Rust Encapsulator on My Classic Car from Eastwood

Rust Encapsulator on My Classic Car from Eastwood

well i got my good friend John Sloan
from the eastwood company with me today John how you doing man I’m doing great how about you great to
have you well today we’re going to talk about the Nemesis of the car hobby rust
and as we know rust never sleeps it’s not just that’s
right that’s right and there’s a there’s really only a
couple things you can do about it I mean you can remove it mechanically or
chemically or chemically or you’re going to capsulate it and that’s why we came
out with rust encapsulator encapsulator suits those areas where you can’t
effective we chemically or mechanically remove rust well the whole the whole concept of rust
encapsulation just it sounds like voodoo to me but buddy you’ve got proof that
it’s not it really does amazing stop it really does work these i love this
little display here now this is a what some some pieces you
put together both rusty and clean metal right this is just typical of what we do in
R&D to test our products to make sure that they’re performing as they should
and we’ve taken panels that were pretty rusted and clean steel panels and
applied one and two coats of three of our popular rust encapsulator now that
section at the bottom is unprotected obviously and you can see what two
months of real world whether exposure did and so that’s what you basically do
it did you get it took these rusty clean
rusty clean rusty clean in with one two coats of three different colors and then
you just send them back outside right exactly it very scientific all right but it but
that’s the way it is real world i mean that’s what you’re going to do with your
your car lot of times it’s been a lot of times that’s what the home hobbyist will do he’s working on the
panel or a part of the car for a little while has to put it outside and and so even i
guess i’m amazed that this because you’re going to coat even at a pre
rusted piece with it with a mirror one coat and and it holds up really well I’m
sure two is better than one we are impressed at how well it does
work with the single code but there’s no question that giving it a second coat is
greatly enhance sure overall ok so just so let’s talk about
i’m gonna i’m gonna use it i don’t know somebody was on a chassis that was lost
a lot and I wanted to look nice going to make a showy car what do i do what i start with it’s very easy to use all you need to do
is remove any loose rust and you can do that simply by hand wire brushing and
then you would follow up with perhaps pre-painting perhaps someone you’re
you’re you’re free here which is kind of a another solvent is clean and degrease
anybody any residue that might be there that’s right you want to make sure that
the surface is free of any grease wax well residues and and free will take
care of that then I just died hit it with the Russian
capital a right and that can be a brush or spray applied and you’ve got what
three different colors for different colors for different colors so I and I
can just spray that on I can brush it on tonight can I run the
the the bulk stuff through a spray or not you can all you need to do is thin
at about fifteen percent with lacquer thinner and you can spray it with your
spray gun wow so now I’ve been calculated my rust and obviously it’s
going to hold up pretty well then since we’re talking about a chassis you guys
have had you know chassis black for for a long time in both the the high gloss
in the and a satin finish but you’ve got a new version of that the
the extreme chassis black yet because of the popularity of our original
formulation chassis black and and advances in chemistry we wanted to come
out with a better version of chassis black and this is actually three times
more durable than our original formulation chassis black and I can go
right over right over my rust encapsulator right over the right
of translator now is any thing you have to watch out with the calculator or any
overspray issues it would will react with body filler ringing you know that
that’s a good point because when you’re using rust encapsulator on a rusty area there may be clean metal around it and
you may be concerned is going to stick the green metal and certainly it will
not only will stick to clean metal and the rusty metal it will also work over or under body
filler all right well you know on the most other coatings aight i think i think you got I think
you’ve got it solved you can calculate the rest it was chassis black and get
yourself a nice nice chassis there that’s right you fix the problem of rust
never sleeping if you want anything more about rust
encapsulator chassis black or any other greatest food products log on to my
classic car . com I got some checking tell you I’m gonna
count visit Eastwood garage . com v premier website for unique vehicle
restoration tools and supplies

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  1. the shop is called clasic car but in the beggining theres like a dodge viper haulin ass outta there!?

  2. @chevygearhead454

    Well its all fake. But the products are real. You see, they have to have a way to display the product so what better than create a garage infomercial.

  3. @chevygearhead454 It is actually a Corvette C5R, but it is just an intro. There are two classic cars still sitting there too.

  4. If the rust is heavy and has affected the integrity of the metal, the solution is to cut out the rust and replace it with new metal.

  5. just putting a small panel "outside" isn't a true model for rust corrosion. Those small pieces never get road salt on them to begin with which is a major factor. I'm uncertain about this product.

  6. your test is done on rust on metal surface without paint.  Can the encapsulator be sprayed over clean rust/paint combination surface?  Or do I need to sand away the paint surface down to rusted metal?

  7. Whats the best way to stop rust in the seam joint body panel on a chev  S10 1985 king cab truck rear back window just above the molding the seam .!

  8. Can you use an engine cleaner spray to clean the underside of my Escape prior to spraying the rust encapsulator?

  9. Is it OK to spray epoxy primer over rust encapsulater?–I like to seal the whole car with epoxy primer but it is 2 part and the encapsulator isnt–so?

  10. Can you use filler over encapsulator? Or do I need to use filler to cover rust pits and then use encapsulator? Okay, you just said it would work either over or under filler. GREAT! Now I know what to do next.

  11. Great product. NOT so great customer service. Placed an order for two quarts last night. This morning I look on their site and see they lowered the price by eight bucks, so I called to see if they'd grandfather me in on the deal, but the manager refused to accept the coupon code over the phone (even though it went through perfectly fine on both my end and the customer service reps end). Needless to say I wasn't very happy about it. Next time I'll look for a similar product from a different manufacturer if I need it. I don't like companies who don't make the effort to do what's right for their customer's.

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