Rookie Mistakes When Building A Car

So I had a joke to like start the video but all I can get over Is how small this average it’s like tutorial size. How would you eat? I would crack my knuckles before I would get any work done with this beer. Like what do you What? What do you do with it? I’m just gonna put that down here we’re gonna keep that and now we’re gonna talk to you about different things that you’re probably going on and take into Consideration when you’re building your car and probably the top mistakes that you could possibly make When building your car when you’re really going into it there’s a lot of rookie mistakes that a lot of people make and we’ve talked about this in the past in terms of building your Car five myths five tips things like that, but now we’re going into like rookie mistakes And these are things that we’ve mentioned that we’ve talked about before things that we’ve brought up before and now we’re bringing it up again Because people are still doing it and we just feel the need to help We just feel like we feel like we need to help you and we’re here to do that. Ayudame por favor So the first thing that goes into it is don’t forget to check out wheels tire suspension at fitment issues comm there’s the sales plug I’m Alex from Pitman industries Don’t forget to subscribe hit the little bell thing If you really want to watch more of my face with the receding hairline Even though somebody got mad and said that because I was putting it like this and I’m trying to hide my receding hairline joke’s on You I’ve had this since I was like 6, ok, so it’s not going anywhere. It’s not receding It’s just a standalone lack of hair since the beginning Right, let’s get into it So the first thing that you’re gonna want to get into in terms of a rookie mistake is people that spent a lot of money out of the gate on part So there’s two types of people people that spend a ton of money on the car and then have no money for parts and then people that have like a decent car then spent all the money on the car parts or one singular car part like a QA or management things like that that cost like 4 grand or the three-piece wheels and they get you know Nothing else because they run out of money a way to not make that mistake is to diversify your funds diversify your portfolio You can impress your 401k guy with that word if you want across the things that you want to get so if you’re looking for wheels tire suspension So maybe some strut bars some arrow things like that window tint all that sort of stuff Try to figure out what your budget is gonna be for that and don’t dump it into the one coolest thing that you can find Because ultimately you’re gonna have really really cool wheels But the rest of your cars stock and at the end of the day that’s going to look terrible on the complete other side of the fence you People that spend way too much money on a singular car part and then you have the people that try to spend no money on Any of their car parts and here’s the thing there’s nothing wrong with being conscious about how much money you’re spending on your car if you want to be a cool adult and if You go out there and you watch YouTube. I know there’s people out there that are like I want to not make mistakes when I’m 20 and then you go and watch those videos where everybody tells you to not buy a house they tell you to Not buy an expensive car. They tell you to not have a girlfriend or dogs they tell you to pretty much have no life and Then you’ll save money and you won’t make any of the mistakes that they say that you’ll make in your 20s Even though I’m pretty sure that’s just called living not making a mistake with your life But if you want to if you really want to be careful with how you’re spending your money That doesn’t mean you should just go cheap on everything you do It means that you should buy Quality stuff when you’re buying it and then bet you’re paying attention to the stuff that you’re buying and how much you’re spending on Your car at the end of the not doing it when you really break it down from beginning to end Car parts can be really expensive. But if you figure out what you’re planning to spend before you go into it you’re actually probably gonna save yourself a lot of hassle because then you’ll be able to look at it and say what do I actually want out of my ten thousand dollar budget if I only have a five thousand dollar budget to work with and you’ll end up getting the things that you actually care about Instead of just splurging on one thing or splurging on nothing And if you go too cheap on parts, you’re gonna end up having to replace them anyway A lot of cheap parts end up not working as intended if you go on to ebay or wish which happens to be a thing These days you’re gonna end up being extremely Disappointed like that last tender date you went on last Friday We all have been there except for me because I wasn’t a part of that age Apparently people can just swipe now to date which is beyond me which is just crazy. It’s like The next tip that we have if you’re gonna be a rookie don’t make the mistake Please don’t make this mistake, please, please, please please. Please don’t make this sick I would rather see a car that I like don’t Really get then one that I love if it was built for anybody else besides You don’t build a car for other people because you’ll never enjoy it When you go down to different sort of car shows and things like that You’ll always see the people that are extremely proud of the cars that they’ve built because it’s been their vision since day one And so nobody else’s vision, but theirs but a lot of people these days Especially the younger culture has a tendency to try and build cars that everybody else has built before You go and you post up a carve your post up a picture of your brand-new FRS and the first comment site you’ll likely get is Wide-body it the first thing that you’ll get after that once your wide-body it is get three piece wheels the thing that you’ll get after That is please get a battle aero wing the next thing you get after that is air suspension You just everybody is always trying to tell you what to do make sure that you’re building a car for what you want because it Really when we look at cars in the gallery we can tell the difference between People that have built the car for themselves and people that have built the car to just try to kind of get attention You’ll ultimately fall out of love with your car If you don’t build it for anybody beside yourself, and if you haven’t had anyone do that in the past You could probably just drop a comment below and ask somebody and I’m sure somebody would pipe up but I know for a fact I’ve done it and other people have done it as well So if you’re gonna go into making a mistake That would probably be the biggest and most expensive one because you’re ending up spending all the money doing all the things and then you’re gonna look at it and you’re gonna be like That’s not even my car as we’re going on the discussion of mods Another couple of rookie mistakes is going into unbalanced and unnecessary mods when you go into unbalanced and unnecessary We were talking about the fact that when you’re at the car show and you see that 1:06 pull up that has a cam that sounds like it wants to eat You’re like, you know, baby sister’s face off Like the cam is angrier than like anything else you’ve ever heard before in your life and you’re thinking yourself you know would be really cool if I had that cam and you don’t realize that the car has been like professionally built or it’s like I don’t know a Thousand twelve hundred horsepower some sort of massive behemoth of a motor and yours is just a completely stock c5 that you managed to take The muffler out and it sounds cool but it’s an automatic So you really don’t tell anybody you just pray that nobody notices or looks inside your engine bay or looks inside the cockpit don’t do that because you’re gonna ruin it like Cams and excessive mods and unbalanced mods are something that a lot of people do because they just want to have the quick and easy Result instead of doing things the long and hard way a lot of supporting mods get missed nowadays because everybody just wants to get this turbocharged or forced induction or they want to do something crazy with wide wheels and they forget about the brakes or they forget about the tires that Ultimately results in the car being unbalanced and it results in a lot of mods being on You’ll actually find out that you can get a lot more out of a car in terms of overall driving experience If you go with things that are more moderate if you go with things that are actually going to work For how you drive the card now, if you drive your car a quarter SOT You know a quarter mile at a time like Vin Diesel and all you care about is that nine second quarter mile And it doesn’t go anywhere else then hell. Yeah, I’ll send it to you get yourself a mullet You can have yourself the biggest cam in the nation But if you plan on driving your car every single day It’s probably not gonna be the thing for you Which essentially bridges into just unbalanced mods when you’re going into unbalanced mods? You’re looking at things that ultimately Affect the overall ride quality or drive quality of your car and you end up spending a ton of money on some sort of powerhouse Thing in your motor and then you don’t back up your brakes. You don’t back up your suspension Are you doing back up your tires? And then you wonder why your car drives like shit? I can tell you why it’s because you made the car on Balance and it’s not really something that were too used to having But the same thing could be said for suspension modifications when you’re slamming your car to the ground You’re ultimately making it on balance. And if you really don’t like that look and you don’t think it’s worth it You’re probably not gonna have the greatest time driving your car which goes into a whole nother slew of things that we see a lot Of rookies tend to make is when they make car parts Intentionally unsafe and when they pair that with things like cheap tires or other things that happen to do it just like that Really caring about the overall drive quality of their car. What does that end up meaning? It means making your car unreliable When you go into things that really just make your car unsafe we’re talking about just not doing things the right way we’re talking about When people take shortcuts on different sort of setups with short door shifters linkages Polyurethane bushings and things like that going with the cheap alternatives or skipping it all Entirely or just trying to make things work for yourself now? I’m not gonna play coy and pretend that I’ve never done those things before either because I definitely have I’ve gone to Menards and I’ve used bolts that I definitely shouldn’t I’ve also used washers that I Definitely shouldn’t but you learn as you go and now I’m telling you to not go to Menards and don’t put washers in your drive Shaft to try and get your Datsun home because ultimately it’s not going to work and they’re alternately gonna loosen themselves over time and then you’re gonna wonder why when you press on the gas, There’s some sort of delay between the drive shaft and you pressing the gas I’ve made a couple mistakes Okay Just bear with me and that goes into cheap tyres and just making things on reliable when you really think about it You want the car to drive just as good as you want it to look but if you make it look really cool But it doesn’t drive worth a damn You’re really not gonna enjoy it and that’s something that we can pretty much say with utmost confidence Now that doesn’t mean that like you shouldn’t slam your car or that you shouldn’t have a function to it or you shouldn’t do something Crazy you want to go do something crazy and I would want anybody that’s going to build their car to go do something crazy just make sure that while you’re doing said crazy thing you give you your best shot to try to do it the right way and even if you mess up at least learn and then you can improve it next time around which goes into the last thing of Modifying your car past the point of being able to control your car now if you didn’t know but there’s a lot of people out there where you can buy 500 600 horsepower cars for like 40 to $30,000 now buying a modified Corvette is actually not that expensive And you can get a ton of bang for your buck Right now in the current day and age on cars that you wouldn’t be able to do 10 years ago what that ultimately is resulted in is a lot of people owning some pretty damn fast cars without being able to drive them and you Have this driver disconnect which results in poor driver mod? Really? What I’m trying to say is is when you’re modifying your car outside of the scope of your capabilities of driving it you’re ultimately Gonna have a terrible time because either it’s gonna kill you or you’re gonna be scared that it’s going to kill you Which both are okay as long as you’re practicing on how to drive it better and you’re taking it to events Or maybe you’re taking the autocross But make sure that if you’re gonna be modifying your car don’t be a rookie and throw a thousand horsepower at something and then crash It into a tree of your cars and coffee like every other Mustang owner has done in the past five years Ultimately, what modifying your car comes down to is being able to build it for yourself and making sure that you’re doing your research before? You modify your car There’s so many things that you can make mistakes on but that’s half the fun of Building a car is making the mistakes and figuring out what you did wrong so that you can fix it the next time around Nobody will ever get modifying or building a car right and to a lot of people you’re never finished building a car pretty much until you sell it what it really comes down is trying to make sure that you’re doing it the right way and if you’re gonna Do it the wrong way learning how to fix it and second time around So that you can keep building it keep having fun and keep building cars that are slightly outside of your comfort zone but not being So far out of the way, they ultimately lose and fall out of love of the thing that you’re trying to build So let us know if you made Sort of rookie mistakes when you built your first car in the comments section below and let us know What you’d like us to talk about next we looking for wheels tire suspension You guys know the drill fit If you’ve got any cool cars add it to our gallery at feminist recon /add I’m Alex from fitment industries that’s like the fourth time I’ve said it now it’s gonna be like a things to be like a twitch that I have as I’m Like sleeping fit and Industry. Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe. I’m Alex. We’ll see you later, please

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