Saygin Yalcin and Mo Vlogs Documentary (FULL) – English subtitle

Saygin Yalcin and Mo Vlogs Documentary (FULL) – English subtitle

Grown from the desert built into the sky. That’s Dubai. With a population of 2.8m it’s the biggest city in the UAE Worlds meet here. Tradition meets the modern and extreme wealth. More than 68,000 millionaires live in Dubai. The German entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin made his first millions here. He has many luxury cars and an apartment in the Burj Khalifa As an investor, he is now looking for the idea of the century Where, if not here? Would be my answer. If you are smart, you could be the next multi-millionaire. The metropolitan city is growing and growing About 500 hotels, 10 theme parks and 64 malls already exist in Dubai More are planned. Dubai is also the hotbed for cash-rich tourists partying residents and adventurous vloggers. It’s too crazy. They always want to exceed the limits Always higher, always above and beyond. In the “Galileo Special”, 1001 extremes, Dubai. 7 AM. House visit at a German go-getter, inside the Burj Khalifa. Saygin Yalcin lives here. Welcome Home! Good morning. Please. The guy from Bremen with Turkish roots has made it. In 2009, he came with just a backpack to Dubai and founded the first online fashion store in the Middle East. With the sale of the ecommerce company to Amazon, he made the big bucks. Now he dedicates his time to new startups That means, waking up early. It is always very refreshening, when you wake up to this view in the mornings. Here, I organize my thoughts. For me it is important that every day is pre-planned. Pre-planned in terms of Actionable Tasks. Don’t say: Today, I am going to build an empire. That’s not a task. That’s maybe a dream. A task is something you can action on. He already lives more than 9 years in Dubai. He does not plan to return to Germany now. Every time I see construction sites I see them as signs of investment Someone believes in the future. I believe in Dubai. When I think of Dubai tomorrow. Not literally tomorrow, but in the next decade. It will be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Let’s eat. He is currently preparing an IPO and is a mentor and investor in 6 startups at the same time. Today, he wants to show us how to become successful in Dubai. Let’s go! In the UAE the youth spends more than 3h daily on social networks More than anywhere else in the world. One of their biggest stars is Mohamed Beiraghdary Nickname “Mo Vlogs” Good morning! The 23 year old guy from Dubai uploads a video daily and excites millions of followers with it I don’t see myself as a celebrity I just have a lot of friends online. How many exactly? 4.5 million friends. A lot of friends. And what do his fans like? My fans love cars lifestyle, fun. Doing unusual things Going out, being yourself My fans are like me. They want to see crazy things. Speaking of which. Today, he wants to swim with sharks. Of course, he doesn’t just jump with his swim shorts. Guys, it is 8 AM and we are starting the day with a dive. I don’t know if I am excited or nervous. What was that noise? I feel like… Welcome to the Hunger Games. Only a few formalities later and a signature, Mo confirms that this fun happens at his own risk. By the way, the life of a vlogger if something bad happens, then it is good. So, I am just saying. I am just saying. Let’s start! Showtime. Yo yo yo. Good morning Welcome back to another video Today is actually a very very exciting day. It is only 8 AM and we are starting the vlog with a dive. even cooler. A German TV channel is recording my day How are you? I film you. You film me. This is going to be a nice day. Let’s go! and we are done! Mohamed is getting ready. The sharks are waiting already. Between me and you. He doesn’t know that we haven’t fed the sharks yet. All of them are a bit hungry. We are going down. They have strapped weights on me. They want me to go down. Way down. Guys, the weights are really heavy. I mean it is going to be fine. I mean the camera man is coming with me. If we go down, we go down together. That’s cold! They said there are 16,000 creatures inside! How do they fit in this water? As soon as we get down, we must be bombarded Mohamed is diving inside one of the biggest aquariums in the world More than 11 million liters are inside the 10 meter deep pool 23 sharks live here and each one is curious about the visitor and our camera man. We are still alive! Diving with predators, before breakfast. Is this a typical Dubai extreme? Ok. Time to get interviewed. What makes Dubai special? I think it is one upping itself. I love the city. The leaders always want to improve based on their self-expectation. They just want to do everything better themselves. It is crazy man. They always like to beat that barrier and go above and beyond. That’s why I love Dubai There is always something to do, you know? Time to edit today’s video. Mo spends 4h daily for editing. A full-time job. When I started, I was one of the first vloggers in Dubai. There weren’t many in Dubai. It wasn’t really a thing here. People were more family-orientated. More conservative. I was more outgoing. Then people starting catching on Now we are a group of vloggers. Like a chain reaction Now, we have a whole Dubai youtuber empire. That’s pretty cool. The self-made man Saygin Yalcin from Bremen has turned many of his ideas into money in the past 9 years Now, he is looking for the next big thing in a casting show on his youtube channel Today, we have another episode of “Startup Hero” That’s a competition, where entrepreneurs can present their business ideas If you are smart, you could be the next multi-millionaire. Because that’s what we do here. We build companies and the successful ones are really successful On his side, Hasib Khan. My name is Hasib. I am the Founder of UDrive. The first car-sharing company in the Middle East. More than 18,000 applications have been submitted. 6 candidates are presenting in front of the investors today. Also, German founders are part of the competition. Hello, my name is Per. On the quest to find air-filtrating systems, NASA has experimented with plants and discovered that the cleansing mechanism doesn’t happen in the leafs but in the roots! So, it was time to re-invent the vases. We are letting in the air from the bottom and it leaves on the top The vase “Airy” costs 129 Euros and does not convince the investors. The challenge is to convince people to use THIS vase which is significantly more expensive because it is open at the bottom. A layman needs to understand this first. The additional value. The entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin does not only look for ideas, but also talent On my website, customers who need roadside assistance can get in touch with companies The working capital required is 120,000 AED I am interested. I can give you the money. But I need 100% commitment from you. 110% Great. Let’s clarify this off camera. I think this is something for us. We should deep-dive this. I will give you my contact details right away. The first deal is done. The candidate gets the investment. Can Jan and Gert convince the investors of their idea? A few years ago, we were here in Dubai together. We asked ourselves, what we could invent? We came up with edible gold sugar. 24 carat. For the exquisite coffee and tea experience. 3 pieces cost ca. 85 Euros. In Russia this is already a big hit. Will the investors in Dubai invest? Where, if not here? Would be my first answer. How can we help? Gert is someone, who rather has a small share of success than big share of an idea. I believe our sales channels can help you. This is definitely a big help and I would like to order 100 pieces. I have many customers, who would be happy to receive this. Thank you very much. Thank you. Nice meeting you. Great success for the gold sugar. Another candidate can go home with a deal. On the other side, the modern. Dubai, the city of the superlatives, has developed a unique lifestyle with its extravagant events, spectacular attractions. The self-made man Saygin Yalcin has also adopted this lifestyle. I am from Bremen. I was used to different things. The streets here are extremely clean All buildings are brand-new. It has a different feeling. He has sold his first company, an online fashion store, to an internet giant and made his first millions. Ever since, he is known to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the city. How many zeros are on your bank account? I came here as a 24 year-old. I have asked the same question to my investor. He said, why do you care how much money I have. Isn’t it more important to know how much I have done and what I have done to become a billionaire. With the trade of cars via an online valuation platform Saygin has revolutionized used car trade of the country. How are you? Nice to see you. Here you can see the different types of cars. An SUV, Jeep, or even a luxury car, Aston Martin. which we have just purchased. We have purchased cars worth 1 Euro or even 1.5 million It depends on the car, naturally. And on the condition. Mechanics are checking every car thoroughly. If it is an expensive car, the margins are relatively low. If it is a cheap car. Let’s say 100 Euro, then our margin could equal that. It always depends on the car value. Every fifth person in the country uses Saygin’s services. With more than 500 cars daily, a business which is lucrative. How Saygin Yalcin wants to make more money and how he spends it Now, on “Galileo Special”. Dubai. Between Niqab and Bikini Tradition and Decadence. With 15 million visitors in the last year alone, Dubai is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. Ca. 500,000 came from Germany alone. The city is preparing for the increased visits. 478 hotels already exist. Further 100 are under construction. The 33 year-old entrepreneur from Bremen lives here since 9 years and has seen it grow I am flying approximately 150 times a year. There are times, where I’m abroad for a few weeks. Then you come back and see new things. You get used to the changes, not to the status quo. With the trade of used cars, he already makes millions. Now, he is doing this with real estate. That Dubai is growing, is crystal clear. Compared to other metropolitan cities, we are relatively affordable per square meter. Not even in the top 20. That means we should see capital appreciation here. Not only in the value of the real estate, but also its income. The ROI is much higher than in other developed countries. His newest hit. An online discounter for real estate. He receives the commission. What does this cost currently? We usually sell this between 4.8 and 5 million The seller would give it to us for 4.4 We already get 10% discount for our buyers. The cheapest on the market is around 4.8 million We would already get it for 4.4 million. We might need to negotiate further. You think we could negotiate further? Yes. We can talk to the seller. He is serious to sell. We would also have to tell all the interested buyers. It is already a good deal. Is the seller here? No, he already left the country The seller already left the country and isn’t planning to come back. That means he is a motivated seller. The buyers can see our inspection report in our portal Then you can bid worldwide on this property. The team members conduct the inspection report and upload it onto Saygin’s platform. Every business model that is extremely successful is simple to explain. If you can’t explain your business model in 10 seconds, then you haven’t understood it. It needs to be simple. Every one of our businesses are simple to explain. Buying cars. Selling cars. Buying property. Selling property. With the Amazon model, we have a lot of products, which are being sold. It is never complicated. If it was complicated, it would probably not work. The German entrepreneur has made it with a lot of hard work and good ideas, which others dream of. A few days ago in Dubai, a new sports car was introduced. The Fenyr for 1.6 million Euros, built in the UAE. The successful entrepreneur Saygin wants to see it. On his side, Mohamed Beiraghdary, nickname Mo Vlogs. One of the most successful vloggers in the Middle East. The boys share a passion. Luxury cars and many horse power. Before, I show you the car, I am actually with my friend Saygin. We are looking at the car together, because he is very interested in the car. So, it is better, if you told us a bit about the car. The Bugatti has a nice sound, but the Fenyr… Do you want to hear it? Ok. Let me get the key. Damn! That’s the one, guys. The Fenyr! That sounds insane! Wow! This car can roar. Oh my goodness. Damn! Crazy, right? I don’t want to be a bad friend and convince you, but that’s the car you urgently need. Don’t say that. Besides gold and property, luxury cars also count as status symbols in Dubai. Even the police have race cars. Of course, there are all types of luxury cars here. What is 1 out of 10,000 cars in Germany, is 1 or 1.5 in 100 here. That’s why it is more catchy here. There are also cars, which cost 7 or 10 million USD. Some people want to spend it here. That is very extravagant here as well, but the people don’t get jealous here. I guess it is a different mentality here. Ralph Debbas has created the Fenyr. He only wants to build 10. This one is the first. Hence, an exclusive, unique piece. Every body part is made from carbon. It is very light. Ultra-light. 6 cylinder. You are driving a race car, registered for the streets. And you feel the engine working behind you. As one of the first, Saygin test-drives the car. He already has a Bugatti Veyron and Rolls Royce. Now he wants to know, what the Fenyr can offer. 810 Horse Power. Do they convince him? Even the creator feels uncomfortable with so much power. Very impressive car. Low, so my heart beats when we cross street bumps. I will sleep over it, one night. Earning money is not easy. Spending it is very easy. Saygin rather spends that money into a new startup. Which one? He will show us later. For Saygin, work doesn’t finish when the sun goes down. He is on the way to the desert to meet his business partner Arif. At first glance, it does not look like work. We are business partners. We talk 6 hours about something else and 5 minutes about a project and then it is finished. A business which might make you obese. Saygin eats well, not to disappoint the host. Saygin come. Take one more. You said it was 7, but it was only 5. I already said yes 5 times. The next time, I will say no. I think he ate 10 burgers, or? No. I gave you 10. I think he is fine. For dessert, the actual business. Saygin recently has invested into a delivery service and wants to convince his business partners tonight. The products have German quality and Thomas’ idea was to make it a delivery service. Seems to be a great hit. Thomas seems to have found interested customers. Thanks to Saygin. After 18 hours, we can say it was an successful day. You can’t build an empire overnight. It is not about the destination, but the journey. Also tomorrow, he will dedicate his time to new businesses and approaches his dream even further. Mohamed Beiraghdary, the youtube star, is hunting for more video content. The crazier the topics in Dubai, the better. We have been raised with this. This is our culture. We are used to this. Everyone loves cars. Good to know that everybody here loves it. So, it is cool!

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