If you’re looking for cheap games G2A has recovered link and Cashback code in the description Facebook the hopes that [razer] sounds posting something about a bacon sandwich and the place that has those really annoying auto play videos Which some were actually pretty cool you end up watching them anyway welcome to this video now There’s a big thing on Facebook that you may Know of and that’s buy and sell groups [one] are buying sell groups if you don’t know, what Facebook is [why] frankly then all Facebook is is something wrong? Well these buy and sell groups are basically usually local areas on Nationwide that kind of thing and they are selling things or buying things a lot of people post ads [fir’d] for anything from like fridges To TVs to [auto] blood know anything they have they want to sell You can usually pick up a bargain on there’s pretty good actually I’ve never bought anything from there cuz it would be a bit weird, but I mean I know people But how there’s one type of buy and sell group that I am quite interested in joined quite a few able to see what? Comes up every now and again in my feed usually complete bollocks So that’s why I thought I make a video on it the first one. We’re gonna look at today is Modified cars for sale I know interesting right uk car culture never out of it, okay there is some but it’s very difficult to find by uk car culture the majority [of] you will know it as Basically the corsa that drift around on the seafront at like 12:00 at night That’s that’s the uk car culture mostly there is some nice bits to it, but this group I imagined is going to show us a lot of that side and also hopefully some good stuff as well everywhere I get started a Lot of these cars. I may actually like a lot of these cars, and they dislike I’m just going to express my opinion. Don’t actually you know go to these people and insult them about their cars I’m gonna. Do my best to make that as available as possible [now] This is the first one that I actually saw it was quite interesting [now]. This is a forged like golf I already kind of thing I but I don’t know exactly how it all works, but this is this is [a] car That’s all for sale log this group for free apparently is it free some of them say free and then they’re not free Maybe it is free okay. It’s not phrase just listed as free on there, but anyway basically What the thing that? Caught my eye is the fact that this thing says Hooligan on it And now I assume that maybe he saw some people’s hoonigan stickers and thought oh yes. I rather like that’s all fucked Hooligan [on] the front of my car [and] and no usually so much of these like angel eyes The cat [is] just out of place. I don’t really know why they’re there face is kind of freaky He actually looks a little better here now that their lights aren’t actually like scuffed up and foggy and crap But the beast it’s a 1-point important point eight It’s amazing I know but I mean come on. Let’s not be nasty to it It’s doubly nested in my store be a base doesn’t matter if it’s got four cylinders It’s tall might be a base, but this thing’s for sale. Let’s see how much I don’t think anybody’s like Actually accepted anybody offer yeah, but so actually he wants to sell it for 750. He does say is breaking I mean, I guess that’s fair But then you get the really weird ones that are usually people that don’t have modified cars. Whatsoever like the only modification I can clearly see about this is you’ve got the replacement tires. All you freakin hubcaps of come on like I Know who has really modified about that like the lights the lights or [the] persia. Oh wait. No, it says Christie on the back That’s the modification says Christie on the back. You know the car is absolutely amazing right? It’s a [may] amazing amazing value And it’s not like depreciated to absolutely nothing at all when it says on the actual description of it Then it still has a half tank of fuel like not a full tank right that would be pushing it It’s got a half tank of fuel Wow Wow, amazing can actually tell that those letters [are] actually from Halfords For those that don’t know what [hell] [that] is is like the auto parts store That’s like very popular and has well a lot of idiots that go there and you can buy like exhaust tips that you glue on you know it’s that kind of place now this next one is honestly an Incredible looking machine someone’s trying to sell the fucking bike for 70 quid on a modified cars for sale in the uk page I’m not exactly Fucking why to show that it’s not all doom and gloom [this] for example is [actually] pretty nice cars look so much better when they don’t have a Number plate on the front in the uk we have to have it a lot of people don’t actually here’s a little thing actually for You that I actually found out I don’t know if there’s a whole percent true But I think [this] is how it works? if you Remove your plate from your car and drive around without front plate you can get fined on the spot if you get pulled over you Don’t get any points on your license, but [you] get like her I think it’s on [swat] usually a thirty pound fine something like that might not even be that sometimes it might be 60 something like That I don’t know exactly hundred percent as I said, but this is just going off [of] something I’ve read online But if you have a plate that is too small or not the right shape or something Then you get the fine which is in 30 or 60 pounds and you get points on your license What’s [a] I don’t understand? Why front plates are even a thing in the uk? I really really don’t like like I could get if the cameras took pictures with nothing on but most cameras take pictures From behind like some I guess maybe do take the front of them as maybe why but if that’s the case then fucking Bikers can get away with it cuz bikes don’t have from plates, so it doesn’t make any sense This is [pretty] nice and look at those that are actually actually Houses with garages in the uk can you believe it and there’s some information Amazing that’s a diesel. You’ve heard of the Corsa You’ve heard of the astra, and you know I absolutely fucking hate both of those things well There’s something I would say I hate more than both of those cars not the course I may be the course I hate more but anyway getting to the point this thing This is the this is basically like a big oversized [courser] this thing usually has a very tiny engine just like the Corsa, and it’s just very [interesting] people carry that everybody by and It’s [trying] [to] be sporty here. Is they’ve tried to make a small version Oh for God’s sake they actually put a decal on it There as you I need to I need to actually look at this because I don’t know anything like about the specs of this thing I was actually a little bit worried [that] I was I wasn’t sure if that thing actually has a turbo, but it it does oh oh Maybe they put a turbo gauge in it when it doesn’t have a turbo. I wouldn’t be surprised by this okay [I] should have probably just carried on looking and I would have eventually figured out that Maybe he does, but yeah, this is basically a look at the exhausts on that thing [oh], [God], that’s amazing will it fit on me course or as well mate. I’ll love a big family coarser I don’t understand and honestly why would you buy one I don’t understand why [people] buy Minivans or anything like these type of cars because Basically you just you just take take all your dignity and you push it under a rug Maybe that’s why this person is selling the car because they realized that [wow] I’ve made this this my car And I’ve decided to modify my dignity is gone to shed know that I could speak very much because I’ve got a stock Lexus with loads of stickers on and Ribs is fucking like is it like a lifted truck family carrier Welcome to the uk car culture my friends rheem rims are actually really cool I actually like to [put] like brightly colored rims on a lot of my cars on games when I make them But usually you have to have [a] so color combination like if you’re gonna do green Rims Usually have like a black car or a white car [cuz] if you do anything else It’s going to end up looking like a fruit salad He’s trying to make okay. It’s not awful. It’s not the worst car I’ve seen on this but I mean look at the monster stick the monster sticker confuses me a lot of it like I’d understand [why’s] [there] a monster this thing has to [loss] power [comes] to this person? Which is actually not too [bad] for this bloody this bloody thing [but] I’ll welcome actually there are [tail] that back actually looks pretty nice I like I’ve got the green lights, and it’s actually not the worst thing on this on this page How much are they asking for it they haven’t they haven’t said I’m guessing nobody really wants to buy You could have changed the grill mate, or is that an old picture? [what] else do you expect to [find] on a modified car page website thing on Facebook well? How about a fucking caravan? Why are you why do you have your caravan for sale like okay? Motorbikes, I mean no, but still Somewhat I could understand the law bet tiny tiny bit still shouldn’t be in the group, but a fucking Caravan [yeah], [I’m] just gonna put my [caravan] on that Facebook page. What fears will pinch of cars for sale in the uk modified What this maze this is not a nice cut no I don’t think anyone’s gonna buy this from you mate 200 200 quid and I’d rather buy a cardboard box look at this you’re not gonna clean it up or anything Jesus wet you do get two cars what you can’t really complain about them cuz they’re not really that bad. They’re just [canon] bad But they say I used to might like I could I could see myself. I’d drive there one thing I hate about small cars like this is like the very very tiny exhaust like you couldn’t even [stick] [your] fucking Finger in there like it’s that it’s like that [I] don’t understand why why’d you want miniscule exhaust like hide that thing just just hide it They even use a look at that thing but to be fairly steady important massive fire [con] on it. I guess that makes sense Like the blacks out everything they’ve tried to go [Mandem] and the rims they’ve got the silver ring one is not quite mine them So it’s like a very slightly almost [mundane] the closest you get to a [mandem], but you didn’t put an exhaust on it I don’t know why [no] cars [or] dog edition if you will it’s just so cool Basically like massive rims on a slammed like cadillac with bags or something it looks awesome in my opinion I think looks really really cool some people don’t like it some people love it How do we do that in the uk we do with grandad fucking range Rovers apparently? What are those rims? I don’t know That does they don’t suit the car at all they really knows who that I mean I was gonna say at least right it’s doing a bit of off-roading [alright], but the same time those Rims They’re gonna get dirty pretty quickly this this thing is modified because of those Rims [I] reckon that’s one of almost got a stereo in there [calcine] modified can sell on the modified car page Amazing but this for example. This is cool This is what I’d love to see in the page like this is clean this is beautiful This is something I would consider buying because it is really really nice but at the same time eight and a half grand for this in my eyes I Couldn’t spend that, but because I don’t like Subaru without enough to be able to spend a lot of them It was like a [22b] style. Not exactly 22 big of them We’re going to get a [22] P4 [egg] and half gram But you get the idea this version of the Subaru not the biggest fan of [it] But anyway, the point is it’s a nice car. Okay. It’s a very nice car Which I think should get a lot of attention on this page has it got a lot of attention no Why? Why when you into a [piece] like this [from] the uk you’d expect everything to be costs omastar as well It was only a matter of time we’ve got an astra, but it’s ok [to] [GSI] swap or sell for a pound [I’ll] get you a quid for it mate I’ll get you a quid for it ah is that a corset [someone’s] [trying] to swap their coarser That’s the freakiest looking course, [Er] I’ve actually ever seen not really sure I’m matt, but they’re basically tryna Swap their coarser for this thing now would you accept that I honestly wouldn’t I think? [mastery] is an upgrade from a [core]. So that’s just how it works. I think that’s a new 1/4 obviously [but] I Mean that’s not the worst looking thing in the world, right? It’s it’s it’s not Terrible and of course the course it has to be [a] thousand pounds [we’ll] get you this [coarser] thousand pounds you [could] fuck off Cuz I could probably sell my lexus for it to someone for about a thousand pounds. Oh, you fuck up. Yeah I mean reneik everyone it anyway the only thing out of occations about it Ed the rims, and I believe they have [coilovers] on it That’s pretty much it then was then [unboard] [get] from fucking Alford’s you know I he’s gone too modified car mates and everything look at that. I mean. He’s just taking a picture in a garage [oh], I’m just assuming as a car. So one point term. Oh, and someone’s trying to swap this for it. Don’t do that Just keep keep yours Keep yours. What [are] you doing? That’s that’s cool as bachelors page But I found some pretty cool ones in here actually look at this look at this classic mini That is actually really really nice pictures on here as well. This is really cool like this is well looked after as well It’s not it’s not a bag of shit. It’s pretty good You can see all the likes of attention this one got but as anyone can actually buy it What offers did he get does any of them say but I tell you about some really nice car anyway, I? Guess we’re pretty much done roaming this group. Maybe this is another one Maybe maybe you want to send me some ants that you find all across the internet to do with cars for sale that will be quite cool I found a lot of you has sent me some interesting ones before which I have considered bidding on a few times and lost Thankfully, but if you did enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe if you’re new I must guys in the [next] video

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  1. The reason you dont get points for not having a plate over having the wrong plate is because plates can fall off and the wrong plate means you did it on purpose. Bright alloys? Then you got the nerve to slag off the car culture in the uk…… then there is the R34 fuck off the worst skyline going another hint that you want to be an american…….oOoOoOoOo the 34 is godly …… yeah no it's not.

  2. Just saw that some idiot was willing to trade an ‘01 WRX manual with a Blitz exhaust and HKS turbo parts for that Zafira… smh

  3. The reason people buy 2003-2005 Zafiras is because they're cheap, but they have a pretty nice engine for that price. They have alot of room inside (7 seats), the front lights never have to be replaced or fog up, never. It's economic, and here in europe there are plenty of replacement parts everywhere for it.

  4. wow you are so un educated

    family carrier …. opc zafira gsi standard 230bhp there are other sleepers out there pushing 500hp

    and hey some of us need 7 seats plus alittle fun time …. drive one or here's a thought come out with me in mind you will soon see what they're about

  5. Front plates are a health hazard did you know what used to happen to people with the old front plated on bikes people got cut up look at some of the older Arial bikes where the plate was placed along the front mud guard you can guess what happened to peds and the rider if they went at speed. The small plates like they have in other countries are useless how is a speed camera supposed to identify the charters when the bike is moving at speed.

  6. No offence to you like not people have got seven grand to afford a custom-built Etc i’m 17 and I haven’t BMW one series might not be modified but I don’t care

  7. Car Hotline: Hello.
    Theo:!I have found something horrific!
    Car Hotline: Oh no, what is it..
    Theo: A Range Rover
    Car Hotline: ….
    Theo: On THE ROAD!
    Car Hotline: hangs up…

  8. The Vauxhall Zafira GSi IS TURBOCHARGED!!! It has a 2.0 Turbocharged Family II I4 engine, get your facts right Theo

  9. i just noticed the song in the background (if im hearing it right) Capital Steez (RIP) sampled it for his song "Doggybag" on his album. Steez Remixed Action Bronson "Shiraz" & Action Bronson sampled
    Clerance Reid – Living Together Is Keepin Us Apart & Brother Jack McDuff – The Shadow Of Your Smile there you go, if anyone is into Steez and samples and all that nice find and both songs are really good too yall should check them out

  10. All the ricers happen to reside around where I live, theres like 3 i've seen so far. A red fart-can Fiesta makes the school run everyday, an orange Clio ploughs up the main street from time to time, and I sometimes see a horrible blacked-out fart-can Peugeot 206 drive past my house.

  11. Why so much hate on the corsa?? It's a nice car if your poor AF and like reliable cars that you can rice tf out of😂

  12. People buy minivans etc because they don’t care what their car looks like and it’s works good for what they need. They not everything is about how good it looks

  13. people buy people carriers to carry people and it for space since they can't fit their family in any other car and if they buy an suv it will be to big

  14. Saw a Lambo with a wrap from a London company at a Car Show.
    Had no front numberplate, instead it had the letters and numbers on the car's wrap.
    It was below the badge, this being an Aventador.
    Can't you do that?

  15. Ugh I do hate how your acting like you know what your on about , educate yourself before taking piss 😂cringe man

  16. Angry bois in the comment section going on about the mods and speed and shit, stfu, he’s basing it on looks and most of them look like ricer pieces of shite, especially that 7 seater corsa with a fucking BOOST GAUGE.

  17. Just because it’s a Vauxhall doesn’t mean it’s crap, yes we know chavs drive some of them but that doesn’t mean we should slag them off, if you’ve drove a z20let you would soon change your opinion 😊

  18. My uncle has 350hp turboed vauxhall astra vxr in black and a metallic grey double race stripe brembo brakes sparco seats front and stock rear seats at back

  19. Those zafira gsi’s are fucking rapid. I’ve been in a 320bhp one, fully forged ect and it doesn’t hang about. Don’t knock it till you have a go in one👀

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