Salad Bowl Sink — Prison Bus Conversion #25

Salad Bowl Sink — Prison Bus Conversion #25

To build out the interior of the prison bus,
I’ve been working my way counter-clockwise around … first building my power cabinet,
then my kitchen unit and some shelving alongside it, and now I turn to … the bathroom sink
cabinet. And I suppose it’s time that I told you that
I’ve been stockpiling a lot of … free stuff for the bus … including a couple of Kohler
sinks that I thought might work in the bathroom. The free stuff comes from my side thing of
being an Amazon reviewer, and you’ll see more of this stuff make its way into the bus in
upcoming videos: I have all kinds of LED lights in stock, an awesome mattress, hinges, knobs,
and all kinds of other stuff that I think will work out well. Holding the Kohler sinks in place, though,
they seemed too big for the small space of the bus bathroom. So I opted to go for a DIY vessel sink type
deal using one of our Ikea salad bowls. I don’t think Melissa will even notice that
it’s gone. I also got a few free faucets as product samples
a while back, and opted for the brushed steel one. I think it’ll look good as it flows water
into Melissa’s favorite salad bowl turned sink. For the countertop, I first cut a hole in
a piece of plywood … but got some pretty bad tear out. So I opted to use the left-over section of
kitchen countertop that I’d cut out for that sink. And I think the look will tie the two spaces
together And with the bowl fabricated and with holes
drilled in the rim to hold it in place, I got to work building the bathroom cabinet
… which I built in place just like the other ones, since everything is so prison-bus irregular in there. And one funky thing: I had to sculpt out part
of this front piece, just to accommodate the bulge of the bowl …. which now needed a
big hole drilled in the bottom to serve as a drain. No turning back now. And I was glad to see that I had this drain
fixture left over from another project, bringing the total cost for this sink to roughly zero
dollars. And then I just needed to plumb the waste
line. This meant drilling what I hope is the last
hole in the prison bus floor, and then replacing yet another dulled hole-saw bit … and then running the PVC waste lines. The black thing on the line here is an AAV,
or air admittance valve, which keeps the line from burping and gurgling … and it just
barely fit in the space under the sink. Note that I went across to the other side
of the bus with this waste line, and that was to meet up with the gray tank. I guess the water from the bathroom sink will
be minimal and could have gone into the black tank, but that’s reserved exclusively for
toilet flushing. Up top it was more huffing PVC cement fumes then I got to work on the bathroom wall paneling. In my next videos: Some cabinets for the kitchen refrigerator,
a flip-up kitchen table, and some kind of pull-out or flip-down couch up front. Thanks for watching, liking, commenting, and
sharing. It’s supposed to be in the low 20s this coming
week, but I can promise you that I’ll find some time to get out in the bus to work.

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  1. Nice! I did not see if you can clean the P-Trap. Amazon reviewer? What kind of refrigerator will you be using?

    Glenn Lever

  2. Heeyyyy man. I'm lovin this build. I've watched every video of this series. Can't wait till it's finished..💯💯 keep up the great work

  3. I don't see no stinking salad bowl!!!!!!!  all I see is a sink…. bet your wife won't even recognize it unless you tell her…. love it…. drilling stainless is fun ain't it  🙂

  4. Well done Spencer! I'm really enjoying this Prison bus project 😀 I'm watching them with a beer and popcorn like a movie haha keep going!

  5. Finished watching all the Prison Bus Conversion videos, very nice job. On another note does your wife have any sisters? You have a wife every man dreams of having (one that puts up with our projects, and actually helps on them when needed).

  6. OH MY GOD!!!! HELLO! I just watched all of your videos. I have so many questions. I so badly want to do this for myself, but I dont have any tools OR skills. I'm a 25 year old woman and I have always been interested in building shit but I never got into masonry, I don't know plumbing, I dont know electrictian shit, but I would love to build my own bus. What advice do you have for someone like me?

  7. I have seen a coulpe with the salad bowl. I really like the idea. It's small enough for the room but big enough to wash hands (with homemade organic soap) of course.

  8. I started watching you bus build, like many others, to get ideas and to see how others tackled obstacles like counters, sinks, etc. The method you show makes it easier to see how the cabinets go together; especially for the carpentry-challenged like myself. Good video!

  9. So before going on building the interior of our expedition truck we should become Amazon reviewer first 😉
    Looks great your salad bowl!

  10. Which state are you? Would you consider to convert one of these for me? How much would it cost if we get it delivered to you and we would pick it up? Thanks. MM

  11. Don’t make a “salad bowl” sink. It’ll leak and leave you with a huge headache. The bowl isn’t indented around he drain so water will sit around the lip of the drain and eventually leak out or just stay there forever. Save yourself the multiple headaches and just buy a real sink.

  12. LOVE the home made bathroom sink. I've been creeping along video by video and I seriously can't wait to see this bad boy completed. Gonna be awesome.

  13. Love the bathroom sink idea Meta. Instead of recessing the bowl could you have installed it on a rim of some sort so it was raised above the level of the cabinet top? I suppose it is nice to have a clean flat surface though. Great idea for a sink.

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