Royal Netherlands Air Force: Customized maintenance tools for high-tech aircraft

Royal Netherlands Air Force: Customized  maintenance tools for high-tech aircraft

We make tools ourselves because we
have very unique items within the Air Force With a 3D printer we can repair our
components quicker and more safely We use it to print toolings, fixtures, and
prototypes with the highest standards Within the Air Force, there are
7,000 people who work there About 200 to 300 people actually fly The rest of the people are facilitating those guys The military grade we use for our weapons systems
is the most demanding of all of our components we use If those items break down, we
can’t just hire someone to fix that We have to do that ourselves We have created the ‘MakAIRsJop’ where everybody in the Air Force can
use new technologies like 3D printing to make his or her idea come to life The majority of people are people
who aren’t in a technical function It’s very accessible they only really need three hours to really
get to know the software and the hardware And the step that automatically happens after that is that they start looking at their
own environment where they work and start searching for solutions for
issues they have in their workplace When we started using the Ultimaker the engineer could design his
own tool or fixture he wanted print it, and just at that same time look
at it and see what he had to change So the iteration went from months to weeks A 3D printer should be a regular tool
in your set of tools to make stuff It can be placed everywhere It isn’t strange anymore to have a
3D printer sitting next to your workstation

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  1. We knew them all the time now in the racing car industry first time I saw printing carbon fibre I didn't believe it and now it's an everyday occurrence

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