Saying Goodbye to My Toyota Celica’s Engine

Saying Goodbye to My Toyota Celica’s Engine

rev your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why buying a brand-new electric car may
not actually be so green for the environment no most electric car these
days are powered by lithium ion batteries in the process of mining
lithium is really horrendous for the environment for example Argentina
Bolivia and Chile they call it the lithium triangle
it contains half of the known supplies of lithium on the planet to extract it
they bore holes they pump in salt water it’s so dry they don’t any fresh water
so they get ocean water they pump it in and then up comes a mixture of all kinds
of chemicals which then goes through various evaporation ponds and after 12
to 18 months they get the lithium carbonate out but it does take 500,000
gallons of water for each ton of lithium carbonate that they get out in one area
of Argentina 65 percent of the freshwater is using this process leaving
the farmers high and dry there and in Tibet with as much a lithium they’ve had
a lot of leakage from these ponds that pollute the groundwater or the people
living there realize mining has always been a filthy process there’s all kinds
of suits in the American West for the crap that the mines left behind when
they went out of business leaving it just sitting there cuz while they’re
bankrupt so they don’t have to fix anything now when a mining companies
leave they leave just miles and miles of contaminated salt rivers and mounds of
debris this has gone so far that Guillermo Gonzalez a lithium expert
out of Chile says this isn’t a green solution this isn’t even a solution at all and of
course that’s just the battery end electric cars run on what electricity
it’s gotta come from somewhere lot of it still comes from burning coal or burning
other fuels like oil or natural gas the electricity’s got to come from
somewhere it’s not magically just appearing now I talked about the
infrastructure problem both in the United States and Canada oh really
industrialized nations the power grids are not set up for recharging millions
of these batteries everyday just doesn’t exist so somebody have to build an
infrastructure for it not just build the cars then expect there to be something to
charge them up with but one of my main points about not buying a brand new
electric car think that you’re being green is this don’t throw the baby away
with the bathwater why buy an expensive brand new electric car course the
expensive ones are well over $100,000 why would you spend all that money when
you already have a car we’re over the old cock throw it away
there’s pollution air what are you gonna do with all the pieces you can convert
cars to electric cars for example there’s a company in Europe and they
convert diesel cars into full electric cars so you’re going from the most
polluting cars to the least using the same car the company’s called transition
one and they’re taking an already existing car why throw it away and it’s
been a ton of money building a brand new car for all the pollution that creates
when you’re ready on the car that’s got four wheels you can convert it to
electricity if you want to me that’s a much smarter idea than just throwing
your car away buying a brand new car that cost a whole bunch of money realize
electric cars are actually very simple they’re not all the complexity of a
gasoline or diesel car they don’t have an ignition system they don’t even have
transmissions they just have a big battery an electric motors kind of like
the toy electric cars you had when you were a kid as an example here in the
United States 12 year-old Adam Lansing he decided to turn a 1980 Celica even
older than this one it’s an electric car and he did it himself at home granted it
took them awhile to get it down but here’s a 12 year old kid trigger that
stuff on electric motors are a simple device that take a lecture as deep
running two motors that drive the wheels it’s not rocket science
and now that he’s older mr. Lansing has
started a company Hawkeye innovations for converting cars
to electricity and in respect to that anyone else out there who has kits for
converting cars to electric cars if you got a kit that’ll work in my 94 Solo
cups lend it to me or bring a crew I’d love to make videos on it and check it
out myself and then try an electric car out without wasting a whole bunch of
money buying a brand new one we already got a perfectly good car
sitting there because if you want to talk about really being green using what
you already have and converting it from running on gasoline to running on
electricity makes a lot more sense to me like if a French company can do it
already for fifty six hundred bucks a car when you get that stuff done and
mask the price is gonna come down even more and why should you throw away a
perfectly good car just cuz you want an electric one doc there’s a company out
there now called zero labs that has an electric Ford Bronco they took out the
big old v8 engine and put in a big electric motor and battery pack
different from everyone else they kept a stock manual transmission instead of
having direct drive to the wheels they’re using a transmission so they can
use that electric motor in different gear ratios so it has more power which
is what you’d want in an off-road Bronco these are four-wheel-drive ones they’re
making for going offroad you want to be able to use the power when you want to
all four wheels not a bad idea that’s the advantage of conversion you can even
converted wherever where you want top end power you’re making for speed you
want low end drunk you can set them up for torque and if you want to do like
those guys do with a Bronco you can leave a multi speed transformation so
you can play around with it as you drive in this way the conversion way you could
do both the price and the power what you want if you wanted to go the most
efficient route you’d have regenerative braking put in which of course would
cost more money to convert if you didn’t care that much you could just go with
electric motors leave the normal braking system in the car and yeah it won’t be
able to go as far but still it would be an electric car if you’re the type of
person that is commuting short ranges or not driving much you know care if it
could go 250 miles if you could even go 80 miles they’d be fine for you if
you’re not driving much and just recharge it when you’re not using it no
I’ve seen this technology already in the modern electric motorcycles it basically
took the motorcycle chassis and braking and suspension systems they added on a
big old lithium battery an electric motor to the mix and of course
motorcycles being so small they’re pretty easy to build using the
technology that’s there cars are bigger yeah and they’re gonna
be less efficient because they weigh more you can still convert them hey Neil
Young had a big old American car converted years ago now he’s got more
money knows what to do with so you know that’s a one-off thing but as time goes
on if electric cars really become mandated it’s gonna be a lot of these
old gasoline and diesel ones converted at a much better price than going out
buying a super expensive brand-new electric car Plus here in the United
States you can bring a lot of jobs and money of converting the cars China’s
gonna be making a whole bunch of them they make them cheaper than we do but we
already got all these cars over here converting them can be done at a
fraction of the cost of even that building a new one going to electricity
is gonna take a long time United States many of the infrastructure of all new
power plants new wiring systems that can take all that heavy amperage and you’re
in charge a car it uses a lot of power and the old wires like in my
neighborhood this things were put up in the 1940s if everybody was recharging
them with 50 60 80 amp chargers and probably melt the waters on a pole
they’re so old and the pure generating power that exists today it’s probably
not there if you have 2 million electric cars in Houston driving around being
recharged all the time if it goes gradually just like the car conversion
from gasoline to electric that can be done gradually too because not starting
over from scratch is a smart idea the old cars a they steer fine they brake
fine they drive fine if you rip out their engine and transmission and put an
electric motor and a battery pretty simple thing actually everything else
has already been done so now you know why I think buying a brand new electric
car not the greenest thing you can possibly do think conversion instead,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I didn't know if you knew Scotty that there is a Lithium mine in Silver Peak NV. there also is a Tesla assembly factory near Reno NV. and their looking to open another Lithium mine near Reno. I am not sure of the exact location ? Also I will keep my gas vehicle and I am sure you will as well !!!

  3. "subject zero science" channel has some good fact on "green" energy too as a whole. FEE had an article looking at why recycling isnt as great as people might think because, in short, it produces more bad stuff.

    that being said, recycling lithium batteries may be more productive because of the cost & rarity, BUT there's gonna have to be much more of a demand for it before it becomes the norm. I think tesla is already looking at the recycling possibility.

    carbon batteries are going to be the better future, along with "solid" state nuclear reactors like LFTRs. both are better for the environment & have a smaller carbon footprint.

  4. Turning my IS250 into a tranny actually sounds like a cool idea. It's a gas guzzler, especially considering the puny 204 hamster power it puts out. I wonder how much weight I could save with a bank of batteries and electric motors vs the 2.5L lack of powerplant that's in it now. It's really lacking torque, the engine doesn't have a nice sound, and it drinks like it was rescued from the Australian outback after a week in the bush.

  5. They are not that simple. Have you ever just applied the power to a big pre-loaded electric motor? Twist the shaft off you say? Lots of electronics are involved just to make it driveable. Plus everything else about the car is just as complex as in every other car.

  6. Agree Scotty!! Same goes for the windmill power generation in Washington. Now the tribes want to take out some big fans and replace with windmill to, they say, restore salmon runs.

  7. I think electric battery cars are crap, I think Hydrogen powered cars are the future. They convert water to Hyrodgen and the rest is history. It's a proven technology and it's completely independent, you don't have to rely on companies to sell you batteries or supply you with electricity. The only thing you are responsible for is maintenance.

  8. If you want to buy an Electric car buy a Volvo they are safer and cheaper than Tesla plus Volvo dealerships are everywhere. Tesla Bros worried.

  9. Hey Scotty also from PSA they have a system that uses air as alternative to batery this in my opinion is the green system since 2013 almost 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  10. That a boy Scotty! Thanks for educating the public, since it seems nobody does their own research anymore. The mining process alone has devastated poverty stricken 3rd world human beings lives, then follows the insanity you speak about. But nobody else presents the absurdity of the whole picture but you! Thank you

  11. Electric cars becoming the norm is decades away! For one thing, electricity can go out for days, or sometimes weeks because of storms! Gasoline engines will only be disabled by not taking care of them! Winters in half the country produce storms knocking out electricity for indefinite amounts of time! Same with Hurricanes, Tornados, grid failures… Not at all practical at this time!

  12. And while we’re converting cars to electric, let’s solve the “lack of driving range” problem. Instead of each car brand having its own battery configuration and building millions of “charging stations,” STANDARDIZE THE BATTERIES. So when you’ve driven the electric car to the point where the batteries in it are almost completely discharged, don’t fret about where to plug it in and what to do while you wait for it to recharge.
    Pull into a place where you can simply remove the spent battery and exchange it for a fully charged battery of the same type (for a fee, of course) and off you go go.
    We’ve already demonstrated this business model. Think about flashlights, bottled water for the water cooler, propane tanks for your barbecue grill. Does anybody stop and spend time refilling their ink pen if it runs dry while taking notes during a lecture. No, that’s why the Good Lord gave you the ballpoint refill (and, ah, cheap spare pens; but you get the idea.
    And what about the vast infrastructure to make standardized, replaceable batteries readily available almost wherever you drive? Already there, ready and waiting, no construction necessary. WAWA, Sheetz, Pilot, T/A America, 7-Eleven, EXXON, Shell, BP,.

  13. Consider a cheap car which has a dead engine and or transmission- the cost of conversion may be cheaper than rebuilding or replacing the existing broken parts with new… Sell the old parts which still work to subsidise the conversion…

  14. If electric cars take off, if you have on-street parking, best of luck leaving your cable across the pavement overnight. Millions of UK homes have on-street parking. There are already parking wars, but when you have to run a charging cable 50 yards to where you had to park your new Electro-Lite6, it will be mayhem. There needs to be a Major breakthrough in battery technology, in terms of charge-times, weight, size and range before they have a hope of replacing gas cars.

  15. Well spoken Scotty. Most snowflakes have no idea about the environmental impact of so called “clean” electric vehicles.

  16. Scotty, actually the conversion is more expensive than buying factory made electric car second hand with fairly low mileage even if you DIY . For example Nissan Leaf , Chevy spark EV , Fiat 500E , Mitsubishi Imiev , Smart EV can be bought for about 10 K and under when even the cheapest conversion will be over 10K and don’t expect even close quality of the engineering which you can find in the factory made EVs .
    So better buy low mileage factory EV ( most of them are around 30K miles and under) and replace the battery if the range doesn’t satisfy you than to convert gasoline car if it doesn’t have some sentimental value for the owner of course or is some valuable old timer .
    If you are single and you have to have only one single car the best solution for the moment are so called plug in hybrids . They give you pure electric 20-30 miles range which for the most people is enough for daily city driving .
    If you have a family than probably you will need and have more than one car so than is smart to have one pure electric ( used only in the city ) and one plug in hybrid which is used as electric in the city and gasoline outside .

  17. 8 billion horses pulling wagons… Farting up methane hurricanes and eating gazillions of pounds of grass-hay-apples………

  18. The biggest problem with electric cars would be getting rid of the lithium-ion battery and replace it with the super-capacitor.
    The power density is higher then any lithium-ion battery,the only problem with super-capacitors is the price,they are quadruple over the cost of lithium-ions.

  19. No. I listened to and read these arguments about how the electric cars are allegedly "worse for the environment", but this is just conservative bunk "science". The calculations were explained and exhaust and mining of lithium effect were measured and it is believable that after a certain number of miles it is actually significantly much less harmful to the air than gas cars.

    Now its another argument if you don't believe you should be driving electric or hybrid cars because you either can't afford, or don't want to deal with electric cars, or maybe you just hate the environmentalists and believe the idiocy that Trump supporters say. Thats different.

  20. Five hundred thousand gallons to get one ton; WOW! metric and imperial at the same time haha. easy there scotty!

  21. He has said not to buy used cars or new cars and now don't get electric cars either I guess it's only safe to get a bicycle

  22. Scotty must be getting desperate for material to make videos on. I would sooner trust the reliability of his well-maintained Celica engine over any electric model being made. Even then, the time it takes to recharge your batteries is just ridiculous compared to how long it takes to fill up with gas. The day I buy an electric car will probably be the day I open the hood and see the Duracell bunny sitting underneath running along a treadmill connected to the drivetrain.

  23. I suggest you follow Jehu Garcia on youtube. He converts cars to electric, and has a lot of "hands on" experience. You can salvage old Laptop and cordless tool batteries. Usually when the battery pack goes bad, it is only 1-2 cells in the pack that are dead, the rest are still fine.
    For a truly green solution – you can charge the battery with solar panels on your roof.
    The problem with electric cars in hot countries/states is the A/C. It will drain your battery.

  24. Come on Scotty lithium mining is nothing when you think about the fact the cobalt is far dirtier to mine and the waste is radioactive that has to be specially stored. As for EVing a Celica how could you? I loved my 1980 Toyota Celica RA40 and my 1992 Celica GT4 those 2 were the best little cars I ever owned which really is saying something. They were really reliable and if it hadn’t of been because of the first wife I wouldn’t have got rid of them or my Kawasaki GPz900.

  25. Mr. Kilmer, thank you very much for pointing out about Lithium. Also to mention that 40% of the energy produced in a plant gets lost in the transport until it gets to your power plug.

  26. I'm proud to drive my 99 Camry. When a shiny Mercedes, BMW or Jag pull up next to me, I roll down my window and say "nice car". Then I ask them if they can go get me some Grey Poupon-l ike drive to the store and back.

  27. Scotty: don't buy new electric cars because batteries are bad! Electricity comes from fossil fuel!
    Also Scotty: Convert your car to electric!

  28. I will convert my dodge to Islam, am not sure the jihad would use it for mission, it might leave them stranded in the middle of a gun battle.

  29. Is it really about being environmentally friendly, or is it more about having a really quick sexy new luxury car with a huge touchscreen, and not having to touch icky fuel pumps?

  30. 1. "Electric powered cars are hell on the environment!"
    2. "If you want to be green, convert your car to electric!"
    I guess then, by "If you have concern for the environment", he means "If you want a little less hell"; otherwise he'd say "Avoid EVs until the batteries are made from less polluting materials and electricity is generated by a cleaner process for a more robust infrastructure."

  31. Just thought I'd mention, electric motors will make the same torque at any rpm they are spinning, which is why they accelerate so fast from a stop.
    Also for a conversion the easiest way I can think of is replacing the motor with a large dc motor (or a brushless 3 phase for better efficiency) using existing motor mounts and making an adapter to the transmission, then replacing the exhaust/gas tank area with batteries in protective boxes. There is a lot more to making an electric car than that but its most of what you have to worry about mechanically. Good luck with your project

  32. Why would you buy a new el car when I have a perfectly fine running one which I can modify to el….think green…
    Uhmm I doubt that its green to put the amount of Lithium batteries with their production process in a 25 yrs old car as it takes 8-10 yrs before you go green compare to petrol engines. Wonder if his celics will then still run 😀

  33. Lithium wars loom in the future. The person who invented Lithium batteries is working on a sodium based battery, where the sodium comes from the oceans. Any day now, we hope.

  34. That's super dumb, take a cheap old car and spend crazy money to make it electric. Scott shut up, all the parts they don't change are all in need of maintenance. Crap idea

  35. Meanwhile in South Africa we have too little electricity, even without electric cars. And the majority of our power stations are either past their lifespan, or very close to the end.

  36. You put a vid up a while ago think it was the easy way to cenvert a fwd to rwd or 4wd and you said get rid of your old car and replace it with the platform your after but now your saying keep your old platform and change your drive 😒. So what about brakes due to running off vacuum when the engine is on. steering modern cars are power assisted. Suspension setups will need changing and to top all that your saying how lithium is so bad yet even with a conversion your still gonna need lithium batteries or at least lead acid that frankly will weigh more than the whole car. Your contradicting your self in so many ways

  37. You always forget to mention the cost and horrible efficiency of transporting electricity across the country. Nothing is more efficient than burning a little gasoline in your car's engine

  38. Hope to see your concerted 1994 Celica, with manual transmission. You could tell us all about the process. How many miles you can drive between charges, and how you like it. I am looking forward to that review. 🐱

  39. You could also use the electric transaxle of a Prius and wired up a bunch of older Prius battery packs for reasonable!

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