Save Money on Car Repairs and Used Cars (The Frugalicious Show)

Save Money on Car Repairs and Used Cars (The Frugalicious Show)

[music] BITSY: Now when you’re talking about cars,
the best site you’ve got to go to is, it’s the best site in the
category, and it features things like price quotes on new and used cars,
it’s got a forum, financing, credit tips, and an advice column. But my
favorite section is their women and family car guide. It’s all about finding
the right car for your family’s needs. Love that site. Go there early
on. ERIN: Now Edmunds also has a local services
tab to get reviews of car dealers and repair shops in your area and
a feature to help you calculate the true cost of your car how much it’s going
to cost you over the life of the car. You can use their new cars tab to
look for rebates, and how to use them. BITSY: And don’t count on the salesman to
tell you about the rebates. You’re not dealing with the sweet little checkout
girl at Old Navy if you really want to get the full deal go to
There you can get total information on rebates, the prices of
cars, warranty information, tips on buying new used and there’s a community
forum. ERIN: And keep in mind that when you buy a
new car and when you drive it off the lot the value of that car drops by
20%. Yes unfortunately. So now let’s talk about buying a used car. Now it’s
not always scary to buy a used car, what you want to do is look for certified
pre-owned or CPO’s and a majorly important tool in buying used cars
is to know the real value of that car, and using a reputable source like
Kelly Blue Book is key. And you’ll be able to spot if some dealer is trying
to pull your leg. If they say the car is worth $5000 and you have your
blue book right there opening up and it says $4000 then you have the upper
hand. BITSY: You can’t pull one over on a Frugalicious
lady. Now the price on the sticker that’s not actually the price, don’t
be fooled. That’s just the jumping off point for negotiations, so if
you can’t get the salesman to come down to the price you want, I know this
is going to be hard, but walk away. ERIN: Walk away. This is such an important
Frugalicious rule, always be prepared to walk away. But do make sure they
have your number before you do, and if you filled out a credit application
they’re much more likely to call because they know you’re serious about
making a purchase BITSY: That’s how I got my husband to call
after our first date. ERIN: You walked away? BITSY: Yep, played hard to get and left him
with the bill. He was in training with a Frugalicious woman after all. ERIN: This is true. Well stay tuned we’ve
got some great deals for you and one of them on a big car expense, your insurance.

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  1. I got my car from Hertz Rent2Buy (Hertz, the car rental company). There are no dealers fees and their cars are relatively close to KBB value. πŸ™‚ I got my 2009 Toyota Yaris for 10.5k at 45k miles. You just have to know that the car was a previous rental car so it may have a lot , or even a little, bit of wear. I paid in full so I didn't have much of an issue (took about 1 month to get everything done), but it's hit or miss i've read if people do financing and such. It beats craigslist though.

  2. @xxremix1 This is a great tip! It definitely beats craigslist. You know, my brother used to work at Enterprise Rental Car, I'll ask him to get an "insider" opinion on this option. Thanks for sharing, and for watching!

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