Scarab the Car – Vintage Racer Car – A timeless beauty with Roaring Chevy V8 performance

Scarab the Car – Vintage Racer Car – A timeless beauty with Roaring Chevy V8 performance

Howdy, from Wickenburg AZ. This is Cactus Cliff and I’m here with Buckwheat Pete and we gone tell you big yarn about a Scarab and although he is the historian and I’m the brains we’re going to do
the best we can to get this out to you. so I’m gonna turn it over to Pete for the history of this car as I failed history and he’s much better
at it Howdy folks, in 2007 an old friend of mine Dick Kitzmiller in Kansas City along with Beth Schmidt, got a crazy idea to make continuation cars of the Scarab of which there were 3 original roadsters made 1958. When Dick got the idea we went back and I met with Dick and I am old Cobra guy myself so I love you early race
car and and I’m met with Dick and his brother
Norm Kitzmiller in Scottsdale we sat down hash this out I asked Dick “well what’s your plan?” he said – I have been researching the history of this car for some 3 or 4 years maybe longer then that is certainly, probably the most desirable car to be replicated in the world not just in United States so I said well what kind of body? he said
I’ve gotta aluminum manufactured we gone go see, I said that’s a great start he said the frame is 41-30 all TIG welded frame 95% accuracy to the original
I said my goodness that’s absolutely awesome
that started It has winner center section in the back which
is basically a heavy-duty version of orignial Halibrand Quick Change rear end the small block Chevy is still the engine choice most of the cars are approximate 22
that were build so far most those cars have small block Chevy’s
in 350 versions Cliff’s of course has the 283 one is 327
two of the cars build have LS engines
kinda hybrid think but it’s a very fast car too
the car weighs about about 2100 lbs you get much over 400hp it’s a little hard to get much more of that
Horse Power to the ground Don Devine drove the car in Elkhart Lake when we debuted in 2007
and after Don take a couple laps, I said Don what do you think?
He said, it drivers like a Scarab that I remember Don actually owned one of the original Scarabs
Augie Pabst was their with his car also, Augie just Augie just sold his original Scarab
I blelieve it was number 2 Scarab to fella in Southern California for a lot of money so is a really great chances at 50th
reunion back in Elkhart Lake to debut the car and watch the cars on the track and
then have one of ours driven during that time the guy who’s division
chief SVRA Came and looked at our car
went back and forth between the original car and the Scarab Motorsports car back and forth back and forth he came to us and said OK you guys can race it
if you put the smaller brakes and have iron heads and a 4-speed 2 of the cars have been build
and they have been track only cars the guys were very successful
and having a great time in them the body
witch is absolutely one of most beautiful bodies ever design
was designed by Chuck Pelly in Southern California at the Arts Center
when he was all 18 years old I asked Chuck few years ago
what lines he put into this body
his answer was this body has many of the line
of every favorite car he’s ever have consequently that’s absolutaly gorgeous body he desing it’s a long enduring body style
and still popular today, still looks beautiful today as it was in 1958 Dick ask me to come back and join them
we went to Poland, we talks some manufacturers there guys that were absolutely flawless craftsmen
we spend a week with them very impressed with the quality of their work That started the body building Dick lives in Kansas City
he has a complete shop donw there
they have a jig The street cars as we call them use modern modern Corvette C6
uprights and brakes cars that are actually SVRA qualified use a smaller brake because
this thing has giant Wilwood’s on it for the street and the smaller brakes are from early model Corvette’s and they are disk brakes the original car had inboard double drums in the back, the Dyna rear end and the fronts were 58 Mercury Turnpike
cruiser brakes drum brakes Dick and crew are in the process
of making, replicate That car, know as a Meister Brauser now in Kansas City along with continuation cars of the street cars
what you’ve seen today is a number 19 chassis build
which belongs to this young fella right over here he put it together,
drives it loves it, as does every Scarab owner so far that has purchase
and build there own Scarabs the history of the car is pretty well documented 1958 the Reventlow family,
Lance Reventlow who was all about 21 years old
son of miss Hutton heiress to the Woolworth fortune Barbara Hutton and his buddy Bruce Kessler who was also car nut,
went racing in Europe and Lane came out with an idea
that he thought he can build a car as good as anything he saw over there, whether it was Aston Martin,
Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche etc. etc. back to Southern California they want
bunch of hotrodders down there including Chuck Daigh and Phil Remington
and drivers like Don Devine
all got together they put that car together
Chuck actually build most of it along with Lance after the Chuck Pelly have design the body they build that engine, Troutmand and Barns build the body
Traco build the engine it was a Souther California Hotrod that happen to go around corners car was extremely successful
most every race that they finish in United States they won this last year at Monterey
60th anniversary of the Corvette we took this young guy’s car out there
and fortunately for every one the number one original car was also there
to this day 2013 that car was back on the track,
which is worth millions and millions they drove pants of that car
and blew everybody of the track just as they have done 50 years ago wonderful car to drive on the street wonderful car for everybody to see,
we enjoy, we think you will enjoy it.

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  1. Cool car i recognize the town of Wickenburg and the roads because i lived there for 5 years and i know Cliff as a good friend of mine and my dad.  

  2. Superb video gents – really enjoyed it. You chaps must have some pretty good glue to keep those big hats on while driving these wonderful cars at speed 🙂

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