Russian Rides: UAZ Pickup @Russia: Tips, Tricks & Travel

Russian Rides: UAZ Pickup @Russia: Tips, Tricks & Travel

Hi everyone and welcome to Russian Rides I’m your host Tim Kirby and my mission is to test out every car that the Russian auto-industry has to offer. And today, we have this big bad boy. Ya know, the name of a car makes a difference,
my mom had a ’92 For Taurus. Taurus like a big strong bull but it was a boring sedan, but this is the UAZ Pickup and it is a pickup truck… so logical…
so wonderful! Well in Russian they say the word (pickup) like
“PEEEEK AHP” … not as nice but in English it’s fantastic. So let’s take a look at this big, not very expensive,
pretty cool looking pickup truck. Oh ho ho! That sweet sound! Like a Harley Davidson
the engine noise from this machine is fantastic. UAZ makes a family of vehicles that are all really big it sort of blurs the line between truck, SUV and jeep. But the main they have to offer is size they are all big and this vehicle claims to seat 5 comfortably, two upfront, three in the back and hold up to 200 kg of stuff in the back. But guess what we’re going
to put this truck bed to the test. So every year my family goes to with me to America; that’s wife and two kids and we take 3 suitcases and one big army duffle bag with us, about that much stuff maybe a little more and that barely even scratches the surface of the capacity of this truck bed. That makes me a happy man. Well, as is tradition let’s get into the pluses and minuses of this UAZ Pickup. The biggest plus is the price it only costs from
$13,000 – $15,000 for a pickup truck this big. Yeah that’s a good price! Plus parts for almost all Russian cars are pretty cheap and they are usually easy to fix. However, this thing really eats you on the gasoline,
it gets 13 liters per 100km or in a more logical measure it gets about
20 miles per gallon. But to be honest my dad used to have a pickup truck that did 10 miles a gallon. So 20 is maybe not so bad. So we have taken this thing through the mud through big ruts and guess what? It can handle everything. Two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive we can off road in this bad boy. But but while we were testing it out this little white part here on the door got jammed and we had
to fix it ourselves. So it’s a fantastic for going off road but the doors… sss… a little on the shaky side, not so great. There aren’t too many more minuses
about this machine, I guess the only one that I can say is that when you sit on your car keys you can accidentally set off the car alarm. That’s kind of a downer. But another massive plus,
speaking of massive, look at all the space, leg room, space for stuff, you close this thing, open this thing more space, and go look at the back seat. Look I’m a dad I’ve got two kids look at the space for children and they even had leg room. You’d be surprised how many cars have no legroom
for kids in the back seat. And, of course, the truck bed… even more space!
Lots of space, fantastic! I think that that is probably the biggest plus of this vehicle tons and tons of space for stuff and kids. Ohhh that was fun, oh that was awesome! An off road vehicle that can actually go off road; it’s a fantastic thing not like fake SUV’s but anyways we end every episode with a big question would I personally, me Tim Kirby buy this vehicle? YES! Why? Because it’s a big ole pickup truck which is very America but it’s also very rugged and Russian and you put America and Russia together you get something that looks kinda like it’s for me. So I’d buy it, I don’t know about you, like, share comment and I guess all that’s left to say is До свидания!
Let’s go fishin’.

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  1. Great video! Though I would argue with the "pretty cool looking" part… It's umm… not the best design… could have come up with something cooler…

  2. THX for the video. UAZ has progress for every generation of his jeepikov. Кстати, Нивку на берегу заметили?

  3. УАЗ – это олицотворение России. Мощный и грозный, но скромный, однако же когда надо, наподдаст и не даст себя в обиду, те, кто всячески поносят этот автомобиль, просто до него не доросли.

  4. Уаз-это легенда!!!
    Уаз,Калашников,портянки,матрёшка,балалайка и 100гр.фронтовых!!!
    Это не победить!!!)))
    Спасибо за видео)))

  5. Покупай УАЗ с самоблоком мостов, кондеем, завышенным воздухозаборником и тентом на грузовую часть! Тогда, не только Американцы мощь нашей сборки поймут!!! Прокатись на ГАЗ 66, там есть все, кроме кондея и удобства!

  6. расход топлива 13 литров??? Тим, не обманывай себя и других в заблуждение не вводи! По трассе 12 литров ест при 100-110 (на практически новом Патриоте на дальняк именно такой расход был). А по городу/бездорожью – 17-20 литров. И еще – при таком количестве шикарных американских пикапов обратить внимание на этот УАЗ…Блин, ну даже с учетом, что качество Патриотов/Пикапов действительно немного подтянули, это надо быть просто по уши влюбленным в эту марку, чтобы купить его.. другого объяснения не вижу. За цену нового УАЗ Пикап на рынке множество альтернатив б/у пикапов японского и американского производства, купив который, действительно можно быть уверенным в качестве авто, что оно утром заведется и повезет, а не все планы на день поломает (знаю, о чем пишу). Лучше уж "Нюша" (ВАЗ 21213/21214) – сидушки задние выкинуть вот и багажник нормальный (они все равно только для малых детей там). По трассе и бездорожью все тоже самое, а по надежности на порядок выше! Все вышеизложенное – ИМХО!!! Которое никому не навязываю..

  7. Тим российский журналист, он прекрасно читает, пишет и говорит по-русски. А вот видео, скорее всего, рекламное.

  8. ХМ. Америкос на УАЗ работает походу. Столько похвалы.Хм. Места многа, жрет норм, места многа, дети влезут, едет по гомну. И вот все что рассказал то. Мотор коробка мосты надежность краска, ничего не сказал. Так. Вода и надутая американская крутость

  9. What size is the engine? 20mpg AND 4WD! Not bad! My 2000 S10 2.2L 4 cyl gets 23mpg highway on a good day. All in all a tough rough and tumbly durable design is more important to me than fancy bells and whistles.

  10. You talk about how nice the engine sounds but not once do i hear the engine in this otherwise okay but kinda sressy presentation. Ps musik helps with that.

  11. What size is the engine? At 20 mpg I’d think a 4 cylinder. And was the 200kg truck bed load correct. 400 ish pounds sounds way to light

  12. одно могу сказать ….стоянка зима 2016 года Подмосковье….утро мороз почти минус тридцать….подхожу сажусь завожу и еду…еду!!!!и так бля каждый раз в течении всей зимы…..зато голубчики на мерседесах….Вольво…бмв…киа….не заводились…а стоят в два раза дороже…не слушайте никого….за свои 900тысяч патриот отличный авто

  13. This is the most expensive Russian SUV, which only has a 4-cylinder engine and only a manual gearbox. 6 or 8 cylinders and automatic transmission do not have russia. This is all that the Russians are capable of for today. Russia is a country of the third order, a raw material appendage of the west, it's a shame.

  14. The fascia looks like an old-model mitsubishi pajero/montero. A more "muscular" look, a higher load capacity, and a larger, more powerful engine (say a turbocharged 3.0-liter I6 or V6) can make this truck more attractive to more people. This truck can be built in Thailand or Vietnam for the asian market.

  15. Я хочу спросить, кто-то здесь тестирует патриарха УАЗа раньше, чем его производительность?

  16. Its lately the cool looking russian made light pick-truck I have see ( the rest as strong and well made) but not so good looking. I hope see its soon in my country Panama, for the good old Lada days.

  17. it is very interesting – discover what you thing about our cars). But in our country this cars dislikes for weak but very hungry engine. Аs a way to solve the problem people use turbine and some another updates. eat not 12-13, all 20 litr/100km
    And its not offroad. this is russian offroad:

  18. I used to own one of your cars. I wanted one, but I did not find it in Egypt, although it is very popular in Egypt and its problem is the unavailability of spare parts.

    How much price for pickup 2019 by $ ?

    Do you have an agent for your car in egypt ?

    I think this make vere high sale in Egypt?

    Im can contact you with big agents in Egypt

    Contact : 00201204540234 – 00201273731100
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    Thank you

  19. Looks like a lot of fun to drive. Definitely worth the money,. Being an old fart, I prefer a more luxurious smooth ride to this vehicle.

  20. Honestly this is like getting excited about a Nissan Frontier quadcab, which is also ancient but yet lightyears ahead of this

  21. Niva much better car by far only Russian in this vehicle is name UAZ engine Korea, transmission Korea,Transforcase Korea Russian my Ass.

  22. No comment on engine, driveline, locking differentials, approach angles, body plates, or suspension. Totally useless review and what is with those tiny tires? Hardly the stuff of real off road capability.

  23. By the time this truck is made compliant with the US nanny state regulations it will not be so affordable. We are not allowed to drive simple and durable vehicles anymore in the US. Things like air bags, ABS and tire pressure monitors drive up the cost… but it's for safety right? Then why can we still drive motorcycles? Wish it was available here but I doubt it will ever be.

  24. How do I purchase this here in the United States? Or do I go to Mexico and purchase it there because they have a dealer ship over there

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