them you already have a CarFax and you can send it to them. They won’t bother you again once you tell them CarFax.

    Don’t put ur card info on random websites that people send you.

  32. having someone ask about the car then be obviously not interested, but still give my best sales pitch to someone who is NOT INTERESTED. wasted breathe and looked like a goose all at once

  33. I can’t wear the shirt, if I don’t have the coil overs.
    Just go ahead and send me a set, I’ll buy a couple shirts. Thanks, guys.

  34. the biggest rookie move i see is honesty…never tell the truth…lie about everything…and only meet people at night.

  35. I once tried selling a mustang convertible and i said the top goes up and down fine. When in reality the motor was going bad but while it went up and down slow i was asking about their past car experiences?

  36. Last year in school we had a few cars that were donated to us to work on, one was a manual, which the owner claimed it wouldnt start. turns out the floor mat was wedged behind the clutch so it couldnt be pressed in all the way?. The previos owner left a rose in the trunk ?. The other was a perfectly fine car that we ended up stripping apart ?, while doing so i found $20 under the rear seat and had free lunch for a week?.

  37. Mods do NOT generally increase the value of your car. The only time this is countered is when the buyer is looking for a specific modification that your car has. The overwhelming majority of the time, mods aren't considered as value added in the negotiated price. In fact, potential buyers who are interested in modding your car are typically looking for a blank canvas with which to start from. Who's to say their vision includes your mods?

  38. alex, you have no idea how many times i’ve seen “manual” tagged in e36s for sale posts only to scroll through the pictures and find out it’s an automatic

  39. I was tired of waiting, thought nobody wanted the car. I got rid of it. A month or so later after forgetting about the ad people were sending me messages offering more than what i asked for. Now I have no car and I'm broke. Be patient someone want to buy your car.

  40. No one would ever pit the thickest oil they can find in the car to hide a rod knock or a ticking noise….. right?

  41. Sold my mint 94 3000gt for 3000$ I wanted 5000$. I was super sad so I invested it all into amazon and doubled my money in 8 months Took that 6000$ and bought bit coin, now I own a Lamborghini and my own house!

  42. The biggest mistake is modding your car, and not making it able to be returned to stock. Nobody wants to buy a moddified car.

  43. My car is already worth more than when i bought it, because old car. Sure nobody wants a car that old, but that's not my problem, cause i'm not selling it.

  44. There’s so many scammers out there on offer up and Craigslist. Some more convincing than others. You can always check if it’s a scammer by calling back the number and if it instantly says “not available” it’s a scammer. Almost hard to determine who’s trying to scam you and who’s trying to buy your car since some of them are getting super ballsy and actually calling and talking instead of solely over text or email

  45. Also would everyone please stop fuckinh saying

    "I'm asking 4k but kbb or carfax has it evaluated at 60k with damage"

    Just stfu there's a reason I dont buy from kbb or carfax they're pure rape

  46. My rookie mistake was forgetting stuff too. I forgot to take my grandma out of the back seat, they guy thought it was an included item.

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